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Have some extra cash burning a hole in your pockets? Use your equity to create more wealth for yourself through investing. Every day your money loses value when it’s not in the market. Learn how to invest and get your money working for you!

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How to Invest for Beginners

How to Buy Stocks in Canada for Beginners

Best Robo Advisors in Canada

Best Long Term Stocks to Buy & Hold

Best Monthly Dividend Stocks

Best Renewable Energy Stocks

What is Market Capitalization?

ETF vs Index Funds

Best Types of Investments in Canada

Where to Invest?

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Money, Eh? was created out of the need for a resource which provides the average Canadian with an education on growing wealth and personal financial health.

Financial literacy is a powerful skill which provides long-term prosperity.

Learn our trading strategy.

There are so many options for investing available, how do you choose? Learn our strategy; from the basics of trading to how we pick our investments.

  • What ‘s trading all about?
  • Terms to know
  • How to open an account and place trades
  • How to find and choose stocks for yourself
  • Our stock recommendations to get you started!

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