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Mason Graphite is a Canadian mining company dedicated to exploring and developing one of the wealthiest graphite deposits in the world. The Canadian portfolio of exploration for precious and base metals and flake graphite includes 100 percent ownership of the Kenville gold mine and the Blu Starr Flake Graphite project in southeast British Columbia. In addition, Canada Strategic Metals is a growing research and development company with an extensive portfolio of graphite projects located throughout Quebec.

NextSource Materials, based in Toronto, is in the final stages of developing a wholly-owned Molo graphite project in southern Madagascar. NextSource Materials, based in Toronto, is a mining company in the final stages of development for its 100% owned Graphite Pier project in southern Madagascar. In addition, South Star Battery Metals is acquiring and developing short-term graphite projects in Brazil.

The South Stars Santa Cruz graphite project, located in southern Bahia, has surface mineralization in brittle materials, and large-scale pilot testing has been completed. The South Stars Santa Cruz graphite project, located in southern Bahia, has surface mineralization in brittle materials, and large-scale pilot testing has been completed.

Talga Resources owns a graphite mining business in Sweden as part of its vertical procedures. Their graphene process centrism is due to their low-cost ability to produce graphene from high-quality raw graphite ore. Their Vittangi project received adequate demarcation from the Swedish government in the mid-2020s as a mining project of national interest.

Their manufacturing process does not depend on graphite but uses sustainable and readily available raw materials. In addition, they have developed environmentally friendly methods to convert the highest quality graphite to the cheapest yet highest quality bulk quantities of graphene.

They also extensively use their interests in the Albany graphite deposits found in Northern Ontario. All of these companies have shown that they can produce graphite for batteries. These companies have their graphite mines like Northern Graphite when it comes to graphene reserves.

For reference, the graphene stock listing mentioned here is not the only company in Canada focused on graphene. Below, we look at the best graphite stocks from 2021 on TSX and TSXV. The data is provided as-is for informational purposes only and is not for commercial purposes.

Canadian Graphite Mining Stocks

Graphite is unique in many respects compared to other metals. To understand the potential of graphite in mines and deposits and prices, it is necessary to understand several essential things. To get reasonable market prices, a mining company must bring its graphite up to 94% to 97% carbon levels. Another critical factor is that most lithium-ion batteries use synthetic graphite, the cost of which is multiplied by the price of the Large Flake. Another alternative is the cost-competitive graphite to battery graphite conversion process. If you have a lower quality deposit with not very large flakes, you are at a disadvantage; switching to or upgrading to spherical graphite is much easier—Sri Lankan vein graphite.

All graphite companies will drive strong battery demand, and while this is true, battery demand is not a large enough part of the market to affect the overall price. The 2017 preliminary economic assessment estimates the capital cost of the project at C $ 363 million, with a mine life of 40 years and an annual production of 60,000 tonnes of 95% Cg graphite concentrate when it reaches total capacity in year six.

NextSource entered into a binding agreement to build and operate a value-added battery anode plant to produce spherical and refined graphite for lithium-ion batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles earlier in the second quarter. In the first half of 2021, South Star Battery Metals announced a partnership with the U.S. Industrial Graphite and Technology Laboratories to complete an expanded value-added graphite and metals testing program for battery and non-battery applications. In June, Nanxing announced the production of uncoated and coated spherical refined graphite suitable for use as an active anode material for lithium-ion batteries.

Graphite One aims to become a US-based manufacturer of high-quality coated spherical graphite primarily for the lithium-ion battery market for electric vehicles. Nouveau Monde Graphite, Inc. is developing a fully integrated anode material source for green batteries. Zenyatta Ventures Ltd., a junior exploration company based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, recently discovered the Albany GRAPHITE field in northeastern Ontario.

An independent study estimates that Bisset Creek will have the highest margin of any existing or suspected graphite deposit. Therefore, the large scale gives the best price, and this is the advantage Northern Graphite has with 90% of its substantial large-scale Bisset Creek field.

While the metal price has not impressed some investors recently, 2021 began with a slight reversal in flake graphite prices. In addition, the breakthrough in the graphite industry has led to an increase in investment in graphene, especially in the stock of companies in the industry. Later that month, he signed a supplementary agreement to purchase 20,000 tonnes of natural flake graphite concentrate over five years.

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