How to Make Money Online in Canada

As society becomes more reliant on technology and the internet, many jobs are becoming available online. There are thousands of jobs posted online every day. To make extra money, all you need is a laptop or computer and an internet connection. There are plenty of reasons many of us are looking for secondary sources of income. Life is expensive. We have bills to pay, loans to pay back, and unexpected costs arising all too often.

Finding an online job, no matter the hours is a great option to earn that extra money. You can use it for savings, paying off loans, extra spending money, or whatever you choose!  Depending on what your situation is, maybe you find a part-time or full-time position.

How to Make Money Online in Canada

There’s a growing trend of working from home, and there’s a good reason why. Turning an online job into a full-fledged career has so many benefits. You have the freedom to work wherever and often whenever you like.

If you’ve been struggling to find a second job or you just want to make an additional income, look no further! We present a list of 10 ways for you to make money online.

1.     Start a Blog

Creating a blog is not only an exciting opportunity to create and share content, but it’s a potential source of income. You can learn to create your own website or outsource that to someone else.

The best way to profit from a blog is to get into a niche field. The internet is huge with lots of content out there already. To stand out from the crowd, find a niche field you’d enjoy blogging about. That’s another key. You must enjoy the content otherwise your wish for making money online will not come to fruition. Enjoying your work is important!

Once you’ve established some readership, you can use affiliate marketing to gain commission from sales on another website you’re partnered with. Another option is to use advertising to earn money. Many companies will pay to put advertisements on your blog if it has enough readers and traffic.

There are many bloggers earning thousands each month. It’s possible to earn a substantial amount of money from blogging, but it takes work, time, and skill! Leverage your skills and capability for expanding your skills and your blog can earn you significant money.

2.     Begin a Freelancing Career

If you already have a job with marketable skills, turning that into a freelance job is easy. Depending on your field and skillset, there are thousands of jobs online for freelancers. For instance, you could be a writer, photo editor, web designer, graphic designer, or business consultant. Regardless of your field, there are sure to be jobs online!

By creating a profile, displaying your skills and experience, and applying to jobs you’ll find something in no time. The great thing about freelancing is that you can make relationships with clients that can be long-lasting, career-changing, and potentially high-earning! You can take on as many or as little jobs as you wish. You can find one-time jobs or long-term contracts.

Starting a career as a freelancer takes time, patience, and hard work. You must learn to market yourself and your abilities. Getting used to “No” is also very important. You’ll be turned down for many more jobs than you get. However, freelancing is fun, rewarding, and one of the best ways to make money online.

Freelancing gives you the freedom and variety in the type of work, hours required, location, and pay. Some websites for freelancing jobs to check out are:

  •       Upwork
  •       Fiver
  •       Task Rabbit
  •       Guru
  •       Toptal


3.     Teaching English Online

One of the most common and useful tips when learning how to make money from home is to teach! Teaching English is easy as a Canadian. It also happens to be great money depending on the company you work for. There are many platforms you can try that pay up to $25 per hour. Some platforms specialize in teaching English to adults for business purposes. However, teaching English to children is the most common.

The great thing about teaching online is you can begin right now. Many websites have no requirements other than being a native English speaker. Most platforms require teachers to commit to certain hours per week or a certain number of lessons a week. Different platforms have different requirements and different hours available.

Most of these platforms give you the teaching materials and provide lessons making it even easier on you. Some lessons may be one-on-one or they could be small group sessions. All you have to do is show up, follow the lesson, and interact with the children or adults!

4.     Become a Virtual Assistant

Many companies are beginning to source their work to freelancers or work-from-home individuals. virtual assistants are one of the positions that are becoming more available for online workers. A lot of the work revolves around administrative or secretarial duties. You may be asked to manage emails, bookkeep, manage blogs, or assist in online marketing. The duties available for a virtual assistant are lengthy and dependent on the client.

To become a virtual assistant, you must be able to prove and market your skillset. Are you someone who has a knack for communication and organization? Find some ways you can showcase those skills.

There are many ways you can find work as a virtual assistant, some of which are:

  •       LinkedIn
  •       Networking
  •       Upwork
  •       Indeed
  •       TaskRabbit

Alternatively, you can create your own website or blog to showcase your skills and abilities. If you are already a blogger or looking to create a blog, this may just be a plus! You can make money from your blog and find a position as a virtual assistant for another organization.

5.     Transcription Services

Transcribing is easy work for those with a fast typing and good hearing! Lots of companies have audio files ranging from conference calls to podcasts to voice memos that need proper transcribing. The quicker you are the more money you’ll earn.

The startup here is easy- all you need is a laptop or computer and some headphones. You may need to take a writing test depending on the platform you find.

The money from transcribing isn’t great, but the more you work the better you get. The better you get the more you can transcribe! Depending on your client you may be paid per minute or hour.

In addition to audio transcribing, you can find transcription services needed for financial, medical, and legal organizations. These jobs may pay better than other audio transcription jobs.

Check out these sites for transcription jobs:

  •       AccuTran Global
  •       Transcribe Me
  •       Casting Words
  •       Daily Transcription

6.     Sell Products Online

Whether you’re good at making crafts, an artist, or have access to products, you can sell these items online. Based on what you’re selling you have the potential to make a lot of money. Especially if you’re creating something from scratch. Whether you’re making postcards, picture frames, paintings, or anything else, there’s always someone out there willing to pay for creative work!

The two main ways of selling products online are to create your own site through with Shopify, or something similar, and Etsy.

Shopify allows users to create e-commerce websites that are beautifully designed. Using Shopify does come with some personal responsibility like a way to deliver products, housing products, marketing your product, and a payment acceptance method.

Using Etsy is easy. You create your account, create a shop on Etsy’s website, design it and you’re ready to go! Shipping with Etsy is also easy. You print your postage label, select your carrier (Canada Post) confirm delivery and you’re good to go!

Alternative methods for selling online include buying used items on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or other used good sites. Many people buy shoes, phones, or other high-profile items and flip them online for substantial money.

Get creative and you’re sure to find ways to make money online by selling items.

7.     Sell Stock Photos Online

If you’re a photographer by trade or hobby, there’s a market looking for stock photos. Whether you’re taking pictures with a smartphone or an expensive DSLR, your photos are likely to be valuable. Like creating a blog, if you can find a niche, you’ll be more successful. Maybe you like to take pictures of food, trains, cars, motorcycles, or architecture. Whatever you enjoy, find your style and run with it.

You can expect to earn anywhere between 25 and 50 cents per photo you sell. If you’re a great photographer in a niche field you might find more potential for making money than it seems on the surface. Try your trade and make some money with these sites:

  •       Getty Images
  •       Fotolia/ Adobe Stock
  •       Shutterstock
  •       iStock
  •       Alamy
  •       Pond5

8.     Airbnb

Using Airbnb as an extra source of income is a great option if you have a spare room or another place to stay. Based on where you live, geographically and physically, you can earn a significant chunk of change. It’s easy to use, you control the pricing, and you get to meet travelers from all over!

The great thing about Airbnb is you can choose to have your place listed whenever you want. It takes very little work, as Airbnb manages all the reservations and transactions. However, you are responsible for communicating with guests which takes some effort. You’re also responsible for your guest’s satisfaction. You want them to have a great experience to leave positive reviews.

9.     Test Websites/Apps

There are many online platforms you can register with to test websites. You’ll create your profile which the company uses to match tests to you. Depending on the platform, you may be able to complete these tests on your smartphone or a computer. Some tests require Android, iPhone, Mac, or PC.

Once you sign up, you take a quick test to show your ability to review these websites. Companies are looking to learn if their design is intuitive and easy to use. When performing reviews, you’re given various tasks to complete. As you walk through the steps to complete the tasks you must speak out loud, so the company knows what you’re thinking.

Testing websites is one of the different ways to make money online in Canada that is exciting and at times entertaining. Some tests might have you playing games on your computer or phone!

Most platforms offer around $10 per test you take. You may not see more than one or two tests a day, but it’s a great extra source of money.

Check out these testing websites:

  •       TryMyUi
  •       Usertesting
  •       Validately
  •       Analysia


10. Take Surveys Online

Many name-brand companies we all know and use want to learn more about consumers. To do so, they pay other companies to create surveys for users to take. Many of these websites offer sign up bonuses, sweepstake drawings, and referral bonuses. You can find yourself taking surveys about shopping, sporting goods, marketing strategies, health products, and many more topics.

You’ll find various sites offering more than just surveys. You can participate in trials, polls, and simple questionnaires.

Taking surveys gives you an easy method to make money. It’s flexible, as you can do it from anywhere, and there’s no commitment on your side. You can take surveys whenever you want.

However, the money is not great from surveys. You may only earn $2 per survey. The more you do the more you make, so it’s up to you how much time you’re willing to put forth.

Some survey taking websites are:

  •       Swagbucks
  •       Survey Junkie
  •       Opinion Outpost
  •       Survey Club


With the list wrapped up, we hope you’ve learned how to make money in Canada online and from home! There are many options to choose from, some paying better than others. Not every option is available to everyone, but there are many easy options for everyone to start. This list is not meant to be your primary source of income. Rather, this list gives options for you to make a good side income. 

Thank you in advance for reading this important article about ways to make money online. Important because the information is a baseline that will help confirm what you already know, give you better insight into what it takes to make money online, or run a successful online business. The parameters of a successful online business always start with a successful business model or plan. From the vantage point of a solid business plan you can get going.

You may have heard about a person or even know someone who tells you she started her online business from her cell phone. In a way that is correct. In the long run the phone was the platform used to access the internet to run the business. If you want to make money online, start a home business with the appropriate equipment, usually, a desktop computer. You can always work on a laptop or other mobile device as well however the best practice is to have a desktop system available. Some entrepreneurs will disagree on this point.

Making Money Online in Canada

Making money online has many rewards that are not available if you work in a brick and mortar (a building that you go to the days you work) environment. Even working outdoors does not offer the same benefits. Time management is important since you usually have to be your own boss. Online work requires management of your time, employees, if you have any, as well the ability to keep up to date with changes or developments that affect your business. in essence, you do it all. Do not consider this as discouraging information. Many successful people who make money online excel in this kind of situation. Here are some examples of successful online money makers to consider.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is a business where you help drive traffic for a product or service to a company’s website. If a new product or service is for sale through a website and the company needs traffic to get to their website, you can earn a commission for doing this. Make sure you know all the details before you get involved. For example, if you know graphic you might approach a marketer and develop a video or design an ad campaign that drives traffic to their website and sells their product or services.

Start your own marketing agency

This is similar to the affiliate marketing strategy with one big difference. As your own marketing agency, you develop different media strategies and work directly with the client. In your own marketing agency instead of driving traffic to a customer’s website, the tasks are more client specific. You might create short YouTube promotional videos or make sure your client is included in local community events as a sponsor. Small local marketing agencies might write job descriptions for a client or even represent the client on websites like Indeed dot com where they list the jobs and prescreen potential new employees.

Product Review

If you have the time to see how well a product works, you can earn money. Companies need to know how well their products perform before they actually sell them to consumers. Beta testers are people who will use the product as a consumer, then write a review to send back to the manufacturer so they can work out any issues that were identified while the product was ‘in beta testing’. Each company or industry will have different requirement so if you have time you could earn money.

Watch videos

Many if not all the videos you see on channels such as YouTube need to go through some sort of a review process. They have to be checked for language, setting and many other variables that will help them meet the minimum criteria so they can be reviewed by the general public. Companies will pay you to watch these videos, rate them and make a recommendation in some cases. This might be the ideal online money maker for a movie lover. Watch and get paid.

Online Bookkeeper

Many successful online entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with trying to keep their financially records in order. Yes, there are many wonderful software programs that do all the ‘heavy lifting’ for you. The problem is many entrepreneurs do not have time to do it themselves. No need to be a CPA. Good computer skills, reliable references and honesty is just about all you need.

Online Targeted Consignment

Many people have fabulous clothing and merchandise that they would consider selling but do not have the time or know how to market the product online. On the other side, brick and mortar overhead has caused many stores to close. This leaves a huge gap and need for the right person. For instance, if you have an eye for quality and a passion for selling 1940’s art deco collectables, this might be the right business for you. Of course, you need to know the genre to describe a vintage Chesterfield coat as more than a coat with a different color collar or specific cut. The rewards however far outweigh the time it would take to reach out and develop a loyal customer base. Online clothing sales seem steady with no downturn insight. The could be a great way to make money online for a nostalgia buff.

Blog writer

A blog has a different focus from web content. Blogs are usually updated frequently. Some blogs run weekly, others monthly. Many businesses need a blog on their website to keep customers informed about a variety of new services or changes. For example, a blog for a dental office might include updates about new procedures, while the website might have research about the procedure. Blogging can be fun and rewarding. If you enjoy the written word and take the time to keep blogs interesting, it is a good way to make money online.

Tutor or teacher

One thing about education is people never stop learning. For many it gets difficult to attend classes when their life situations change. People get married, have children, work nontraditional hours and so forth. Online teaching can be rewarding. The possibilities for the kinds of students to work with depends on your skills set. Whether you enjoy tutoring adults or working with K-12 teaching math, the possibilities are endless. If you have teaching credentials and have time to devote, this could be for you.

Invest in real estate

This can be a great form of passive income however you have to be able to withstand some risk. It’s not for the faint at heart but this can be a steady source of income if you do it wisely. If you’re looking to get rich, maybe online investing is not for you.

Survey Taker

This form of making money online might only earn extra money to use for entertainment of groceries but it is still income, nonetheless. It usually only takes a few minutes to complete a survey and you’ve earned a few dollars. Give it a try.

Start a Podcast

Good way to reach out to those who share your opinion. At the same time, you get a chance to hear from your detractors. If you have something to say and can develop a loyal following you can reach out to advertisers and maybe start to get money from product sales. Before you know it, they might approach you and pay you to list their product on your site.

Create online courses

When you teach online you get paid by an institution or client to teach. When you have your own online course, you control the content and the way it is presented. No need to be a multi degreed educator here. All you need to do is have a product or service that you have extensive knowledge in, develop a following and you are on your way. Many computer technicians have developed successful online courses that help countless followers do simple things such learn how to use a spreadsheet or build a database.

Write an E Book

Have you travelled, had a unique experience you want others to know about, love to tell stories? What ever the case an E Book can get your name out there in the world of authors whose stories touch readers far and near. Start small. Write about one topic, one event. See how well it goes over with your readers.

Graphic Design and Web Developer

Work as a graphic designer or web developer comes with many perks. You get to determine what a site should look like based on the client’s concept. You have the pleasure of creating a visual space that is unique to each client. Designing a website that is visually friendly with a high readability is not for everybody. If you have the talent and the skill to make your designs work for a website, you can find it very rewarding not only for you but for your client as well. Design entails understanding graphics, and software. It is also important to understand what hardware is necessary in order to make things work visually.

There are many ways to make money online. What makes the difference is what you want to get out of doing it.

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