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The fact that the company can supply graphene at a reasonable price makes it an attractive investment for those interested in graphene stocks. However, it is worth noting that Graphene Canada does not only focus on graphene production. The company is also heavily involved in research and development to improve today’s technology. 

In the second quarter, the Company signed its first Letter of Intent with Santa Cruz for 4,000 tonnes of natural graphite flakes over a four-year period. Earlier this month, the company signed an additional offtake agreement for 20,000 tonnes of natural graphite concentrate over a five-year period. In June, Graphene announced that it could produce uncoated, coated, spherical and purified graphite suitable as an anode and active material in lithium-ion batteries.

NextSource Materials is a mine development company located in the final stages of developing its 100% Molo graphite project in southern Madagascar. In addition, South Star Battery Metals is focusing on the acquisition, development and short-term production of graphite projects in Brazil. The Company’s Santa Cruz graphite project is located in southern Bahia, where the surface mineralization of fragile material has been successful, and large-scale pilot plant tests have been completed.

Talga Resources Ltd. is active in supplying graphene and graphite-refined products to the global coating, battery, construction, polymer and composites markets. Archer Materials operates the graphene business through its subsidiary, Carbon Allotrope. Archer Materials is an advanced materials company offering a range of graphene products, including graphene powder, nanocomposites and oxide. Directa Plc is a technology company that develops, manufactures and processes graphene-based products for textiles and other industries.

The company, also known as Archer Exploration, develops mineral resources to develop advanced materials and integrate them to bring many social benefits, for example, through the use of reliable energy, human health, and quantum technologies. Its business activities include various important mineral materials such as graphite, cobalt, manganese and copper for exploration, development and commercialization. In addition, the subsidiary Carbon Allotrope offers research and consulting services for graphene plants.

G6 Materials Corp. offers conductive graphene filaments that allow users to print conductive parts with desktop 3D printers. St. Jean Carbon Inc. manufactures anode and cathode materials, including graphene, for lithium-ion batteries.

A graphene is an allotropic form of carbon composed of a single layer of carbon atoms in a hexagonal lattice. It is a semi-metallic, small, overlapping valence conduction band and has no bandgap material. Graphene and various forms of carbon are referred to in chemical circles as allotropes.

This article summarizes information about global and US-based graphene suppliers. The market is still evolving, but analysts are predicting rapid expansion. To learn more about US graphene companies, visit the Thomas Suppliers Discovery Platform for information on graphene suppliers.

We’ve listed some potential graph stocks for investors looking to take part in the graph revolution. Many companies dealing with graphene are either private early-stage companies, large companies with graphene as one of their businesses, pure game graphene companies or public companies. For a more in-depth analysis of investment opportunities in graphs and a full list of listed companies, see our graph Investment Guide.

In recent years, several graphene producers and developers of graphene applications have started trading on exchanges worldwide, particularly in Australia, Canada and the UK. Indeed, less than five years ago, analysts put investors off graphene-dependent companies. However, as these companies improve their methods and the number of applications for graphene grows, the latest advice is to include graphene stocks in a diversified portfolio.

Peer analysis of G6 materials uses their relative valuation method and evaluates them by comparing valuation metrics of similar companies. Financials reveal that 1 share investors have a better time claiming their slice of the pie. Shares in combination with G6 material shares result in a market-neutral strategy.

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