How to Buy NFTs in Canada

Today, we will take a look at how you can purchase some Ether since that is a crucial component to the process of buying an NFT from some sites and things to know about Canadian NFTs. If you are looking to invest in NFTs in Canada, I would suggest doing it first by buying some Ethereum on CoinSmart — my #1 choice for Canadas best cryptocurrency exchange — then using Ethereum to purchase the specific NFTs that you are looking to purchase.

What Are NFTs?

Now that you have the digital assets that you can use to invest in NFTs, you will want to pick a marketplace that offers the types of NFTs that interest you. Unfortunately, most markets are in auction format, so you will have to bid on the NFTs that you wish to buy. For instance, if you are looking to purchase a property NFT, you would use a different marketplace than buying music NFTs.

The marketplace will need that you have a particular Web3 wallet to store the crypto that you will require to issue an NFT to the blockchain. You will have to have a compatible wallet for the blockchain that you wish to purchase from, and that requires switching networks since the NFTs are not network-to-network compatible on For instance, if you buy NFTs on Opensea, you will want Ethereum. Therefore, you will have to connect your Metamask to the Ethereum Network (Ethereum is already connected by default).

With the Metamask NFT wallet connected, you can purchase NFTs on OpenSea Marketplace. Now that you have created an account deposit Eth in the Metamask Wallet and enjoy buying and selling from the different NFT marketplaces. If you have purchased Ethereum (ETH) on a crypto-exchange and set up your Metamask Wallet, you need to send this ETH into the Metamask NFT wallet. In some NFT markets, such as Binance’s NFT Market, you can purchase Ethereum Blockchain, then head over to the market and purchase your NFT; in other cases, you need to head to a crypto exchange, buy Ethereum, and send it to your Metamask or Trust Wallet.

How to Buy NFTs in Canada

Whether you are a consumer looking to buy, or a digital artist looking to sell your NFT, you can easily trade digital assets via NFT marketplaces. If you need to purchase Ethereum (ETH) to trade it for NFTs, you will want to use a regulated crypto-to-crypto exchange, such as Bitbuy, based in Canada. To exchange NFTs, you will need to purchase some Ether — the Ethereum Blockchains native currency, where most NFTs are available. You can buy NFTs at the Nifty gateway using your debit or credit card, your balance in Gemini, or by paying in advance for Ether.

Buyers can receive their Ethereum or crypto right from Binance’s exchange and deposit them into a wallet, and then use those funds to purchase NFTs of their choice. You can make purchases using a credit card or debit card or depositing crypto, including bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash, dai, and USDC. You will have to set up an account with the cryptocurrency exchange that plays nice with Canadians to do the buying. To buy Ether, you need to create an account on a crypto exchange which plays nice with Canadians.

By choosing the popular cryptocurrency exchange BitBuy as your exchange of choice, you will be able to purchase cryptos in Canada using various payment methods. This popular trading platform supports Canadian Dollar deposits, offers instant buy/sell transactions, and gives you access to the most advanced cryptocurrency trading tools. BitBuy, a popular crypto trading platform, offers a large variety of supported markets, though you can use a search bar to locate cryptocurrencies that you would like to purchase today.

If you are wondering how to buy and sell cryptos in Canada, you can start by choosing your exchange or brokerage, making your deposit, and searching for the digital assets you would like to purchase. In short, if you are looking to buy cryptocurrency in Canada today, you will need to choose an appropriate exchange or broker first. While Canadians are still entitled to register for and buy NFTs, they will have to purchase the cryptocurrency on a Binance exchange into their NFT wallet before making the purchase.

What Marketplace to Buy NFTs?

For example, if you create an NFT based on Binance’s smart chain, you can sell it only on platforms supporting the Binance smart chain assets. Unfortunately, this means that you will not be able to sell the NFTs on things like VIV3 — the Flow Blockchain-based market — or OpenSea, an influx-based NFT market built on top of Ethereum. To sell NFTs on OpenSea, you had to set up your storefront and pay issuance fees, but due to a recent burst in interest in NFTs, OpenSea has now simplified this process – though first-time sellers will still pay gas fees. In addition, some platforms, such as OpenSea (above), let you list and auction your NFTs without paying any gas fees, charging only if you take an offer for a buy.

Buyers who have wallets loaded with Ether, USD Coin (USDC), or Dai (DAI), along with over 150 other payment tokens, can purchase NFTs at fixed prices directly from sellers, or they can bid for NFTs at auctions, with an offer recorded on a users profile. In addition, users can connect their accounts with digital wallets to buy and sell assets from blockchain games like The Sandbox, Ethermon, and Vulcan Verse.

Users need to establish a MetaMask wallet with Ether before they can create an artist’s profile and issue NFTs or buy art pieces on the Foundation. With an Ethereum balance, users will have to move the Ethereum into an Ethereum wallet that allows integration to websites selling NFTs, such as NBA Top Shot, or too specialized platforms such as OpenSea. You will need ADAs in the wallet for whatever NFTs you want to purchase and a bit more to cover transaction fees.

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