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The HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard(r) credit card is a $0 annual fee credit card that offers an unlimited refund of 1.5% on all purchases after the implementation period. For example, the Wells Fargo Active Cash (sm) card offers unlimited cash rewards of 2% with no annual fees, and you will receive 0% in April on qualifying purchases and balance transfers within 15 months of account opening (followed by April, ranging from 14.99% to 24.99%). If you already have a Travel Rewards card or a credit card that earns extra points on certain purchases, a cashback fixed-rate card like the HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard is the perfect complement.

Note that many more helpful cash back cards are available, including simple flat-rate cards with higher returns on a single purchase, such as the Citi(r) Double Cash Card – BT’s 18-month offer. In addition, while some other cards like Amex EveryDay have 0% longer shopping promotions in April, not all other cards offer the same level of recurring rewards as HSBC Cash Rewards. For example, instead of the traditional new cardholder bonus, the HSBC Cash Rewards Card offers a 3% refund on purchases of up to $10,000 in the first 12 months (after which you’ll earn a 1.5% cash bonus). The Amazon Prime Rewards Card is also an excellent alternative to the HSBC Cash Rewards Card, especially for households that mostly shop on Amazon and Whole Foods.

HSBC Rewards Mastercard Review

You can exchange awards for a credit statement to cover travel expenses, or you can exchange them for other options, such as cash for the same amount. You can redeem your points for travel rewards, gift certificates, hundreds of items and financial rewards. The value of points earned with this card depends on the reward used. The value of your points will vary depending on why you redeem them, but you can make up to $1 for every 200 points you earn.

One of the advantages of this card is the flexibility of using points; you can redeem any number of points for rewards and take advantage of a wide range of redemption options. Furthermore, since the card offers a flat reward rate for everything, you maximize your reward by simply using the card for every possible transaction. In addition, because this card offers a fixed 1.5% refund on all your purchases, you can maximize your rewards by using it on all purchases and daily bills.

Add a 0% interest rate on purchases for the first 12 months, and you can benefit a lot from this card, especially in the first year. Maximize this offer within your first year of using the cards, and you’ll earn $300 in rewards for your first 12 months.

Your rewards are spread over the first year, which means you must keep spending money on the card to receive the full value of another introductory offer. Many of our favourite cash-back credit cards on the market today offer higher rewards on every purchase, as well as welcome bonuses, additional benefits, and 0% trial periods in April. The HSBC Advance Mastercard(r) credit card boasts another welcome bonus that doubles your rewards, albeit with a higher spending limit and different spending categories. As this card’s name suggests, the HSBC Premier World Elite Mastercard(r) is a premium credit card from HSBC and its $395 annual fee and exclusive benefits reflect this.

You must have an HSBC Premier checking account to apply for the HSBC Low-Level Travel Reward Card, and there is no annual fee as long as you have an account. The basic insurance coverage included with the HSBC + Rewards Mastercard is an added benefit. If you need additional travel insurance, it is available as an add-on for an additional fee. When you travel abroad, you can take this card with you, and don’t worry about paying international transaction fees for purchases made with it. While the main feature of the HSBC + Rewards Mastercard is that it offers a low-interest rate HSBC + Rewards Mastercard when using the card to pay for purchases, withdraw cash or transfer balances, its benefits are not limited.

Both cards have roughly the same annual rate. The BMO Preferred Rate Mastercard card saves you some money; however, the HSBC+ Rewards(TM) Mastercard(r) card has a lower interest rate than the BMO Preferred and offers bonus points by earning points. For every $1 spent (unlike BMO card). Not only will you have access to HSBC’s low-interest rate of 11.90% on all purchases, cash advances and balance transfers, but you’ll also earn HSBC Rewards points on all your purchases. The HSBC card makes sense for everyday spending and balance transfers, but for more significant travel bonuses or outright redemption benefits, other cards appear earlier. When you’re ready to use your rewards, you can choose to receive your account statement or a direct deposit to an HSBC checking or savings account.

New cardholders who apply for HSBC + Rewards (TM) Mastercard (r) by April 4, 2022, will receive a Principal Cardholder* First Year Fee Discount* (worth $25) and will be able to earn 30,000 Bonus HSBC Rewards points after making purchases of at least $2,000 on the card in the first 180 days after opening an account*. See Fees and Fees, Terms and Conditions Apply HSBC Cash Rewards Credit Card Mastercard(r) Reward Rate 1.5%-10% Credit Rating 10% annual bonus on all cash rewards earned once a year Get initial cashback 3 % on all purchases in the first 12 months of opening an account, up to the first purchases of $10,000 Earn unlimited cashback of 1.5% on all purchases $0 annual fee Introductory Offer Hover your mouse here to learn more.

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