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Mbna Platinum Plus Mastercard

If you are a high-roller with a five- or six-digit balance, the Bank of America Merrill account card offers the added benefit of receiving an awarded bonus, which is Bank of America’s preferred reward for business members. To take advantage of these benefits, activate the card and make purchases of up to $500 every 90 days to earn 5,000 points. In addition, within the Bank of America Card Program, there is a range of additional cards, including the Bank of America Business Advantage Cash Rewards Mastercard credit card, which offers 3% back (or 2% cashback) on the first $50,000 combined purchases at restaurants of choice and category during the calendar year or 1% back in cash.

Choose from cash, gift cards, merchandise, travel and charitable donations. Double points are also offered for purchases in restaurants, grocery stores, digital media, memberships, household and utility purchases: within the first 90 days of opening an account; you earn an additional 2 points ($1) for each spend on eligible restaurants, groceries, digital media, memberships, household and utility purchases, in addition to the regular earned rate of 2 points (1) per spending on such purchases specified in the program terms and conditions (subject to a maximum annual limit of $10,000 in each category ). After 90 days, it drops to 2 points (1 per issue) for eligible gas purchases, groceries and restaurants up to the $10K cap.

Points awarded from eligible transactions will be debited to your account following the program terms and conditions. There is no limit to the one-time bonus points on offer, and there is no cash value for new bonus point offers.

This Reward Credit Card has the best available repayment options. You can get rewards of up to 1% on spending based on 1% points for every $1 of other purchases, just like a standard reward card. The low repayment rate is a discouraging factor for those who prefer cashback, but it is advisable to get a designated cashback card in any case.

Despite its daily earning rates, Platinum Plus has one of Canada’s best fee-free credit cards, thanks to its lucrative welcome offer. You will each receive a return per point of 1 cent (equivalent to 1 in cashback) in travel savings if you use points for the above-mentioned travel awards. The Cardas point refund value and cashback make it useful for those planning to redeem for the trip.

To qualify for the 50,000 bonus points, you must spend $5,000 in the first three months on eligible purchases. After that, the onboarding bonus will earn you 10,000 additional points (4x points for every $1 spent on restaurants, groceries and gas purchases). Within the first 6 months, you can earn up to 5x points for gas, food and travel.

Card Description Earn 4 points for each $1 spent on purchases in restaurants, grocery stores, digital media, memberships and appliances within the first 90 days or 2 points ($1) for purchases in these categories (in some cases, the earning rates apply to up to $10,000 you spend in that category). Redeem points for cash, branded goods, gift cards to participating retailers, charitable donations and travel.

For people who want to earn points, change their shopping habits and not limit how they redeem their rewards, the MBNA Rewards Platinum Plus (r) Mastercard (r) is worth considering. It’s a simple card that offers the average consumer expedited rewards for joint purchases and a solid flat-rate exemption from annual fees. This is a no-annual-fee rewards card that allows you to earn points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases.

MBNA Rewards Platinum Plus allows you to earn points faster than any other credit card with annual fees in Canada. Given that most rivals have fee-free travel cards that earn the equivalent of 0.5 to 1 dollar per dollar on daily purchases, this card manages to stand out from the crowd. In addition, you can only use MBNA rewards on a dedicated website to redeem points, which means you can use them to book travel with any airline or hotel provider.

If you want 1% cashback on your purchases, you can turn to its biggest sister, the MBNA Smart Cash World Mastercard (r), but it has an annual fee of $39. Its welcome bonus, spread over the first 6 months, is more interesting if you have $150.

To earn 65,000 Welcome Bonus Points, you will be charged $6,000 net for all purchases made on your card during the first 3 months of your card membership. To earn 5,000 Marriott Bonvoy points, you will be charged $1,500 for each purchase of your card within the first three months of your card membership. To earn 2,500 bonus scenes points, you must spend at least $500 in the first three months on eligible purchases as a new Scene Visa cardholder to earn 2,500 Bonus Scene Points.

Earn 30,000 Scotia Rewards Points as a bonus if the first eligible purchase is made within the first two months. In addition, earn 5% GM Earnings on eligible purchases and the first $5,000 in annual spending (up to $2). In our evaluation system, the card receives 19 / 25 points for rewards, 15 / 25 interest rates for transfers, 15% to 25% for perks and insurance, and 25 / 25% for annual fees.

MBNA Canada has a solid credit card offering that varies from cashback and travel rewards to low-interest rates and pre-paid cards. Although MBNA is dedicated to helping you find the best rewards in Canada, it is important to understand that some reward credit cards may not be the best solution for some people.

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