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Agriculture Stocks in Canada

Manitoba companies are world leaders when it comes to innovative agricultural technology. Canada is the world’s fifth-largest agricultural exporter globally and is the world’s largest exporter of oats, rapeseed and oil, and the world’s second-largest producer and exporter of lentils and peas. 

Selected Canadian companies in the agricultural technology sector will benefit from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a $3 billion investment program that the government launched earlier last year, which will begin financing on April 1, 2018. As a federal program, the Agricultural Partnership in Canada aims to stimulate new agricultural innovations such as new plant varieties, cattle types, nutrient management practices, no-till farming, agricultural machinery, advances in biotechnology, precision farming and communications and information technology.

Founded in 1857, James Richardson & Sons, based in Winnipeg, is one of Canada’s largest private companies and the largest agro-business globally, with annual sales of over $10 billion. John Deere (Deere & Company) is a global leader in providing advanced products and services committed to customer success and working to connect, transform, enrich, and build on farmed and harvested land to meet the growing demand for food, fuel shelter and infrastructure throughout the world. A global commitment to sustainable agricultural production involves providing technology to farmers to improve their lives by helping them to be more productive and use fewer resources, resulting in lower overall impacts on the environment. 

The company owns and operates seven greenhouses in British Columbia and Texas. Canada is one of the largest pea-producing countries globally, approving 30 percent of the global production. The south of Alberta is an agricultural area for large-scale arable land, protein crops, livestock, and greenhouses.

Companies in Canada’s fast-growing cannabis sector invest in Winnipeg thanks to the city’s skilled workforce, low business costs, including low energy prices, low warehouse lease costs and low humidity – all of which help grow cannabis.

Input Capital (INP) $50.52 million Input Capital Corp. is a Canadian agricultural commodity streaming company. Input Capital is a brand new Prairie-based company that supports farmers in their work and capital needs. Clean Seed Capital (CSX) $37.61 million $24.36 The company operates in the agricultural machinery industry throughout Canada.

Flower Farm Picker / Packer Creekside Growers (Delhi) Creekside Growers has 2 different locations available. General Labour & Food Processing (Sargent Farms) (Mississauga) General Labour & Food Processing is a direct rental company. Parts Associate Green Tractor (Omemee) Green Tractors Inc. is looking for talented parts employees with agricultural experience.

Elevate – Agritech is a company that produces leafy vegetables with a proprietary technology-based vertical growing system. Goodleaf Farms – An agricultural company that practices hydroponic vegetable cultivation with a vertical stack. Use of M2M technology to provide data and analysis to increase value for fruit and vegetable growers.

Viterra works with growers in Canada and the United States to help them market and ship their grain in more ways and more markets than any other company in the industry. Agricultural Companies in Canada Top 20 Best Market Research Chemical Machinery Biotechnology Equipment Seed Engineering Products Largest Biggest Robotics Exports Agricultural Companies Toronto Montreal Vancouver Vancouver Winnipeg Calgary Mississauga Canada Contact address Best Job Offers. Machinery and robotics companies supply robotic machinery and equipment to agricultural workers who rely on automated agricultural labour for harvesting and grain sorting. 

The Nova Scotia-based Truleaf was founded in 2011, raising $10.7 million to develop its own vertical cultivation solution, the Smart Plant System, which uses treated rainwater and LED lights. It claims that its products can be used for professions in conventional and organic agriculture and household use. Cannabco is bottomless cultivation of cannabis that uses hydroponic cultivation technology in its agricultural facilities.

As expected, farms produce reams of data that Nova Scotia-based Truleaf analyzes using machine learning to optimize things like water use and yield. For large agricultural exporters such as Canada and Brazil, increasing the yields generated by this technology is beneficial. Farmers are indispensable to the economy as a whole, and Archer Daniels Midland, the company that works on them, is the reason they make thousands of products from their crops and hundreds of markets for them. 

Basf is an industry leader with a broad portfolio of seed and plant protection products, and we help farmers increase the yield and quality of their crops. Nutrien is the world’s largest supplier of crop input services and plays a crucial role in the nutrition of the future by helping growers sustainably improve their food production. The FCC is a market where producers benefit, agriculture benefits, rural Canada benefits, and Canadians benefit.

The company has been a major producer of agricultural equipment in Winnipeg since 1932 and includes the Farm King, Allied, Inland and Versatile brands. Syngenta is a leading global agricultural company that provides growers with an extensive portfolio of seed products and solutions for a wide range of crops. The company operates an industry-leading sales, sales and marketing organization.

Given that many agricultural stocks are beginning to flourish and others are harvest-worthy, I thought it would be a good time now to draw a list of Canadian agricultural companies that are worth keeping on our radar. Multiple locations worldwide with administrative and sales offices, production sites, seed production sites, research centres and learning centres as part of a business focus on agriculture and support for farmers. Semio recently secured $9.9 million from Sustainable Development Technology Canada to support its Big Data initiative to increase crop yields and reduce the use of chemicals and water in production.

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