How to Place a Trade

Things to Know

Once you have chosen your broker and are setup in their platform, you will find your stocks and purchase them through the platform.

To buy or sell a stock, you have to complete some information:

Market: Which market the symbol trades on.

Symbol: The symbol of the company you want to buy or sell.

Volume: The number of shares you want to buy or sell.

Market or Limit price: Act at the current market price or set a limit price.

Duration: For limit, how long should the order stay open until filled. Learn about them here.

Action: Buy (Bid) or sell (Ask). This is why you buy at asking price, or sell at bidding price. You are taking a “bid”, or fulfilling an “ask”.

Place The Order

You should always trade using limits, this way you can decide at what price you want to buy or sell a stock. Also thanks to the level 2, you can see where the big orders are and act accordingly.

You can watch the video underneath to have a full explanation of how to place a trade.

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Now for the last, very important part of getting started.


If you are from Europe, this video will help you for how to pass an order.

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