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I’ve taken a series of screenshots while going through the online kit process to fully illustrate how easy it is to use the Canadian online kit. The best online will writing services in Canada make the process easy, and you can draft a legal will in as little as 20 minutes.

It’s easy to find free or inexpensive legal forms online, and then there are somewhat more complete DIY kits. Legal assistance is not required. While a lawyer can help, you don’t need to hire one to make a will with the free online Wills Kit. Free will kits are legal, just like any other attorney-written or online wills, as long as you follow the procedures to make them legal. As you can see, many legitimate companies can offer you a free and legal probate kit in Canada. Still, there is a big difference between a legally sold product and a legally binding product.

Online probate kits are an affordable and affordable option for most Canadians, but not everyone has a legal situation that can be resolved using these online platforms. For example, suppose you are willing to spend a relatively small amount to get a legal will to protect your loved ones. In that case, one of the Canadian online probate providers listed below is an excellent alternative to the free options. If you’re worried about any of these risks but can’t afford a lawyer, consider purchasing a stronger legal will template from one of the online providers above. Most Canadians can confidently make a will online; however, you may find it helpful to seek legal advice if you have a complex estate or trust arrangement.

If you have a complex estate for any reason, a will and a will prepared by a lawyer are worth the expense. For example, suppose you have a problematic situation involving complex tax structures, such as corporate assets, that you want to reflect in a separate will. In that case, you should speak with an estate planning lawyer. For example, if you have a considerable net worth, property outside of Canada, or a large business, you should contact an attorney to draft your will.

If an online will includes a power of attorney or will, appoint someone you trust to make financial or health care decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so.

Best Online Will Kits for Canadians

For many Canadians with simple estates, an online will is a convenient and affordable alternative to a lawyer, who can charge up to $1,000 to prepare wills and powers of attorney. In addition, you can make a will online if you have children, pets, your own home, and money in investment accounts that you would like to transfer.

US Legal Wills has one of the most affordable probate options we’ve seen, offers a 40% discount on partner or spouse forms, and even offers an additional service to get a lawyer to review your probate plan. We have concluded that provides the most comprehensive range of services within our services (including pet trusts and lifetime interests) and offers many additional wealth planning services such as LifeLock, digital vault, funeral wishes, messaging service. Support of foreign assets, verification of documents by a professional lawyer, etc. LegalWills makes it easy for anyone to fill out their legal will online and update it when their situation changes.

LegalWills operates outside of Ontario in Canada but is also available in the US and UK. Today, is perhaps the best-known online probate company in Canada as it is available nationwide and has existed for over 20 years. His services and the prices he offers are among the most reliable when it comes to making a will in Canada quickly and easily.’s longevity is a boon, as many of his wills went through probate without any reported issues. is the best option if you are looking for the cheapest wills on the market. Luckily, Canada does not have a preferred online or do-it-yourself probate model so that you can get a probate kit through a public or private company.

Depending on the complexity of your property, a simple kit may be a reasonable option for you. Will sets are a good choice for those who do not require or want to include individual or specific requests in their will. However, because DIY kits will follow a pattern, DIY wills are versatile, meaning they may not fit your needs if you have more complex estates.

Will kits have been around for decades and cost about $20 online and at office stores, making them one of the cheapest ways to prepare a will. In this article, we’ll take a look at an increasingly popular method of preparing a choice – do it yourself, using a wills kit or an online will kit service like Willful or In this post, I will talk about legal online will kits available in Canada, how much they cost, and the pros and cons of online will kits.

In recent years, online services have been launched to make DIY faster and more transparent (think of the difference between filing taxes with automated software and filling out the necessary calculations and forms by hand!). The online will drafter takes minutes, an hour at the most, and turns your quick responses from jargon-free questions into a legal document. In fact, with both platforms, you can create a legal will online in less than 20 minutes by following a series of intuitive steps designed to help you choose from the many options available. You don’t need a lawyer to fill out a standard will set, but it’s recommended if you don’t like the way the process works or if your will is too simple to challenge in court when challenged.


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