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Best Wine Vineyard & Producer Stocks Canada

We’ve compiled a list of wine companies to watch, but the stock market is volatile, and trends change daily. Choosing the best wine stocks depends on your portfolio and investment objectives – while volatility may be ideal for intraday traders, long-term investors will want to focus on stocks with more stable returns over time. Investing …

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Best Packaged Food Stocks Canada

This article looks at 3 Canadian food and groceries stocks that investors should watch out for in 2021—the beverage industry, convenience foods, and how stocks have historically performed. Inventories of packaged foods are subject to volatility in the stock market and the convenience food industry, so double-check your options before investing. According to investors and …

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Alcohol & Beer Stocks Canada

Companies that specialize in manufacturing beer, while many also produce other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, make up the beer industry. In addition, beer demand has typically remained consistent throughout economic cycles. As a result, the beer industry is a subset of the larger consumer staples industry.  Alcohol stocks produce and distribute alcoholic beverages such as …

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