Weekly news 04/12/21 to 04/16/21

What happened in the stock market

Two of the three Canadian indexes continued their downtrend with the:

  • CSE with a harsh loss of -7%;
  •  TSXV with a moderate loss of -2%
  • TSX with a slight gain at 0,05%

A positive note : The VIX keeps on losing points (16,25 points).

This week, the crypto-mining companies where in the spotlights. Among them, we can cite NDA, CSTR and TECX.
The crypto currencies skyrocketed and reached all time high ( BTC, BNB, XRP, XLM and even DOGE which skyrocketed on Friday )
As the vaccines rate speeds up, we can see the general downtrend to stabilize.  However, The important factor will be to see if the major vaccine producers will be able to deliver their products safe and sound. Other key data such as inflation, unemployment will have to be watched.

Top picks of the week

Neptune Digital Assets


GlobeX Data

Claritas Pharmaceuticals

Just Kitchen

They did their IPO this week

Just Kitchen

Globally Local Technologies

Know more about the IPOs

Articles released

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