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Nest Wealth (and other Robo-advisors) offer portfolio management at a much lower cost than the 1.98% annualized management expense ratio (MER) charged by stock mutual funds. While a custom wallet is convenient and you can take advantage of advisors, the reality is that the subscription model means that you will pay a higher percentage of your commission balance when you have a small wallet.

Choose a provider that makes sense for what you can invest now and in the future. If you like the package recommended to you, you can connect your bank account to the online platform to invest your money. The Nest Wealth robot advisor then invests those funds in the ETFs you have accepted.

Your portfolio will automatically rebalance if needed to keep your funds growing and protect you from risk. As a result, your portfolio will be diversified and reflect your risk tolerance and, ultimately, your financial goals. In addition, as mentioned above, you will have a dedicated account manager who will review your options and collect as much relevant financial information from you as possible to help you build a fully customized portfolio.

Your portfolio depends on your goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, investment style and financial position. During the enrollment process, Nest Wealth will determine your risk tolerance and offer a diversified portfolio designed to increase capital (i.e. increase in value over time), generate income (make money that you can reinvest) or protect wealth (you prevent the loss of money).

What is Nest Wealth Robo-Advisor?

Nest Wealth’s unique value proposition is that each account you open is individual (so you need to speak with one of the team’s advisors when opening an account) and is treated as such by offering a custom portfolio created for you using ETFs. What’s more, Robo-advisers like Nest Wealth and Wealthsimple give regular investors (with relatively small accounts) access to professional asset management and lower fees. Nest Wealth is a Canadian Robo-advisor offering professional online portfolio management services for investors who want to minimize their investment fees while maximizing returns.

Online robot consultants or portfolio managers offer several advantages over traditional banks and investment firms: low costs, ease of use, unbiased advice, and the use of technology to limit or even eliminate behaviour that often leads to low returns. For example, robot advisors such as Nest Wealth and Wealthsimple provide investors with small accounts with access to professional asset management at a low cost. Moreover, by automating parts of the investment process and using passive investing strategies to lower fees, Robo advisors not only minimize the burden of harmful behavioural distortions on your portfolio but also demonstrate that they can increase your chances of outperforming actively managed assets over the long term.

What matters to both Robo advisors is that their products offer an asset management expert availability feature that can advise on your investments. Each of the two Robo advisors allows investors to manage their investments with a low-cost and widely diversified ETF portfolio. Each of the three Robo advisors offers investors the opportunity to automate their assets with a low-cost and widely diversified ETF portfolio, offering a fully hands-on experience so investors can focus on other aspects of their lives without sifting through balance sheets. And worry about rebalancing.

Their goal is to help investors, corporations, financial advisors, and financial institutions access the latest wealth management tips and solutions using automated low-fee investor direct access technology. Nest Wealth Plus is a program offered by Nest Wealth to financial advisors, planners, dealers and brokers who can use a state-of-the-art digital platform to improve the service they provide to their clients at the lowest cost.

However, novice investors without much start-up capital will find Nest Wealth especially useful due to low fees, low investment capital requirements, and the convenience of displaying everything you need on your computer monitor or mobile device screen. Investors with accounts under $325,000 are more likely to pay lower fees with Wealthsimple, while those with more extensive portfolios (>$325,000) can save significantly on fees with Nest Wealth.

Nest Wealth Performance and Fees

If your portfolio is worth $20,000, you’ll pay Wealthsimple’s management fee equivalent to $8.33 per month. For wallets over $75,000 but under $150,000, you pay $40 per month. If you’re starting and your wallet is $10,000, the $20 you’re paying a month isn’t all that affordable.

MapleMoney readers can get the first $10,000 of their wallet for free through Wealthsimple. While anyone can join Wealthsimple for as little as $1, clients with a net worth over $100,000 are eligible for Wealthsimple Black, which offers a lower management fee (0.40%) and other benefits such as tax-efficient investing and goal-based finance Planning experienced portfolio managers. With Wealthsimple Black, investors with portfolios over $100,000 can enjoy VIP perks such as lower management fees and a financial planning session with one of Wealthsimple’s expert advisors. For individual investors, Wealthsimple offers a more decadent menu.

Meanwhile, Wealthsimple has diversified its services and offers high-interest savings accounts, cryptocurrency investments, commission-free online brokerage (see our list of the best online brokers in Canada for more information), and tax services. Wealthsimple offers state-of-the-art technology, low fees, and personalized, friendly service you couldn’t imagine from an automated investment provider – start investing now. In addition, Wealthsimple provides an affordable solution for investors with small balances.

Wealthsimple offers advice: Clients can contact the Wealth Concierge team via phone, text, email or Skype to discuss financial goals and objectives. As a new client, you can discuss your portfolio options with an advisor. If the investor is located in the Toronto area, they can speak to the advisor in person. Wealthsimple Black clients can schedule a financial planning session with an advisor to discuss their financial and investment goals.

Use this link to sign up for a 3-month free trial and start enjoying the benefits of Robo-advising today. Our Verdict 8.6/10 Our Rating Nest Wealth Robo-Advisor Nest Wealth is a low-cost hybrid Robo-advisor that passively manages portfolios and creates substantial wealth for Canadian investors.

This article provides a detailed review of Nest Wealth and Wealthsimple, comparing two of Canada’s leading Robo-advisors for your online investing needs. Check out our article on the best online brokers in Canada for the best DIY brokers or this Wealthsimple vs Questrade article to learn the difference between a broker and a Robo-advisor. It provides low-cost online portfolio and portfolio management by providing financial advice to financial experts such as Nest Wealth.

It gives you a truly customized portfolio and gives you a flat fee compared to the percentage fees offered by most Robo-advisors. Nest Wealth goes a step further by offering a subscription-based pricing model, which means you pay a lower flat monthly rate based on your account size category. These fees are added to the monthly fee, which is capped at $100 per account per year, but given that many Canadians have RRSPs, RESPs and TFSAs, and unregistered investment accounts, the amounts can add up quickly.

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