Introduction to Trading Stocks

Welcome to our mini-course on trading stocks. This is the most important step of your financial journey, getting started!

We all know money is important for our livelihood.

Most of what we’re taught is to place our hard-earned money in low-risk bank investments with small returns (Mutual Funds – 3%, GICs – 0.5%!), because this is what banks want so they can earn revenue.

You may think the stock market isn’t for you. But this simply isn’t the case.

You can easily and safely earn a minimum of 6% by trading for yourself, in less time than you would spend with your advisor.

Cut out the middle-man and create your own portfolio. Low-risk, high-risk, you choose!

With our courses and stock picks, you can feel confident trading on your own, without the fees of banks or financial advisors.

We want to help you to understand the stock market, so you can plant seeds of your own and watch them grow.

Regardless of your budget you want to see your money grow in worthwhile investments. Investing for yourself means knowing exactly what your investments are doing for you. 

So What Is Trading a Stock?

Trading a stock means exchanging a stock for cash with another investor at a set price, whether buying or selling. 

Investing refers to the act of buying an asset that has potential for future earnings. When you buy a stock, you invest in a company which you believe has potential to earn more in the future. These increased earnings drive up the value & price of the stock, which allow you to sell at a higher price than you paid.

This why we target emerging companies  (eSports, Fuel Cell / EV, Crypto), more than companies in established sectors, as they have the highest potential for future growth.

We emphasize emerging stocks, but we also advocate for low-risk investments for reliable returns.

Why Do We Choose Emerging Stocks?

Emerging (or penny) stocks have the most potential for the largest returns on investment.

It is riskier as these companies have less financial backing & resources.

But this is where they get their value; high risk = high reward.

We choose these companies not based only on their financials, but mostly on their product and team.

We invest in the future of a company. These fundamentals are the foundation; the better the team and product, the more likely these companies will succeed and generate substantial returns.