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Transportation as a Service (TaaS) Stocks Canada

Transportation-as-a-Service has become one of the popular sectors in technology over the past few years. TaaS companies use technology to deliver transportation and other services to millions of customers using far fewer resources than traditional players can. In addition, with the ubiquity of smartphones, both users and companies have far greater access to each other, …

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Biotech Stocks Canada

Canadian Biotech Stocks Microbion Corporation Appoints Robert A. Gillam Chairman of the Microbions Board of Directors Microbion announced that Robert A. Gillam would join the company as Chairman with immediate effect, replacing Karim Lalji as the Chairman of the Board. Cybin received final approval to begin trading on NYSE American on August 5. In addition, …

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Wind Energy Stocks

Canadian Wind Energy Stocks Wind energy stocks will benefit from the global shift to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources. One group of renewable-energy stocks feeling the love are US offshore wind developers. Dominion Energy (D), the only US offshore wind project currently in operation, is more than 7 percent red. Global Market Insights, a research …

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Best Canadian Tech Stocks

Technology is currently the most relevant investment narrative in the world. Over the past 15 years, major technology conglomerates have dominated the stock market, replacing traditional conglomerates and banks to become the most significant sector by market capitalization worldwide. In addition, software companies have grown exponentially over the past decade due to the increasing digitization …

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