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Best Long Term Stocks To Buy Now Canada

Blue-chip companies are some of the best investments for long-term stocks because of their resilience, growth, and ability to create wealth over long periods. One of the most remarkable and essential maxims of successful investing is finding stocks one can hold for long periods. It helps investors benefit from the magical effects of compounding. However, …

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Best Renewable Energy Stocks Canada

Renewable energy is gradually emerging as one of the most apparent yet promising investment themes globally. The COVID pandemic has induced a flurry of government infrastructure spending, and renewables are increasingly becoming the power source of choice due to global political support and financial/economic incentives. Most of the world’s biggest economies have set themselves targets …

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Best Canadian Telecom Stocks

Humans are social animals; the driving force that binds the fabric of our world is connectivity. Effective communication and timely data sharing between a firm and its consumers, company authorities, and other staff is the backbone of any business. With globalization, the civilization of uninhabited land, and the expansion of societies, the distances between humans …

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Best Psychedelics & Psilocybin Mushroom Stocks in Canada

Over the past few years, mental health has come to the forefront as a significant health issue, and regulatory agencies worldwide are increasingly becoming open to allowing large-scale human trials of solutions to the same through psychedelics and other similar treatments. Until now, psychedelic drugs such as MDMA or magic mushrooms were considered serious illegal …

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Best Lumber Stocks Canada

Canada’s success is quite synonymous with the lumber industry it has. According to Natural Resources Canada, as of 2017, the lumber industry has already employed around 210,000 people, accounting for Canada’s 7.2% of total exports, which made roughly $24.6 billion in actual economic contributions. Moreover, by 2020, Canadian stocks that revolve around lumber production have …

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