How to Choose Your Account & Broker

Choosing a broker can be a difficult decision with more and more coming on the market. There are a few key elements to consider when choosing your broker:

Fees: Broker fees for each transaction (some brokers such as WealthSimple Trade are transaction-fees-free but not all the tickers are available)

Stock Availability: Availability  of all the tickers (it varies from each broker to one another).

Level 2 Quotes: It’s important to know where the buy/sell pressure is before doing an action.


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Recommended Brokers


This broker stands out amongst competitors.  Easy to use for every level you are, great portfolio analysis, it gathers a lot of features for helping you to increase your wealth.

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Questrade is another great option. It’s incredibly easy to open a TFSA or transfer your existing one. They have a mobile platform and low transaction fees ($.0015/share)

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TFSA vs Cash Account

There are two main types of accounts you can use to trade. It’s important to weigh the options and make the right choice for your investment plan.


The main advantage of the TFSA is all gains are tax-free! There is one caveat though, you cannot day-trade with your TFSA. This means you have to mainly hold your investments, as too much trading activity will result in paying taxes on your earnings.

Cash Account

This account is much more flexible and unrestricted. It allows you to use leverage, you can trade in any market, you can short-sell and much more. This is who you can take full advantage of the markets. The one condition, you must pay taxes on your gains.

With more experience this account will allow you to try more strategies and test different markets.

We recommend getting started with a TFSA trading account, as buy-to-hold is a cornerstone of our strategy.


Are you from Europe and you want to invest in the North American market ? Interactive Brokers is a great alternative to invest. From there, you’ll be able to trade anywhere.

When you invest, take in consideration you will have to pay fees when you will pass an order.

(United States : $0.005/share)

(Canada: CAD 0.01/share)

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