Military & Defense Stocks for Canadians

The stability of their major customers gives defence companies and investors a certain amount of predictability when it comes to managing cash and forecasting growth. Defence companies enjoy predictable revenues, and the U.S. government provides five-year forecasts for planned purchases each year. Unlike other areas of the stock market, the defense industry has a stable, …

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Drone Stocks Canada

Almost everyone thinks of a quad-winged flying device with a camera when they hear the word “drone.” However, drone technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, revolutionizing how these machines are used. Drones have long been utilized by the military for covert missions, but they are now being employed for videography, deliveries, security solutions, and …

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Industrial Machinery Stocks

The industrial sector includes companies producing the machines, equipment, and supplies used in construction and manufacturing and those providing associated services. For example, Ingersoll-Rand’s industrial sector produces a broad range of products, such as compressor systems, power tools, fluid handling, lift and material moving equipment, and even small electric vehicles like golf cars. These two …

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Stocks Canada

As the world moves toward clean energy while simultaneously starting a crackdown on fossil fuels energy to tackle the climate catastrophe, it is impossible to leave the combustion engines operating. Under these circumstances, it is no wonder that the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and self-driving cars is increasing at a breakneck speed. Experts forecast …

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Industrial Stocks Canada

Canadian Industrials Stocks The industrial sector comprises companies that manufacture machinery and equipment, supply construction and manufacturing uses and provide related services. Companies that manufacture goods for industrial and commercial purposes, such as construction or manufacturing, provide industrial tools, machinery and equipment used to manufacture consumer goods and services. In addition to these companies, they …

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