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Infrastructure Stocks Canada

Infrastructure in our society today enables the transportation and storage of essentials like energy, water, freight, passengers, and data, easily navigating their way through the ins and outs of our nation’s daily functions. Infrastructures are considered the physical backbone of the worldwide economy. Because of this ideology, well-maintained infrastructures are vital to the economy’s health …

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Best Canadian Tech Stocks

Technology is currently the most relevant investment narrative in the world. Over the past 15 years, major technology conglomerates have dominated the stock market, replacing traditional conglomerates and banks to become the most significant sector by market capitalization worldwide. In addition, software companies have grown exponentially over the past decade due to the increasing digitization …

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Commodity ETF Canada

Commodities make up one of the essential components of a well-diversified portfolio because they have sustained demand as an asset class due to use in energy and other crucial benefits. Other than fossil fuels, commodities have a critical role in decarbonization, which is probably the biggest mega-trend in investing and technology for the next decade. …

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