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Tangerine World Mastercard

If you deposit your rewards into a Tangerine savings account, you will receive a third of 2 cashback categories, allowing you to top up your spending. Cardholders who choose to earn their rewards by depositing into a savings account can select the third of the two earning categories (for more information on Tangerines Bank banking options, see our Tangerine Bank Review ). If you deposit all your money into a savings account, unlock the third (and only) of two cash repayments in the reward category.

Tangerine gives 2 % money-back rewards on two of your chosen categories and 0.05% for all other daily purchases. The Tangerine credit card has no annual fee and has the same flexible rewards program as the OG credit card. It offers 2% cash in three categories for up to $0.5. The new Tangerines World Mastercard has a higher credit score and household income requirement than your Tangerine Money-Back Card but offers the benefits of a typical luxury travel card in return.

Your Mastercard also protects against damage and theft to your car rental, and you can rent for 31 consecutive days without debiting the full rental cost from your card. In addition, the Tangerine World Mastercard (r) beats the popular Tangerines Money-Back credit card by offering additional car rental and non-life insurance, mobile device insurance, Mastercard airport experience and free Wi-Fi access to over 1 million hotspots.

Mobile insurance, $1,000 car insurance for up to $65,000 for 31 days, and the Mastercard Airport Experience are some of the benefits cardholders can access. In addition, the card offers a standard cashback rate of 2 percent on three spending categories, a transfer rate of 19.5 percent and no annual fee.

Outstanding features include an annual fee of 0% and an unlimited annual 2% cashback bonus in the three categories you choose (you can choose from a list of 10 different categories when applying for the Tangerine World Mastercard (r). The sign-up bonus is an increased 4% cashback bonus in three selected categories for the first three months of membership. Both cards have the same sign-up bonus, but with the Mastercard, you can choose up to 3 categories in which you can get 2% in cash and other purchases that pay you 0.5% back.

It would be best to choose the categories you spend the most money on each month. For example, let’s say you choose gas, restaurants and groceries as your three cashback categories on the Tangerine card for $2 and want a new couch. If you choose one of the three categories above, you earn $2 by choosing the category you spend the most money on.

If you use a credit card to purchase online, such as the SimplyCash American Express Card with a 12.5% cash back rate, it beats the Tangerine Card, which earns a 0.5% rate in all other purchase categories.

If you do not meet the minimum for your personal income of $80,000 or household income of $150,000, then you should consider the American Express SimplyCash card, which does not charge an annual fee and returns you 12.5% cash on your purchases. Tangerine World Mastercard’s minimum income requirement can have a deterrent effect. Still, if you have a certain income and are looking for a streamlined, nonsensical credit card that pays you with cash and provides a basic warranty and insurance for your purchases, it’s a good choice. Another fee-free credit card to watch out for is the Rogers World Elite Mastercard. It provides a 1.50% refund on all cash purchases and 3% on foreign currency purchases.

Although the minimum income requirement is higher than expected, World MasterCard offers more travel insurance and an annual fee of 0%, combined with higher regular earnings, making Tangerine World MasterCard (r) a valuable and attractive card. Our Tangerines World Master Card Review team is not thrilled with the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card, which provides the same features and additional perks, but with a mandatory fee of $60,000. But if you like what the company has to offer and it suits your lifestyle, it’s worth a try even if it comes with an annual fee. An upgrade is a worthwhile upgrade if you’re a Tangerine customer looking for an incredible free cashback card with travel benefits that you can add to your wallet.

Tangerine Bank is known for introducing innovative financial products such as high-interest savings and fee-free checking accounts. These two money-back credit cards make up my list of the best cashback credit cards in Canada. Given that Tangerine is a popular choice for everyday bank account, it makes sense that many Canadians turn to the bank for their credit card needs. Tangerines World Mastercard (r) As our readers know, we are big fans of the bank, and the money-backed credit card is a fee-free cashback credit card that allows you to earn unlimited money on daily purchases.

Tangerine World MasterCard can be used to make purchases at Costco, but be aware that large boxes such as Costco and Walmart are counted in the general 0.5% earning category and do not earn 2% in the grocery category. Please read the terms and conditions of the tangerine. reward program at tangerines.ca / credit card legal for full details of other products that do not automatically receive money-back rewards for Tangerines.

This offer is available to new holders of the Tangerine World Mastercard account who: (i) apply for a Tangerine World Mastercard account by August 16th, 2021; (ii) activate their account within 45 days of approval; and (iii) make a maximum of $1,000 of Net purchases in their account within the 60-day period beginning with the activation of their account. An action rate of 19.5% applies to balance transfers made within 30 days of account opening and is valid for 6 billing periods from the date of the last such balance transfer made to the account during the action period. In addition, if you are located in the Province of Quebec at the time of acceptance of this Offer, TANGERINE will waive a $1 referral fee.

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