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Evolve Funds has launched a new ETF on the Canadian NEO Exchange, which offers actively managed exposure to the Canadian Mining ETF (CSE: CMCSA) and mining industry. Sources: 12

The NAV table identifies only the different distributions the ETF makes and shows the difference between the NAV of the Canadian Mining ETF (CMCSA) and that of its peers. The ETF stands out from several gold-focused ETFs that hold only a small portion of their holdings in physical gold bars, as it invests directly in the physical metals in its warehouses and vaults. International Value ETFs are classified as holdings trusts that allocate their holdings (or “trusts”) to physical bullion and bullion. HMDs are on the horizon, but most of them track an index; the Mining Bear ETF tracks the S & P 500 index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and the US dollar index. Sources: 2, 4, 9

There is also the Horizons Gold Yield ETF (HGY), which provides hedge against covered calls to generate income. Horizons also has another gold ETF, HUG, which tracks the Gold Rolled Exchange – Traded Fund (GTRF), a gold specific exchange traded fund. Sources: 11

Top holdings include Newmont Mines and Barrick Gold, and top stocks in the GTRF range from 1.5% to 3%. If you want to invest in gold companies, the Ishares Canadian Gold Mining ETF (GUG) is the best option, with a dividend yield of 1% and a 5% return on gold stocks. The best options are the ISHAres Canada Gold Mining ETF, which offers a dividend of 2.4% and an 8% return on silver, while the Gold Yield ETF is a 3.2% income fund with an annual dividend of 11.6% and a share price of 4.7%. If you are looking for a gold company to invest in, the best option is an ISHares Canada Gold Mining ETF (HUG) or the Gold Y Return Fund, which pays an annual dividend of 18.8%. Sources: 8, 9

JGLD is an index-based ETF whose underlying index is designed to track gold companies based in the US. The weighting scheme starts with a market cap weight, then changes the weighting scheme and starts at the end of the year. JGLd tracks the S & P 500 Junior Exploration & Exploration Junior Gold Index, which is composed of companies engaged in gold mining in Junior Exploration. Sources: 7, 8

Eligible assets include companies comprising gold mining companies in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. GDXJ has many different mining companies in its holdings and although the gold miner ETF is a low-yield one, Victoria has been included as a junior mining share in the GDxJ index. Individual gold and mining stocks have significantly reduced their holdings in this fund, so the fund needs to reduce its ownership structure as illustrated in the chart below. Sources: 1, 7, 12

The TSX Gold Penny Stocks are derived from market data and companies and their current share prices are listed below. In the US and Canada there are a number of exchange traded securities – traded funds for gold and gold. For example, it allows you to invest in some of the world’s largest gold mining companies, companies such as Goldcorp, Rio Tinto and Barrick Gold, as well as other gold miners. Sources: 3, 9, 13

Over this period, we have shown the ETF’s individual stocks, which provide a snapshot of their performance over the past 12 months. This provides an overview of the performance of individual companies and their individual stock holdings, as well as a breakdown of their market capitalization. It shows the current market capitalisation, market value and share price for each of these companies during the period. Sources: 6, 10

The inventory data show the underlying US funds in which GDX is invested, primarily to maintain exposure to the securities of the index. It also shows a breakdown of the holdings of individual companies and their market capitalisation, market value and share prices over the last 12 months. The holding data shows the investments in each of these US funds in which GDZ invests mainly to gain access to a wider range of securities and exposure to securities indices. Sources: 6

The majority of the ETF consists of ETFs that track the price of gold, such as the Gold Bullion Index (GDX) and the Gold Trust ETF (GDX). The ETF invests in gold bars, silver, platinum, palladium and other precious metals, as well as silver and gold futures. Sources: 0, 14

Barchart is committed to ensuring digital accessibility of the GDXJ and investors will have access to the latest information on the Fund and its evolution over time when it is traded on the GDxJ exchange. The historical ETF quotes and charts will help you to track the performance of the funds during trading and give you insight into these. Precious metals¬†ETFs that include gold, silver, platinum, palladium and others, such as the Gold Bullion Index (GDX) and Gold Trust ETF (GDDX), and the company has mined silver and gold and nine production mines. This junior gold mining company is one of the largest gold miners in Canada and a major producer of gold bars and silver. Sources: 1, 5, 6, 8

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