How to Choose Stocks

Now that you’ve learned how trading works and how you can do it, comes the most important part. Watching the markets, analyzing stocks, creating a watchlist and finally picking your winners!

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Basic Strategy for Picking Stocks

  1. Use tools & information to find stocks.
  2. Do a quick analysis to create a watchlist of stocks you are interested in.
  3. From your watchlist, analyze each company’s fundamentals, news and perform additional research to verify it’s value.
  4. Make your picks!

How Do I Research?

Luckily, we live in a time where there are many resources and information is widely available.

Choosing stocks depends heavily on information; the fundamentals of a company, and recent news or developments.

Here are your resources:

Yahoo Finance – has quotes for all stocks, company financials & metrics, tools for tracking trades, news and much more. This is an essential tool. – Provides top lists and information on all Canadian securities with links to SEDAR documents, financials and other essential information.

Google Search – Your greatest ally in finding supplemental information.

Contacting the companies – a final step is to contact companies for additional info.


You have completed our mini-course to get started trading. There is a lot more to learn but you should now feel confident to jump in and learn more.