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Canadian Advertising Technology (Ad Tech) Stocks

The company’s share price has risen 156% over the past five years (including dividends), and it is essential to note that Enghouse is constantly working in a pandemic. The company said its second-quarter revenue grew 18% year-over-year, and its market capitalization is $ 4.87 billion. Aritzia shares have doubled since its IPO in 2016 and are valued at a market capitalization of $ 4.4 billion.

It managed to increase revenues in the second, third and fourth quarters of 2020, improving performance by 12%, 12% and 20% over the same period last year and also reported that revenues were $ 118.1 million for the second quarter of 2021, up 24% from the $ 95.6 million recorded in the second quarter of 2020.

The company is expected to increase adolescents’ revenue and profits over the next couple of years. Although, despite an impressive performance in recent years, the company has one of the lowest expected growth rates on this list, shares that have traded about 10.5 times their 12-month sales look like long-term value as they continue to post double digit percentage growth in revenue thanks to their leading position as a software technician.

The share price of PubMatics has nearly doubled since its debut on December 9 on Nasdaq, and ad technology providers have a market capitalization of $ 2.2 billion. It is understood that management tried to soften expectations about the company’s first quarterly earnings report and shares in Pubmatics rose 22% the day after the publication of the profit.

As you can see, the absence of Tech companies listed on TSX has negatively impacted the overall performance of Canadian markets. As a result, the market for Canadian tech companies is experiencing a particular setback. One explanation is that the stock market doesn’t have much to do with the economy right now.

Although the most famous companies are such giants as Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Microsoft Inc. (MSFT), there are also tech companies classified as penny stocks: Companies listed on our list include not only small-cap companies on Canadian exchanges but also larger companies on US exchanges.

Trade Desk, Inc. is a technology company that provides a self-service platform that allows customers to purchase and manage digital advertising campaigns in various ad formats, including display, video and social media, and across multiple devices, including computers, mobile devices, and connected TV. Rocket Fuel Inc. is a technology company that provides digital media solutions that enable advertisers to communicate with their audience through online ads, videos, social and mobile campaigns.

Tremor Video, Inc. is an advertising technology company that offers software to improve the effectiveness of video ads. Sharethrough Inc is a Canadian omnichannel and unbundled advertising exchange poised to enter equity markets using its traditional Initial Public Offering (IPO) path.

The company was founded by Amit Bohensky, Ofer Eitan, Omri Argaman and Niv Sharoni, a joint team of Israeli entrepreneurs, marketing and mobile technology professionals. Zoomd has launched a SaaS platform at full speed, allowing advertisers and publishers to design and build their digital marketing campaigns to improve the usability and efficiency of the Coronavirus Year.

Open Texts ended the first quarter (Q1) of the company on June 30, 2021, and reports showed $ 56.5 million of transaction revenue, up 453% over the same period in 2020.

AcuityAds, a small Canadian advertising technology provider, declined 3% year-on-year to $ 26.1 million in its latest quarter, but inventories increased nearly 1,000% at the end of 2020. As a result, Canadian tech stocks have remained relatively undetectable but have solid potential to grow your investment over time.

Here are the top five technology companies on TSX Venture 50: Loop Insights is an IoT technology company with its own Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. Technology companies can also provide information technology services such as cloud computing.

As such, we only include companies that generate the majority of their revenues from ad technology and related services. For example, walled Gardens are excluded even though they have significant advertising technology business2. Finally, gains should primarily be driven by proprietary technologies, such as licensing that technology and any services associated with its management. They are mainly generated from services related to the use of third-party technologies.

Companies required a market capitalization of over C $ 5 million and a closing price of C $ 0.25 at the end of 2020, as well as a minimum closing price of 0.10, to make the list of the best / best tech stocks for 2021. Canadian dollars, starting from the last day of 2019. Companies that met these criteria were then ranked using a weighted formula that takes stock price changes, trading volume and market capitalization into account.

Investors looking for the best tech stocks should look out for the TSX Venture 50. The AdProfs AdTech Index (TM) is designed to track the stock performance of publicly traded advertising software and services companies.

In the digital era, highly effective marketing technologies are critical to gaining access to and engaging Internet users worldwide. The challenge for effective marketers is to generate leads, conversions and revenue from their marketing money and have every chance to increase profits much quicker than profits.

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