Best 5G Stocks to Buy in Canada

As the wireless network rises with the deployment of more smartphones, lots of laptops and a vast number of EV stocks Canada has, the market scene has never had technology hit them this hard, in a good way, of course.

This sudden upward trajectory for 5G and 6G networks, aptly called the metaverse, or omniverse, are universes of virtual worlds that come forth from digital technologies. The metaverse promises to provide the wireless network industry and its operators the concrete chance to monetize their investments for 5G and 6G. With this notion, we can safely assume that the metaverse is not what it is today without the help of next-generation wireless connections. Additionally, the metaverse breakthrough potentially opens up greener pastures of opportunity for 5G stock investors and, eventually, 6G stocks. With the 6G wireless network revolution clearly on its way, new holographic services, reality augmentations and applications drive, and “digital twins” conceptualization and support will enable investors broader options in their portfolio expansion.

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Today, let’s look at some of Canada’s leading 5G stocks and what fields they play in terms of growth and success.

What are 5G Stocks?

            5G translates to “fifth generation.” This breakthrough is the fifth reiteration of wireless networking technology and is soon to be seen fast approaching its sixth generation, too. This technology promises to offer lower latency or the time between inputs or requests for data and the response from the network. Moreover, it runs along those download speeds considered 100 times faster than those 4G-associated ones. Big mobile network conglomerates like T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T – rivals in their rights, are all excellent ventures for 5G investments plainly because of their already established names in the 5G scene and Canadian Telecom Stocks. Investors, however, wish for a bit more concentration in terms of portfolio exposure to the 5G market, focusing on those companies that provide related technology, infrastructure, and equipment.

Best 5G Stocks in Canada

BCE Inc.


Headquarters: Verdun, Quebec, Canada

  • Formerly Bell Canada Enterprises Inc.
  • A publicly traded holding company for Bell Canada – its subsidiary, Bell Media Inc., has telecommunications providers and various mass media assets
  • 1983 – corporate reorganization of Bell Canada, Northern Telecom, and all related companies became subsidiaries of one of Canada’s largest corporations, Bell Canada Enterprises Inc.
  • It is located at 1 Carrefour Alexander-Graham-Bell, Verdun borough, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Ranked as the 17th largest corporation by revenue (June 2014); and 9th largest by capitalization (June 2015).
  • It has three (3) primary divisions: Bell Canada, Bell Mobility, and Bell Media, comprising over 80% of BCE’s revenue.
  • Also owns: (1) 18% of the Montreal Canadiens ice hockey club; (2) a 37.5% interest in Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, the owner of numerous Toronto sports franchises, together with BCE’s pension plan; (3) a few regional and local telecommunications companies that include Bell MTS, Dryden Municipal Telephone Service, Northwestel, NorthernTel, and Télébec, and are direct subsidiaries more of BCE than Bell Canada.

Rogers Communications


Headquarters: East Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • A communications and media company with its focus of operations on wireless communications, cable television, telephone and Internet, with some relevant telecommunications and mass media assets.
  • 1925 – originated with Edward S. Rogers Sr. founding the Rogers Vacuum Tube Company, pioneered in selling radios without batteries
  • 1960 – the present enterprise, with Ted Rogers and a partner acquiring the radio station, CHFI-FM (“Canada HiFi” FM Radio); became part-owners of another group who established the television station CFTO.
  • The chief competition of Rogers is Bell Canada, with the two companies often seen having a duopoly on services of communications in their respective regions and both owning stakes at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.
  • Nationally competes with TELUS regarding wireless services and primarily competes indirectly with Shaw Communications in terms of television service.
  • Assets and divisions of Rogers Communications include (1) Rogers Communications Inc.; (2) Rogers Cable; (3) Rogers Wireless; (4) Rogers Communications; (5) Rogers Smart Home Monitoring; and (6) Rogers Sports & Media.

Enghouse Systems, Ltd.


Headquarters: Markham, Ontario, Canada

  • A publicly traded software and services company.
  • Founded in 1984.
  • Serves numerous distinct vertical markets through two business venture segments, with each of these segments enterprise-oriented, with development and selling applications software.
  • It has two (2) interactive management groups: Enghouse Interactive and Enghouse Vidyo.
  • It also has two (2) asset management groups: Enghouse Networks and Enghouse Transportation and Public Safety.



Headquarters: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

  • Works in partnership for manufacturing phones simultaneously, its parent company still handles the designing, marketing, and negotiating together with wireless carriers.
  • CEO is John Chen.
  • Well-known as experts in security, with networks needing protection from bad guys. It can also benefit by helping companies secure their own devices that are 5G-connected.
  • BlackBerry’s QNX is one big part of the auto industry business, with the software powering numerous in-vehicle entertainment systems.
  • Potentially to grow this business portion significantly when ultra-fast 5G networks allow machines to talk to each other easily.
  • Recently, got a global multi-year deal in partnership with Amazon Web Services to continue the Blackberry IVY system designing, revolutionizing how auto manufacturers distinguish and determine automobile data.
  • Unfortunately, the “meme stock” craze had a hard hit, ballooned before having significant cratering in value.
  • But now, it is back to acceptable and reasonable prices – this stock is one to look forward to in terms of 5G exposure in today’s Canadian market scene.

Sierra Wireless


Headquarters: Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

  • Makers of devices that provide internet connectivity with machines that communicate with each other.
  • It is beneficial for utility, transportation, manufacturing, and retail industries. With 5G’s continued connectivity growth, these devices will be highly demanded.
  • Already considered a major player with sales of over US$600 million in last 2020.
  • Extremely bullish on the “Internet of Things” market once 5G starts becoming commonplace. The total market addressable in 2018 was approximately 235 million modules.
  • Unfortunately projected to potentially burn significant cash amounts this year, with estimated losses at over US$0.62 per share.
  • The company expects to be way closer to being break-even by next year. Some analysts predicted that they would post positive EPS of $0.045 also.
  • On the other hand, it has hefty amounts of cash with US$204 million, roughly about $5.6 per share, seen on balance sheets with zero debt.
  • The company’s shares trading is at less than $19.50 each on the TSX – way well below analysts’ estimations of $29.59 – having today as great opportunities to pick up this Canadian 5G stock on the cheap.



Headquarters: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  • Considered as the top Canadian 5G stock pick.
  • A national telecommunications company providing a wide array of telecommunications products and services, including voice, internet access, video, entertainment, healthcare, and IPTV television.
  • They are based in Vancouver, British Columbia, initially established in Edmonton, Alberta, before the 1999 merger with BC Tel.
  • TELUS Mobility, its wireless division, offers mobile phone networks that are HSPA+ and LTE-based. British Columbia and Alberta’s incumbent local exchange carrier.
  • Its primary competitions are with Shaw Communications in the western provinces. The company also competes with Shaw Communications, along with Rogers Communications and Bell Canada in the mobile sector.
  • A proud member of the British Columbia Technology Industry Association.
  • Already aggressive in 5G equipment investments, upgrading its existing network with its competitors.
  • They have upgrades that will cost billions worth it in the end.
  • It is in a fantastic spot nowadays – more of a pure telecom play, post way better operation margins compared to its competitors because of its better businesses focus and offers a unique combination of being among the best dividend stocks in Canada today in terms of yield of 4.61% and remarkable dividend growth.

Risks in 5G Stocks Investment

After everything said, it may feel like 5G is nothing short of pure certainty. So, what’s the catch after everything? Although revamping global mobile networks is not that easy since it requires money, cooperation and most importantly, time – the process of getting 5G to become afloat will require a lot of years, with unforeseen obstacles bogging down the process in the interim, that includes new legislatures controlling or limiting the technology’s applications. Supply chain issues that also affected semiconductor stocks in Canada, may also affect other sectors related.

The newness of this technology is also considered a contributing factor that investors look forward to since it is way difficult to know easily and distinguish among companies which will eventually make it in the long run — and the 5G implementation is expected to be a very long run.

Final 5G’s for 5G Stocks – Get a Grip on These Great Goodies

            5G technology is full of potential others might consider a huge pill to swallow or, for some, a great venture of endless opportunities — both for investments and its implications to the world at a bigger picture. But the 5G technology will require many years of implementation, with the possibility of some companies not surviving this rigorous journey.

            Investors should uniquely position their investments to the 5G market scene in a variety of means and ways, either through 5G carriers providing wireless services, 5G-enabled devices developed by device manufacturers, down to some companies and landholders crucially operating in buildings and cell tower sites that go in line with the functions of these networks.

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Best 5G Stocks To Buy Canada

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This is a low-beta company that can protect your capital exceptionally well, and you can expect it to return steady growth to investors over the years. Even though telecom stocks have had a difficult time this year, BCE is still one of the top stocks on the TSX that can be bought and held forever. The list is full of quality shares with high potential for long-term growth and dividend growth. 

As such, it rightly deserves a place on the list of the best 5G shares to buy in Canada and the top five stocks in the world.

It is up to the investor to decide whether the GSAT share is one of the 5G penny shares currently on the market or not. While the company has suffered a bit from some escapades in the 2020s, it will benefit from increased investor interest in 5G, just as it has benefited from it, and with that in mind, we should look at what it is worth looking at in November 2020. Use # 5 to find the top 5 stocks in Canada and the world traded on the NASDAQ or NYSE.

The following year will be a fascinating time to own the rights to 5G shares, so I’m only going to include 5G shares that are up for sale. The company’s shares will rise when it buys in 2021, but unfortunately, there are no 5G shares on the market. I’ve listed the top five stocks in Canada and the world with the highest price-to-earnings ratios for the next five years.

If you don’t have Rogers shares in your pension portfolio, you should buy and hold this TSX stock forever. Councillor Daniel Da Costa owns shares in BCE INC. I put the first Canadian 5G share on my radar was Bebe Enghouse Systems. 5G shares in Canada are for growth investors looking for a long-term game.

I have never seen a better time to be in a position to have a good 5G share than now when this stock has had its best year ever in terms of earnings growth. Corning strikes me as one of the best 5G stocks you can own and could be one of the best buys on this list. I’m not sure what to do. M safe You will discover That this 5g could be much more than just the price of buying it. It is the next big thing in telecommunications technology, and it will be an essential part of Canada’s long-term growth strategy.

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VZ is one of the best stocks to buy in 5G, and the 4.2% dividend doesn’t hurt. Dividend growth in Canada, which we focus on in this article, you can use if you want some dividend-related, including undervalued dividend shares. VZ is an excellent example of a 5G technology company and an excellent stock to buy in 4G. The 4% + Dividend doesn’t hurt either, so this is another outstanding stock for you and your dividend investing goals in Canada.