Best Money Counting Machine Reviews

Counting cash is a tedious affair that often ends in errors forcing you to recount. Using a currency counter is a much easier way for you or your business to count large amounts of bills. It saves you time and headaches!

Various bill counting machines work in different ways and have different features. Some count the number of bills, whereas some can sort denominations for you. There are different levels of these machines as well. Some are built for businesses like banks, whereas others are more everyday counters. It’s important to know which counter meets all your needs, so you can get the right one.

We’ve dug through all the money counting machine reviews to find the best money counter on the market, and this is what we found.

1.     G-Star Money Counter with UV/MG/DD

G-Star Technology makes exceptional bill counters that are reliable, fast, and accurate. The money counter reviews attest to its high quality. The standard model uses UV and MG detectors to ensure it catches any counterfeit bills. The counter has a detection rate of 1/100000. The standard G-Star model has a built-in LED display and an external display included.

This counter is also very efficient and quiet. It uses less than 90 Watts and produces less than 60dB, while its counting. The standard model is also able to count bills for 2 full hours with a speed of 1000 or more bills per minute. However, it only counts and displays the number of bills, not the total value of the bills. If you put in 10 $20 bills it will show you 10 on the LED screen.

Main Features:

  •       UV and MG counterfeit detection
  •       Built-in LED plus external LED included
  •       1000 bills per minute
  •       The detection rate of 1/100000
  •       12.5 pounds
  •       11.4” X 9.8” x 7”

2.     Cassida 5520 UV/MG Money Counting Machine

The Cassida 5520 is an effective counting machine that comes with multiple modes. It can do a total count of all the bills while keeping a tally. If you tell the machine what denomination it’s counting, it will tell you the total value and number of bills counted. The machine can also separate bills into batch amounts giving you separate stacks.

The Cassida 5520 uses UV and MG detection to pick out any counterfeits. It can count 1300 bills per minute and has a capacity of 200-250 bills. It has a high-resolution LCD screen built-in. As it’s relatively light and small, it’s easy to transport if needed.

Main Features:

  •       Batch, Add, and Count modes
  •       UV and MG detection
  •       1300 bills per minute
  •       11.9 pounds
  •       10.9” x 9.9” x 6.2”

3.     TACKLIFE Money Counter Machine with UV/MG/IR Detection

The TACKLIFE Money Counter is a precise bill counting machine that uses three different methods to detect counterfeit bills— ultraviolet, magnetic, and infrared. This counter has a large LED screen and external display making it easy to read the display. It counts at a rate of 1000 bills per minute and has a detection rate of 1 in 1,000,000.

This money counter also comes with count, add, and batch modes. However, it only counts the number of bills, not the denomination. The TACKLIFE counter holds up to 200 bills at a time and is built to be simple and accurate.

Main Features:

  •       Batch, Add, and Count modes
  •       UV, MG, and IR detection
  •       1000 bills per minute
  •       15 pounds
  •       12” x 13.4” x 9”

4.     Cassida 6600 UV/MG Counterfeit Detection Business Grade Currency Counter

The Cassida 6600 is a fast and accurate machine that holds 300 bills at a time and is loaded from the top. This business-grade counter can count 1400 bills per minute. It comes with a high-resolution LCD screen and authenticates the bills via UV and MG detection. The Cassida 6600 is tested and tried by many businesses and shown to be reliable with all sorts of bills.

It comes with Batch, Add, Count, and Add + Batch modes. When you select the value of the bills being counted, you get a total value presented along with the number of bills. This gives you an easy time setting up your businesses’ cash register. As a heavy-duty and reliable bill counter, it’s sure to prove its worth.

Main Features:

  •       Batch, Add, Count, Add + Batch modes
  •       Value Count
  •       UV and MG detection
  •       1,400 bills per minute
  •       10 pounds
  •       10.2” x 11” x 8.1”

5.     Kolibri Money Machine Counter with 3″ Display and UV Detection

The Kolibri Money Machine is a durable, easy to use money machine. It comes with quality UV sensors to detect any fake bills. The machine counts 1000 bills per minute and has error cleaning functions as well. The Kolibri Money Machine can hold up to 200 bills at a time and even has a 1-year warranty with your purchase.

This entry-level currency counting machine is a great go-to machine for its simplicity. It has a 3-digit LED screen and only one mode. With only batch mode, all you need to do is load your bills into the back of the machine, and read how many bills were counted. Simple and easy, just like it should be. It also happens to be small and light-weight, giving you the option to take it from place to place.

Main Features:

  •       UV Detection
  •       1000 bills per minute
  •       1-year warranty
  •       9.9 pounds
  •       9” x 11” x 5”

6.     Terapeutics Money Counter Elite with Fast Count -UV/MG/IR

The Money Counter Elite is a powerful and efficient counter. This machine is capable of counting for 6 hours straight, counting 1200 bills per minute and operating under 60db. It even has an energy-saving mode. It has UV, MG, and IR detection with a rate of 1/800000. This money counter is fast, accurate, and reliable.

The Money Counter Elite only counts the number of bills inserted, not the value of the currency. This Terapeutics machine has a quality LED screen allowing for easy reading. It has a sleek design and was built to last. This machine is slightly larger than the rest, but with that comes its exceptional battery. It also comes with a 45-day free return policy.

Main Features:

  •       UV, MG, IR detection modes
  •       1200 bills per minute
  •       45-day money-back guarantee
  •       13.95 pounds
  •       14.1” x 12.2” x 10.2”

7.     Carnation Money Counter with Counterfeit Bill Detector

The Carnation Money Counter is a well-built machine offering great features and a one-year warranty on all purchases. The counter not only has UV, MG, and IR detection, but it also comes with metallic thread and dimension detection for 7 different currencies—British Pound, Dollar, Swiss Franc, Yen, AUD, CAD, and Euro. These features allow great peace-of-mind knowing no counterfeits will go undetected.

The Carnation Money Counter can process 1000 bills per minute and has a capacity of 200-300 bills. It has Add and Batch modes that will tell you how many bills it has counted. However, it will not tell you the total value of the bills counted. It does come as a top loader and has start and stop buttons, giving you some flexibility if you need it to stop.

Main Features:

  •       UV, MG, IR, metallic thread, and dimension detection
  •       Can process 7 currencies
  •       Batch and Add modes
  •       1000 bills per minute
  •       1-year warranty
  •       15.9 pounds
  •       10” x 12.2” x 7”

8.     HFS Bill Money Counter Worldwide Currency Cash Counting Machine

Hardware Factory Store made this currency counter able to process most currencies worldwide. This bill counter is a quality counter but gives you further comfort by providing various replacement parts if you have any issues. It counts 900 bills per minute and utilizes UV and MG detection methods to pick out any counterfeits.

The counter has a hopper capacity of 300 bills and a stacker capacity of 200 bills, meaning you can place 300 bills ready to be counted, but only 200 can fit in the end receptacle. It comes with Batch and Add modes. It has an LED display built-in and includes an external LED display as well.

Main Features:

  •       Detects most currencies worldwide
  •       900 bills per minute
  •       UV and MG detection
  •       900 bills per minute
  •       12 pounds
  •       12” x 10” x 7”


  1.     Aibecy Mini Portable Handy Bill Cash Banknote Counter Money Currency Counting

This Aibecy mini counter is your no-frills, easy-to-use bill counting machine. It can operate with its AC power cord or with 4 AA batteries. It’s versatility plus its small design allows you to use it on-the-go or in the car. However, it does not have any counterfeit detection and only has an Add mode.

The Aibecy portable bill counter can hold 120 old bills or 150 new bills at a time. It counts at a rate of 600 bills per minute and has a 3-digit display system built-in. This counter will not give you a value or separate the bills into batches. It only adds the number of bills.

Main Features:

  •       Battery or AC plug-in operated
  •       600 bills per minute
  •       No counterfeit detection
  •       1.53 pounds
  •       9.6” x 6.7” x 4.1”

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Large and small companies that regularly deal with large quantities of cash or coins need to have a quick and accurate machine to sort and count money. To start, we will discuss some of the features to consider in a money counting machine before you make a purchase. At the bottom of this post are a couple of links to help you in your search.


By the end of this article you will know what questions to ask before you make a purchase. It is helpful to know that some retailers get incentives from manufacturers to promote their product over others. On the other hand, there are consumer based organizations who advocate for consumers. Some of these groups reviews might be inspired by testing or influenced by reports from current users.


Consider the following features before you make a decision.  One the basic fundamental end, there are machines that only count the total number of bills. A machine with this single feature can be a viable option when the primary task you want is to only count notes. These machines will not detect the values of your currency or detect fake notes.


There are machine which can count all denominations and foreign currency as well. A feature such as this can be very viable for example if your business deals with Canadian and foreign currencies. This is a great feature for a company such as those at some international airports that allow a passenger to make a purchase in their home country’s currency, but the change is given in Canadian Dollars.


A high end or top quality machine can work for about six straight hours and count more than one thousand bills per minute. There is a trade off when it comes to the noise level so another important feature to consider is the noise or decibel level of a machine.


The decibel level can be one of the most important features if you have a small working space or other people work in close proximity. It can be difficult to have a conversation or concentrate on other responsibilities with a currency counting machine running in the background close to an employee. An office that runs a machine for multiple consecutive hours might consider how much noise it makes as one of the most important features.


Speed is a big issue no matter what else matters. When you have large amounts of cash, a best practice is to get it counted, sorted and deposited as soon as possible. When speed is of the essence, look for a machine that can count up to or more than 1,000 notes per minute.


Keep in mind the need to detect fake or pre 2005 notes with a UV/MG function. Notes today have different types of counterfeit detection features included with they are made. Whether it is a magnetic strip or ultraviolet image, this is important. In addition to speed and the ability to count foreign notes, detecting fake and pre 2005 notes is an excellent feature. There are some organizations that will no longer accept pre 2005 notes because they do not have a UV/MG strip, or other counterfeit prevention detection feature.


A money counting machine with two  important functions, ‘add’ and ‘batch’ is essential. It goes without saying, the ability to add the number of notes counted will eliminate calculation errors unless there is a problem with the machine itself. The value of a batch function helps speed up the task if you have to deal with handing over large sums of money to banks or making cash drawers in specific batch amounts per batch.


Add on features include an extremal display. This can come in handy for customers or second party viewing when needed. The machine can be placed in a secure place while the second display can be placed at a distance from the machine.


One simple set of features to consider are if the machine has an automatic start, stop and clear setting. Some consumers assume these features are automatically included. It can be simple to overlook them so if you want this set of features ask about them.


Some money counting machines not only add, batch or detect counterfeit notes, they include a feature that lets you print out results and serial numbers of each note counted as well.


Machines have become sophisticated. When it comes to the UV/MG feature, you can get machines that count up to 7 security features to determine whether a bill is counterfeit. There are machines on the market that will look for,





Magnetic ink


Metallic Thread



Indicated by picture of camera


Indicated by arrows in a circle

Size of note

Indicated by arrows pointing towards each other

Thickness of note


The point is, a high end machine can have up to seven or more security features. These security features as well as other operating features make preparing cash drawers or bank deposits a breeze.


These are just a few of the many features available today. The sizes range from desktop models to floor models that can perform all of the functions mentioned in this article and much more. Depending on your needs, whether it is for a large retail box store with dozens of cash drawers or a business that doesn’t handle notes al the time, your currency counting needs should help you maximize your time and accuracy.

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