Sharesight Portfolio Tracker Review for Canadians

The difficulty with using such investment platforms is that they all have different interfaces and display different data, making it difficult to see precisely how the entire portfolio performs. The only notable feature is that you can sort performance reports by market sector and exclude open positions. Advanced reporting in Sharesight includes analysis of dividend income, portfolio diversity and contributions. While most online brokers provide investors with the value of their investments and the total value of their current portfolio, Sharesight includes elements such as any dividends you receive and how capital gains taxes affect or will affect your overall bottom line.

Its advanced Sharesights data and tax reporting capabilities make it a potent tool for filing and tracking dividend income. Sharesights’ advanced data and tax reporting capabilities also make it a powerful tool for filing and monitoring dividend income. It is the leading and valuable online activity tracking and reporting tool. In addition, it offers helpful features such as dividend forecasting and diversification analysis.

However, when there are so many free or cheap portfolio management tools on the market, it’s hard to argue that Sharesight costs quite a lot. Overall, Sharesight is a good choice for investors who have multiple brokerage accounts and need an easy solution to track their profits.

Undoubtedly, Sharesight provides portfolio monitoring and a very versatile reporting tool for people looking for investments, with the ability to get those making investments when preparing tax reports. Sharesight is also one of the few portfolio trackers we’ve seen that supports cryptocurrency investing as a built-in feature. In the end, Sharesight will be very useful for investors whose brokers do not offer integrated portfolio management tools and need to be replaced by a single platform.

Sharesight Review

As a novice investor with a portfolio of up to 10 assets, you can get started with Sharesight for free. Sharesight Australia provides a website-as-a-service that easily presents you with a consolidated view of all your investments and stocks, giving you a summary of your portfolio’s performance.

Keeping track of your wallet on the go is easy with the free Sharesights mobile app. Manage your assets with deep analysis and Sharesights tracking tools wherever you are. ShareSight offers comprehensive portfolio monitoring options that allow you to track your investments. In addition, Sharesight provides an online portfolio monitoring feature that helps you track taxes, dividends, prices and other features, and Delta Exchange is a cryptocurrency management tool.

Sharesight also allows you to import your trading history and automatically include corporate stocks in your portfolio, such as dividends, dividend reinvestment plans (DRP), and stock splits. In addition, Sharesight allows you to automatically update your assets by providing comprehensive tax and performance reports packaged in an easy-to-use, completely online system. Simply put, it is an online portfolio tracker that allows investors to track the actual performance of their investments easily.

Hence, it keeps track of important metrics such as stock prices, dividends, and taxes. This makes it easy to view your portfolio’s performance, track income, and manage those awful FIF calculations at tax time.

The $24/month Investor plan is what most Sharesight users need as it allows you to track total holdings across three wallets. This plan also unlocks all Sharesights reporting features except Contribution Analysis.

In addition to everything the Investor plan has to offer, you’ll also have the ability to track up to five portfolios, access to advanced reporting options, and priority customer support. It will give you access to all the features of the Starter plan and can track unlimited holdings and up to three wallets. In addition, you can keep a maximum of 1 portfolio and ten holdings at the free tier and have access to automatic dividend and price reports.

Free and Starter users have taxable income, overall performance, and historical transaction reports. In addition, Sharesight’s reports on sold shares can benefit investors who need to calculate multiple capital gains tax cases.

Sharesight Canada: Pros and Cons

Sharesight is a portfolio monitoring tool that gives investors a complete picture of the value and performance of a portfolio. Sharesight is a portfolio tracker that allows you to link your financial accounts and see a full picture of your investments. Sharesight is an online portfolio monitoring and management tool that helps investors track stock prices, trades, dividends, performance and taxes. Learn more about how to track your portfolio performance.

Sharesight is Wellington’s portfolio management software system that enables individual investors to collect and simplify investment reporting. Sharesight is the leading tool for tracking stock prices, dividends, exchanges, performance and taxes. Tracking stocks or portfolios gives you insight into your investments, and ShareSight helps automate much of the process with powerful integrations and a smooth, user-friendly interface. Get a comprehensive view of your portfolio, from tracking profit and loss, tracking and forecasting dividend income, to comparing our portfolio to indices or other benchmarks to see if we’re doing better than just buying and holding the market. This is an excellent analysis & solution. This can help you use data to make better investment decisions.

If tracking your investments, documentation and performance analysis is a hassle for you, Sharesight’s portfolio management software system may be for you. This is where Sharesight helps simplify financial reporting for investors. Sharesight has personal contract documents, sales dates, investment data, portfolio management, tax returns, stock markets, diversification reports, portfolio values, bailout reports and capital gains calculations to help investors understand what’s going on. Another valuable feature of Sharesight is the ability to compare your portfolio to that of other funds, ETFs, stocks or companies.

If you’re an investor looking for a unified platform to monitor your stock performance because your broker doesn’t offer integrated portfolio management tools, this service is for you. It’s easy to see from our Sharesight review that this service is suitable for both day traders and long-term investors.

The company also partners with several online and full-service brokers such as CMC Markets and Stake, which means you can easily import and track all of these partners’ portfolios through the Sharesight app. Once the sync is set up, Sharesight automatically calculates the performance of your portfolio and takes into account the impact of exchange rates, dividends and corporate stocks on the return on investment of these platforms. In addition, with Sharesight, you can set a timeline for the entire portfolio with one click to see the performance of each investment at the same time together.

This is where a tool like Sharesight opens up your portfolio data so you can take a look at these types of returns. In addition, ASX or NZX Sharesight provides automatic DRP monitoring for traders or investors by simply enabling the automatic dividend reinvestment feature in the participation settings on the sidebar.

Sharesights’ only risk is that it’s an online program, so save the reports, but real-time pricing is such a helpful tool that it’s worth it. Greetings to the authors of this program … easy to use, saves a lot of time and allows me to be aware of what is happening with my portfolio at a glance.

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