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BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite Card Review

As you can see, the actual cash earnings rate on purchases in restaurants, grocery stores, gas and transit stores are generous and comparable to other cards on the market. A BMO point to the dollar, however, yields a less than stellar return of 0.71 cents to the dollar, a notch below the standard of 1 cent to the dollar by other comparable travel cards.

Earn BMO Rewards 25,000 welcome bonus points if you spend at least $3,000 in the first three months of card activation. Cardholders also receive 15,000 bmo reward points and an anniversary bonus twelve months after opening their card account as long as the account is in good condition.

New cardholders receive 40,000 points, and the annual fee of $120 is waived for the first year. The daily earned welcome bonus brings you 40.0000 points worth approx. Once you have 25,000 points, you will be charged $3,000 on your card for each of the first three months of card membership and another 15,000 points on your anniversary.

You can also use 1 point to buy a nice meal, pay a monthly subscription, buy a premium gift or finance your big holiday after a pandemic. In addition, BMO’s new Pay With Points feature lets you use your points to pay for items you buy with your card. For example, if you spend $12,000 on groceries, food and $1,200 on gas this year, every $6,000 spent will earn you 72,000 points worth $5.11.

You can use points to save on the most common purchases made with your card in the last 30 days at an impressive rate of 200 points for every 1 / 0.5% of a point. Earn points and use them to pay for certain purchases on your card statement, such as your morning latte, a new pair of Nikes or new television.

You can use the Reward Calculator to calculate how many points, miles or cash back you earn based on your spending in each category. It gives you a dollar value for the card based on the value of the rewards earned and the value of the benefits to you minus the annual fee. There are more complicated reward charts for highs and lows, but the scores are easy to calculate.

The card has generous earning rates in all major spending categories and additional enticing redemption flexibility with its award points. You can redeem Infinite card points for cash deposits into a BMO investment account or everyday purchases with your credit card. You can also opt for the program Pay With Points that allows you to redeem points on your card for free with redemptions starting from $1.

To earn 10 points, add a card to your account for up to 50 authorized users. Points can also be redeemed as a cash deposit into a BMO investment account.

If you add a card to your account, you can earn 10% on your points. In addition, you can use your points to credit every purchase you make with your credit card with a cash-back credit card. With this option, you have the freedom and flexibility of a debit card and still enjoy the advantages of a point card.

BMO Rewards is one of Canada’s most flexible rewards programs, and it’s easy to pay with the points feature. Denying fares can be attractive, but you need to understand how BMO Rewards works to cover the full value of your points. BMO Reward Points are a little more complicated than you might think, but once you receive the BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite card for the first year, you will realize that it offers incredible value.

The BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite card will earn 5% credited on BMO Rewards Points for the first $50,000 of combined purchases at grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and in transit. In addition, the card also offers a 10% point bonus that it can add to authorized users “$50 annual lifestyle credit for Visa Infinite benefits. The introductory offer to add a card increases the earning rate from 10% to 25% with the BMO eclipse visa infinite and its privileges, resulting in a maximum earning rate of 5.5x to 6.25x BMO award points.

The Bank of Montreal (BMO) has long been known as the exclusive issuer of Mastercard, but in November 2020, the bank added two VISA cards to its credit card line for the first time. The two cards offer the opportunity to earn up to 5x BMO Rewards Points in selected categories, making them one of Canada’s top earner credit cards for restaurants, groceries, gas, transit, and drugstore purchases. In addition, both cards collect BMO award points with a redemption ratio of 140 points (1 / 0.71 cent) per point for travel purchases via the BMO award portal.

Designed for maximum bonus points and redemption rates for lifestyle purchases such as groceries, restaurants, dine-in, delivery, gas and transit. Let’s take a look at the offers, one by one, and which one to choose.

To be eligible, consumers must apply by 31 October 2021. This card is a great credit card for people looking for more frequent rewards you can redeem regularly.

Earn 5 BMO points for every dollar spent on food, food, gas and transit. BMO points to increase your earning rate to a hefty 5 points per dollar spent on groceries and daily transit purchases, for an impressive 55 BMO points per dollar spent.

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