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Canadian Silver Stocks TSX

Shares of Majestic Silver Corp. and Pan American Silver Inc. soared 60.5% and 30.7%, respectively, from Thursday through Monday. In addition, Wheaton Precious Metals, Fortuna Silver Mine and Silvercorp Metals Inc. all posted double-digit gains in the same period.

Silver contributed 65% of its turnover in 2020, which is a large percentage for the mining industry. However, most of the focused miners expect the metal to generate 35-65% of their turnover by 2021. As a result, silver is expected to reach 65% and rise to 70% in 2021, well ahead. 

Silver stocks are worth watching as the stock market becomes more dramatic. As one of the leading TSX silver stocks by market capitalization, Canadian investors should be watching Fortuna Silver Mine with the least interest this week. However, you would be well advised to keep your money in the battle and keep the company on your watch list. 

Pan-American silver mines silver and gold from Canada, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Bolivia. Avino Silver and Gold Mines, headquartered in Mexico, has precious and base metal projects. In early July, the company stopped production at its eponymous silver mine in Durango, Mexico, because of a union blockade.

The cash and stock deal gives Silver Wolf the exclusive right to acquire a 100 percent interest in the properties of Avinos Ana Maria and El Laberinto in Mexico. 

Minaurum is a leading Mexican silver and gold exploration company that creates shareholder value by discovering and developing new areas and the scale of silver discovery in Mexico. Fortuna Silver Mine (FVI) ($1.28 billion) – FVIA is active in exploring, extracting, and processing precious and base metals deposits in Latin America. Aurcana (AUN) ($239.25 million) – AUN, a Canadian mining company with over 30 years of exploration and development experience in North America, is primarily engaged in the exploration, development and operation of mineral resources.

They have approximately 81 million shares in circulation and are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. In addition, they hold approximately 27.5 million shares traded on the Canadian Venture Exchange and over-the-counter.

The Company’s shares, of which 4.4 million were outstanding in May 2010, are traded under the HVG symbol on the Toronto Stock Exchange. GoldGold Resources has 26.5 million shares outstanding and is traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange and over-the-counter.

Harvest Gold Corporation develops gold and silver projects in Nevada, the United States and the Canadian province of Manitoba. Cadabcourt Mines Inc. is a Canadian silver production company whose market capitalization is $625 million and whose trading volume is $336,000. It is focused on the mining, exploration and development of silver projects throughout Canada, primarily in Northwestern Quebec.

As silver prices continue to rise, investors turn their attention to the leading silver mining companies to face potentially explosive moves upwards. As a result, Wheaton Stream maintains contacts with several mining companies to share their precious metal production.

Canadian silver mining companies posted double-digit gains on Monday as the price of the shiny white metal rose to an eight-year high largely due to promotional discussions on social media sites such as Reddit. Kuya Silver is a publicly-traded silver mining company with a 100% interest in Bethania Silver Mine in Central Peru. The mine is located in the heart of the silver, zinc and lead belt of central Peru and has produced high-quality silver ore and lead and zinc byproducts for more than 40 years.

Some CEOs of mining companies said they did not expect the increase to continue, but they were satisfied with a long-term price rise after more than a year of increasing demand and limited new supply.

Michael Steinmann, CEO of Pan American Silver Corp., said that despite the volatility in commodity prices that silver miners have become used to over the years, the market is still much smaller than gold.

Mining problems, management missteps and other problems can affect a silver mining company’s share price and cause its shares to undercut the metal itself. On the other hand, when a miner increases its silver production and the market price of silver rises, the miner’s share can outperform the metal price. Therefore, no one should invest in silver miners like First Majestic if they are not operating in line with the price of silver.

Many investors use silver as a haven in times of economic crisis and as a hedge against inflation. Silver mining companies are engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of mineral properties.

Investing News Network rounds up five of the best silver stocks on the TSX, with the biggest gains this year. The list of the best silver shares was compiled on December 8, 2020, using TradingViews Stock Screener.

Try to refresh your browser. Canadian silver stocks are soaring while bars and coins are flying off the shelves Reddit traders jump into silver squeeze video On Monday, the price of silver shot up 11 percent, the most in more than a decade, as concerns about market manipulation caught the attention of investors on Reddit, hoping to use their collective financial power to punish silver naysayers. As well, the shopping frenzy driven by social media has cooled doubts about retailers “ability to move prices in the largest and most liquid commodity market. Last month, investors from Reddit and the WallstreetBet group rattled financial markets by pumping money into some moribund stocks, notably Dallas-based GameStop Corp, a video game retailer whose share price has soared 1,600 percent in recent weeks.

Investment bank Citigroup predicts that commodity prices will rise this year due to stronger demand from China and rising inflation caused by President Donald Trump’s America First policy. As a result, the silver price has soared, and a company, particularly the Vancouver-based First Majestic Silver Co., surged in early trading on Monday morning by 31 percent even though analysts doubt if Redditors will repeat the success found with GameStop on the silver market. Given weak industrial demand, the status of the silver currency has attracted investors looking for a less leveraged game than gold.

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