3 best cybersecurity stocks with small caps


Written by Marc Challande

Published on 05/28/21, at 07:25 PM

Investing in cybersecurity stocks is a great idea to grow your wealth. The global cybersecurity market cap was valued at $167B USD in 2021 and is expected to register a CAGR of 10.9% from 2021 to 2028. Why is the sector evolving ? Cyberattacks, lack of privacy, loss of informations are the biggest worries and can hit the biggest corporations ( Microsoft) but also the retailers (WhatsApp sharing privacy infos).  With all these key data, you could grab the opportunity of this by taking a look at these cybersecurity stocks.

best cybersecurity stocks

Globex Data

Current Market Cap: $26M CAD


GlobeX Data (SWIS.CN), a Swiss hosted solutions, distributes a suite of secure cloud-based storage, disaster recovery, document management, encrypted e-mails, and secure communication tools.  GlobeX offers different pricing with their product Sekur starting from $10 to $250 enabling all type of customers (individuals, families, companies). They can reach all type of industries too : Government, Financial Services, Telecommunications ( as showed their partnerships with Re/Max, America Movil). 

SWIS has outstanding fundamentals:

  • 85,200,000 Outstanding Shares;
  • 49% Held by Insiders;
  • 4.5 Price/Sales;
  • Raised CA$2,176,977,90 during the last PP.

Another great project in their pipeline is Sekur™ Pro Video Conferencing which could replace unsecured solutions. The technology could be used by executives from big corporations, governments…

A report from Tormont highlights the strong balance sheet. Indeed, in May 2021, GlobeX raised C$2.2 million in a private placement of common stock and warrants, bringing its cash balance to C$4.78 million. GlobeX’s cash, which represents nearly 20% of its stock market capitalization, now equals more than 12 months of its expected C$360,000 peak monthly spending level — C$300,000 on advertising and C$60,000 of operating expenses)

If you had invested in SWIS a year ago, you would have a 233% ROI.

Gallagher Security

cybersecurity stocks

Current Market Cap : $5M CAD

Gallagher Security (GLL.CN) doesn’t have a specific product compared to the other companies mentioned. Besides, Gallagher offers different types of services from access control hardware, perimeter hardware to softwares. GLL is currently a government approved provider for the USA, Australia, New-Zealand, the UK and Canada with their product being used in 137 different countries and by over 12,000 customers.

GLL  has good fundamentals:

  • 17,250,000 Outstanding Shares;
  • 36.16% Held by Insiders;
  • A low average volume ( only 26,000 shares traded)

Their product can be installed in a lot of different areas including data centers, prisons, hosptials, manufacturing and government sites…

15% of annual revenue of Gallagher is reinvested into Research and Development. Moreover, their product has been recognised as 2020 Security Software Manufacturer of the Year in the UK and their solutions have been acknowledged as Platinum Award Winners at the 2020 ASTORS Homeland Security Awards. 

If you had invested in GGL a year ago, you would have a 490% ROI.

Plurilock Security

Current Market Cap: $31M CAD

Plurilock Security (PLUR.V) is an authentication services company who uses Biometric technology and machine learning that rely on movement and time. HeadQuarteredd in Victoria, Plurilock targets mid-companies in North America with high security needs and grows thanks to direct and channel sales through a network of partners and resellers. PLUR aims for multi-year deals, billed annually, with limited exit potential, leading to sticky customers and stable ARR and Subscriptions list at $3–$9.

Talking about fundamentals, they are average: 

  • 58,3M Common shares outstanding;
  • $3.1M Cash
  • 3,8% Held by all Insiders ( which is low).

PLUR aims to expand by launching 2 platform integrations to accelerate sales and acquiring companies with healthy fundamentals.

A proof they could go big is the acquired Aurora, a Cybersecurity Product and Services Provider (CA$35M gross sales 2020), and keeps on signing contracts with the U.S federal agency, department of Defense and was Awarded US$1.15 Million Order with U.S. Department of the Navy.

If you had invested in PLUR a year ago, you would have a 86% ROI.

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