BMO Mutual Funds Review & Performance

Bmo Mutual Funds Review

You can find more information on investing in Merrill Lynch and Merrill Edge mutual funds in the “Guide to Mutual Fund Investing” (PDF). Banks set investor fund pricing on the previous business day after trading close and before the market opened. Each fund also has its own particular risk profile and investment strategy, detailed in the fund prospectus and other offering materials and should be considered before any investment. A fund’s exposure is not measured by selling or charging its shares and may be subject to management fees and certain other costs. Please read the fund data and prospectus carefully to understand how you invest and the risks involved, as well as the fees associated with investment funds.

Commissions, management fees are associated with investing in exchange-traded funds. Exchange-traded funds are not guaranteed, and their value may change, and ETFs must not repeat the past performance.

BMO Mutual Funds are administered by BMO Investments Inc., a financial services company separate from the Bank of Montreal. BMO investment funds are managed and managed by BMO Asset Management Inc., an investment fund manager and portfolio manager independent of a legal entity of the bank and owned by BMO Asset Management Inc. Below is a list of BMO funds and their key metrics, including their net assets under management (in millions), 1-year returns and the rank in primary category, cost ratio and term of office of the primary manager.

Performance data are given in class Y shares at the beginning of class X shares and the performance of fund investors. They do not adjust to differences in expenditure between classes. Likewise, performance data is provided from the beginning of Class R3 and R6 shares; the performance of fund investors in Class I shares is not adjusted for differences between the expenditure classes. SEC 30-day returns represent the net investment return the fund has generated over the 30-day period, expressed as an annual percentage based on the Fund’s share price at the end of the period. The yield quotations for money market funds reflect the current returns of the fund and the total return quotations.

The target date of the pension fund may change over time as its asset allocation changes. The Fund is subject to financial market volatility, including equity and fixed income investments and is also subject to risks associated with investments in high-yield, small-cap, commodity and foreign securities. In addition, managed fees and commissions associated with mutual funds can reduce and vary your investment returns, and index funds are more expensive.

When considering the best investments to buy in 2020, it is important to remember that investing in just one fund is not enough to diversify your portfolio, even if it is a balanced fund. Finding and holding investments in earlier phases of volatility can benefit investors. You can find a summary of the risks of investing in BMO investment funds in the simplified prospectus.

Investment funds are not deposited with BMO Harris Bank (NA) or any of its subsidiaries and are not insured by the FDIC or other government agencies.

BMO Asset Management Corp., an investment advisor and advisor, will not terminate the contractual waivers of fees and expense reimbursements by BMO without the approval of the Board of Directors as of December 31, 2021, unless the investment advisory agreement is terminated.

The contractual waivers and/or expenses of BMO Asset Management Corp., the investment advisor/advisor, to the BMO Global Low Volatility Equity Fund (BMO Discipline International Equity Fund, BMO Pyrford International Stock Fund and BMO LGM Emerging Markets Equity Fund were low.

TORONTO, May 26, 2021 — BMO Investments Inc. (BMOII) announced today that it would certify new funds and several changes in the risk rating for certain funds. The effective risk assessments for the funds listed in this table have changed. Any change in the investment objectives, strategy or management of the funds entails a risk rating for these funds.

The BMO Life Assurance Company is the issuer of BMO Segregated Funds and Individual Variable Insurance Policies and refers to the information brochure titled “Guarantee provisions.” In addition, the “Political Provisions” brochure provides full details of what applies in each case.

BMO’s investment fund portfolios are based on investment objectives, targets and returns, including dividends, interest and capital gains. BMO Mutual Funds trade like stocks that fluctuate in market value and can be traded at a discount of their net asset value, increasing the risk of loss.

Distributions are not guaranteed and are subject to change or cancellation. In addition to dealers’ concessions, asset-related sales fees and service fees related to the purchase and ownership of mutual fund units by customers, Merrill Lynch and its subsidiaries may provide additional services for which they may receive additional remuneration from the funds and their subsidiaries.

All investment funds, including those offered by BMO, carry different risks and associated fees. Includes an S & P 500 index (VFIAX) fund that invests in the 500 largest U.S. companies with the lowest cost ratio of 0.04% and a minimum purchase of $3,000.

Large equity index funds offer diversification and are the foundation on which investors build portfolios. BMO dividend-paying mutual funds and riskier equity and global funds deliver better returns than money market and bond funds. In BMO’s case, fund managers use many investors “pooled money to build a portfolio by buying the underlying stocks, bonds, and other investable assets.

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