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Canadian marijuana companies to invest in and explain why investing in them is a good idea at the moment and how to invest in the long term and how it works. This will be the first ETF to include the entire cannabis industry in Canada and not just the cannabis sector. The fund tracks the North American Marijuana Index, compiled by the German company Solactive, consisting mainly of Canadian cannabis and hemp companies with a market capitalization of over one billion dollars. Sources: 9, 13, 15

Marijuana ETF investors who are not based in Canada cannot hold more than 40% of the ETF units. Many marijuana investors prefer the Horizons ETF’s approach to the industry. It directly focuses on Canadian marijuana and pot stocks that use the coffee ETF for exposure in the medical marijuana segment. Other cannabis ETFs, including the S & P 500 Cannabis ETF and the Canadian Marijuana ETF, mostly offer contacts to Canadian cannabis companies. Horizons also have one of the best-emerging markets ETF focused on Canada, which focuses on smaller companies within the cannabis space. Sources: 0, 3, 4, 12

Horizons is one of the most popular cannabis ETFs, and you can choose the one that suits you best. Canadian and American companies may have different business models and investment strategies than those you choose for this ETF. Still, it is a good choice for investors with a strong interest in the cannabis industry. Sources: 8, 15

The Horizons Emerging Marijuana Growers ETF is more interesting because it gives you exposure to other ETFs. The cost ratio is low enough to be considered the gold standard for marijuana ETFs, and it is not too expensive. Sources: 4, 14

While a US-based marijuana ETF, which seems to be on a rapid path to wealth, may be tempting for retail investors, I would urge caution before betting on Alternative Harvest or any other marijuana ETF. The Marijuana Opportunities Fund puts you in a difficult position and at a disadvantage compared to some of the more popular marijuana stocks in the ETF market, such as the Horizons Emerging Marijuana Growers ETF. Marijuana ETFs are the right way to go if you want to buy a marijuana stock fund, but only if it is a suitable investment for you. Sources: 1, 2, 7

Both Mr. Underhill and Ms. Normann recommend cannabis ETF investors choose a fund that includes shares from the US Marijuana Companies Index and other countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The two that he likes are the actively managed All-Purpose Marijuana Opportunities ETF and the Seymour Cannabis ETF (CNBS: A), which focuses on US funds and increases its exposure to the cannabis industry in the United States, allowing investors to diversify exposure not only to cannabis companies but also to consumer goods companies and other companies focused on the medical marijuana market. MsNormann likes the active, actively managed All-Purpose Marijuana Opportunity Fund (AMZN – A) because he owns many stocks included in an index of US marijuana companies and because this exposure exceeds the other U.S.-based marijuana ETFs in his category. Sources: 6

The ETF, actively managed by cannabis investor Tim Seymour, joins three other existing ETFs that already offer exposure to cannabis companies. Ms. Norman’s first Canadian choice is Horizons Cannabis ETF (CNBS: A), Horizons longest cannabis ETF launched in April 2017 due to liquidity. Sources: 6, 10

As the name suggests, it tracks companies that grow and produce marijuana and shares in companies in the medical cannabis industry. The last new Canadian marijuana ETF I want to mention is Junior Canadian Cannabis ETF (CNBS: A), the largest Canadian marijuana ETF. Sources: 0, 7

One of the reasons he is at the top of my list of marijuana ETFs is that he is the only actively managed ETF dedicated exclusively to exposure to US cannabis. The MJ ETF also holds stakes in medical cannabis companies and medical marijuana companies, but it is a pure marijuana ETF. Canadian stocks called Terra Firma (CNSX: TER), which I briefly included in the ETF earlier this year as one of 10 new stocks, are in a great position. It’s not just game in town when it comes to weed ETFs, with the ETF feeling the juice most, at 1.31% from 31.12.17. Sources: 0, 2, 5, 11

There are some marijuana ETFs that fall into the second category, as there are few cannabis companies in comparison to the stock market as a whole. This is partly due to a lack of engagement with medical marijuana companies and the relatively low price-to-earnings ratio. There are some marijuana ETFs that fall into the third category, and one of them is the marijuana ETF, which is allocated a small number of cannabis companies compared to the stock market as a whole (1.31% of 31.12%). Sources: 12

This is because of the small number of cannabis companies awarded compared to the stock market as a whole. Below, we look at the top marijuana ETFs, and we’ve numbered them from bottom to bottom. The Horizons Marijuana ETF has the second-highest price-to-earnings ratio of any significant marijuana company in the ETF at a ratio of almost 1: 1. Sources: 12

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