CoinAnalyst Corp: 1 Great Stock to Invest in Now


Written By: Marc Challande

Published December, 7th January 2022

You may have not heard about  CoinAnalyst Corp yet. CoinAnalyst Corp (COYX.CN) has recently gone publicly traded (November, 8th 2021) on the CSE and has remained pretty much silent. Besides, they released very few but some key information (such as growth and subscription forecast) and the year 2022 should be just the beginning of their formidable adventure. The Company still has a small market cap (CAD 11M), and the recent downtrend mostly caused by the cryptocurrency market stress shouldn’t be an excuse to not have this crypto stock on your watchlist.  

coinanalyst corp

A Solution That Crypto Investors Want

CoinAnalyst is based on the patented Cogia technology which uses semantic indexing and structuring of online data, using pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. The platform provides everything you need: news, price quotes, and messaging. Coinanalyst’s goal is clear and straight to the point, they want to become a recognized information provider in the digital asset market.

The Company developed the perfect products that answers all the questions and wonders investors want to know: how the market behaves. Whether you are a retail or pro investor, a starting influencer, COYX has all the categories to fulfill your desires: 

coinanalyst corp

With the AI solutions, all the buy and sell decisions are made based on valid data and intelligent analysis. Proof that their technology is working, their product Copy Trading gives a 59.8% Yearly average return and a 4.98% average monthly return. The biggest drawdown they ever had was  -11.77%  which is more than reasonable considering the high volatility of the crypto market.

On the influencer side, I personally believe it is a very smart strategy to target this audience. More and more investors want to show their gains and live off of this. Building a community and using the right tools to do marketing might be hard, and could potentially drain a lot of energy for a lot of potential influencers. It will be a win-win: for COYX as they will be able to reach more potential users while the influencers grow with their products, and for the starting influencers to have the perfect tools to reach their goals.


Coinanalyst went public on November 18th with an opening at CAD 0.22. Since then, the stock endured a 32% downtrend and is trading around CAD 0.25. This downtrend is mostly due because of the crypto market overall downtrend. For example, Bitcoin glided 29%  during the same period. 

For the current Share Price, its RSI (Relative Stress Index) is at 51 which positions the stock as neutral (above 70 is considered as overbought and under 30 as oversold). With the 200 MA (Moving Average) at CAD 0.17, investors are still waiting for a reversal when the 50 MA will cross the 200 MA to create an uptrend. With this data, it would be a good move to accumulate at these prices. The stock is at 50% from its all-time high (CAD .31), and any positive news, or a crypto market uptrend would directly benefit the share price

The Company currently has 73M outstanding shares for 80M shares fully diluted. It is very positive as investors fear dilution and the total number of shares is pretty low. A tiny dilution might happen but it wouldn’t have much consequences on the share price.

Growth Forecast

Coinanalyst Corp plans to have different branches of revenues as they will have three plan subscriptions: 

  • Basic plan;
  • Professional Plan;
  • Corporate Plan.

In the year 2022, the Company plans to have a 590% growth subscription and a 436% growth subscription for 2023, almost 2560% in 2 years! If we talk about revenues, the company would go from CAD 0.90M  in 2021 to CAD 17M in 2023. 

Regarding this data, we can try to predict at what price the stock would be traded next year. With an 1888% upside possible, it would lead the SP to a whooping CAD 2.8!

The stock is currently on two exchanges, the CSE and the FSE (Frankfurt Stock Exchange). Being traded on both continents will enable the Company to have more eyes on them and to bring more volumes on the stock.

Bottom Line

With the current crypto market that is under pressure, the stock being traded around CAD 0.15, it is a good time for investors to invest in this stock. It will enable them to be involved indirectly in the crypto market and to avoid the pressure of higher volatility that this market can provide. 

A lot of upsides should happen, they have identified their growth, now financial statements and news related to their management will indicate to us if they are going on the right way. My guess is we could see the Company being traded on the US exchange, bringing still more investors and eyes.

This article solely expresses the opinion of the writer which might be disagreeing with the other writers of Money,eh?. Moreover, the writer isn’t involved in COYX, and doesn’t own shares of the Company.

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