Stem Cell Stocks Canada

CRM supports the development of regenerative medicine and related enabling technologies focusing on cell and gene therapy. Cytori has outsourced a crucial part of the production process of its cell therapy consumables.  Biocardia focuses on pioneering research in nanotechnology and seeks exosomes and other microvesicles as the next revolutionary in stem cell-based therapeutics. Cellect, the …

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Genome Sequencing Stocks Canada

PacBio highlighted the advantages of its HiFi whole-genome sequencing technology, helping scientists fill in the remaining 8%. California Pacific Biosciences, Inc. California Pacific Biosciences, also known as PacBio, is at the forefront of long-read sequencing technology, which uses longer stretches of DNA to map entire genomes. It is a leader in the growing market for …

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Biotech Stocks Canada

Humans witnessed the fourth industrial revolution when they discovered how to alter life on a cellular level. This science empowered them to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry and transform the economy. Genetic engineering and biotechnology allow scientists to use living beings to create valuable products – either too expensive or too tricky to make using conventional techniques. …

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