Medium risky stocks with potential

Update: August 26th (updates)


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Why?: Vsblty  operates as a security and retail analytics technology company. Its software modules include VisionCaptor, a digital signage content management system; DataCaptor, a software module that leverages camera and sensor technology with artificial intelligence to provide real time analytics and audience measurement; and VSBLTY Vector, a facial detection software module that interfaces with a local or remote database to detect persons or objects of interest within a camera’s field of view.



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Why?:  DOC is one of the leader in the tele-health sector in Canada. Their multi acquisitions is impressive despite hurting their fundamentals through major dilutions. But still, DOC is a must have. 


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Why?: GRN uplisted to the TSX, proof of its strength. Their biogas skillset times perfectly the new environmental trend. No doubt the SP will rise as we need more renewables treatment and energiess.


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Basic Materials/Other Industrial Metals & Mining

Why?:Cruz announced on October 29, 2021, that the Company secured the drill permit from the Bureau of Land Management for the ‘Solar Lithium Project’ in Nevada. Cruz’s ‘Solar Lithium Project’ directly borders American Lithium Corp.’s TLC project. According to the Stantec report dated April 15, 2020, the Tonopah Lithium Claims currently contains 5.37 Mt Lithium Carbonate Equivalent measured and indicated with another 1.76 Mt LCE inferred. Results from Cruz’s recent sampling program on the ‘Solar Lithium Project’ included values as high as 1,610 parts per million (“ppm”) lithium (“Li”).


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 Basic Materials/Other Industrial Metals & Mining

Why?: Emerita, a natural resource company, engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral properties primarily in Spain. The company primarily explores for gold and zinc deposits.

Just looking at its chart is the best way to show the investor’s confidence.