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Our Most Recommended Credit Cards

What we most recommend for your next credit card.

Best No-Fee Rewards – Neo Secured Mastercard

Best for Travel Points – National Bank World Elite Mastercard

Best for Bad Credit – Neo Rewards Card

Walmart Rewards World MasterCard is one of Canada’s best credit card stores. It offers cardholders a $ 0 fraud liability, giving users adequate satisfaction in the event of unauthorized charges. Rewards Mastercard is listed as the best credit card in Canada. It is very beneficial for those using Amazon Prime as their main member, who will receive a 2.50% refund on every purchase on and stores wholesale. The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card looks more like a regular credit card with cashback than a store credit card, making it the perfect addition to any shopper’s wallet.

This card offers 3% Walmart Bonus Dollars when shopping online at and 1.25% when shopping in a store. Along with this, you will receive a 2% refund at restaurants, gas stations and on the road. Although the Walmart Rewards Card has a lower reward rate for in-store purchases than online and in-app transactions, you can get 5% back on in-store purchases made with Walmart Pay within the first 12 months after opening your account.

The Walmart Capital One card offers the same rewards as the store card, plus 2% cashback on restaurants, dining and travel purchases and 1% cash back on other purchases. So you can get a 10% rebate on Amazon with this card, up to the $ 1,500 category limit. If you don’t only shop on Amazon during the first half of the year, Discover it (r) Cashback will give you the best rewards wherever you shop.

Alternatively, you can get a refund of $ 300 by spending $ 3,000 on purchases with a new card within the first six months. The credit on the application is sufficient to cover the card fee for at least two years.

The card has an initial annual interest rate of 0% for 12 months on purchases and 0% for 21 months on balance transfers, so April 14.74% – 24.74% (variable) applies. You can transfer balances from these other cards to this one and enjoy the zero April period; however, you will need to pay the balance transfer fee applicable with this offer of 5% of each balance transfer, a minimum of $5.

While this 10% off onsite card opening may seem tempting, it isn’t worth it due to the high-interest rates and limited premiums. In addition, while some store cards offer a 5% reward, this is usually only for purchases in certain stores, which can be very restrictive.

Best Retail Store Credit Cards Canada

Store credit cards help you earn rewards and easy-to-cash rewards at your favourite retail stores. Store credit cards often reward you with points that you can use to get discounts or free items. These store points allow you to pay for purchases and earn bonus points that you can use for store discounts or travel rewards. In addition, store cards can help improve your credit score if you use them properly.

If you spend a significant amount of money at a retail store and the card is down, getting the benefits the card offers may offset limited usage. If you regularly shop from multiple retailers, compare the rewards and other advantages and choose the one that will benefit you the most. For example, use a credit card at another store to purchase a gift card for that first store instead of getting rewarded for buying a gift card.

When you purchase from a merchant, you receive cashback or points, which you can later use for free purchases, goods or credits. Products and merchandise are typical redemption options for store bonus cards. However, the type of reward you earn and your level of earnings differ depending on the card. For example, you usually get points for every dollar you spend at certain stores. You can also earn cashback with retailers by using the best cashback websites, such as Rakuten.

You can usually use rewards points to obtain discounts on products, experiences, or travel rewards. Most reward programs offer the ability to redeem points earned for generic merchandise, gift cards, experiences, entertainment, financial rewards, and more. The points earned can be used for gift cards, merchandise, experiences and sometimes travel. You can use your rewards to offset the cost of flights, hotels, car rentals, travel packages, and more.

You can easily redeem your Optimum PC points for 1,000 points = $10 at participating stores. You can also accumulate the PC Optimum points you often earn on your credit card through personalized offers, in-store points offer or flyers from the PC Optimum app. Points are earned on daily purchases, so revenue is growing so rapidly.

Unfortunately, a few items are not covered by the standard premium rate. So when it comes to gifts and bonuses, you’re only limited to the items available in the store. At the same time, you are more likely to receive bonus rewards and special privileges with a dealer, just like with a hole card.

It may be cheaper to buy items with a card than with cash. Cardholders can often pay bills, buy items from stores and online, and receive a line of credit. However, the credit limit is determined by a deposit set by the cardholder and guaranteed on the card. You can lower the limit without notice if you only use the card occasionally if you get a higher limit.

While most store cards require a fair minimum credit rating, some merchants may accept even lower scores. Some cards need you to be a store member before applying, which often comes with an annual membership fee. Many store cards have some limitations, such as where you can use them or how you can get rewards. For example, people who always pay their bills on time may want to get a rewarded credit card, while someone looking to get their credit repaired may prefer a secure credit card.

Balancing spending and saving will require a combination of credit cards such as travel rewards, personal shopping cashback, zero-interest introductory cards and store cards. For more flexible card options that offer rewards for different purchases, check our picks for the best rewards credit cards and the best cashback credit cards. Below, we’ve listed the best store credit cards that offer rewards, special funding offers, and free shipping offers that make it profitable to sign up for specific stores.

To determine which credit cards are the best value for money, Select analyzed the most popular credit cards in the US. We compared each card’s many features, including rewards, welcome bonus, initial and standard April, balance transfer fees and foreign transaction fees, as well as factors such as required credit and customer reviews, if any. Choose from popular stores to compare credit cards to find the best credit cards for consumers shopping at various online retailers, big-box retailers, warehouse clubs, and home improvement stores. In addition, we’ve specifically selected cards you can use for any purchase (not just in co-branded stores). For example, you can earn a higher point rate per dollar on purchases from partner stores or take advantage of free shipping, exclusive sales, and long-term interest-free offers.

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