Weekly News 04/19/21 to 04/23/21

What happened in the stock market

Two of the three Canadian indexes continued their downtrend with the:

  • CSE with a loss of -3,2%;
  •  TSXV with loss of -1,9%
  • TSX with a loss of -1,2%
A power blackout in China triggered a huge sell-off (the largest since 201) in Bitcoin but the crypto currency market starts to recover.
The US House of Representatives passed cannabis banking on Monday. The bill was heavily supported by both sides, democrats and republicans. The next steps are the Senate and then to be signed by Biden to become a law.
The single betting bill (C-218) got its third reading and approval from the House of Representatives. The bill will now be brought to the Senate. 
This Friday, the mushroom industry had a huge boom thanks to MindMed introduction to Nasdaq. It also benefited to companies such as TRIP, BUZZ,NUMI.


Top picks of the week

Globally Local Products

Qyou Media

GreenForest Products

Roadman Investment Corp.


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Galaxy Ethereum ETF

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Articles released

No articles were released this week.

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