Best Renewable Energy Stocks Canada

Renewable energy is gradually emerging as one of the most apparent yet promising investment themes globally. The COVID pandemic has induced a flurry of government infrastructure spending, and renewables are increasingly becoming the power source of choice due to global political support and financial/economic incentives. Most of the world’s biggest economies have set themselves targets …

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Carbon Capture Stocks Canada

A considerable amount of capital is making its way towards a new niche soon to potentially become jam-packed with notional money throughout this bull market: Carbon Capture. This innovative technology deals with finding ground-breaking strategies to capture and store naturally-occurring carbon dioxide, or CO2, through its emissions before escaping into the environment and the atmosphere. …

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Navigating Canadian Electricity Stocks Market

Canada’s electricity sector is a dynamic and ever-evolving industry that plays a crucial role in powering the country’s economy and daily life. Actively shaped by environmental considerations, governmental policies, and significant stakeholders, it presents an intriguing landscape for both out-front industry analysts and potential investors. Coupled with the burgeoning interest in sustainable power sources, the …

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