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Canada's Best Card
Get $25 When You Sign Up

Up to 5% cashback, rewards, travel perks and more.

Best CIBC Travel Card Apply Now CIBC Aventura® Gold Visa Card * Offer Overview With a fantastic welcome offer, solid earning rates, valuable lounge access package and full insurance, the CIBC Aventura® Gold Visa Card * offer an excellent value for any traveller. . The card also includes essential travel insurance, rarely found in free cards, and Aventura Travel Assistant for personalized travel planning without booking fees.

Earn one point for every dollar spent on gas, groceries and drugstores. In addition, you earn 2 points for every dollar spent on travel through the CIBC Rewards Center portal.

Best of all, you can redeem your points for bank statements, gift cards, travel rewards, and more. Rewards may not be as simple as cashback. Still, Travel Point cards can help you save on your upcoming trips with the many perks they offer, including check-in bonuses, comprehensive travel insurance, and even access to airport lounges. These cards offer points or miles that you can redeem for travel-related purchases such as flights, hotels, cruises or travel packages. In addition, some premium travel cards offer free additional services such as travel planning and booking services. CIBC provides a range of annual fee-free credit cards that offer various travel and cash rewards benefits.

If you want to earn Reward Points on your travels, you can also use one of three CIBC Aeroplan Visa cards, which allow you to earn Aeroplan Miles for every dollar spent on your credit card. CIBC also offers student variants of these cards for all of its rewards programs, including Aeroplan – these cards do not require income, but they all provide the same features and bonuses as regular free cards. In addition, Aeroplan Elite benefits and upgrades apply if the traveller is eligible and the fare purchased allows it.

CIBC Aeroplan Visa Business Mastercard holders are eligible for one (1) one-time Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Guest Pass for every $10,000 of eligible net spend (excluding any refunds and points). Each is referred to as a “Guest Pass”), cash advances, balance transfers, convenience checks, fees, interest and payments) within a reporting year (any consecutive 12-month period following the date the Visa Business CIBC Aeroplan Card account is opened), A maximum of 4 guest passes for the reporting year is debited from the CIBC Aeroplan Visa Business Card Account. CIBC Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege cardholders will receive one (1 ) annual Global Companion Pass. The CIBC Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege Card account is credited during a reporting year (every 12 months from the date the CIBC Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege Card account is opened). Get your unique invitation code from the Priority Pass tab in your CIBC Rewards account profile. As a cardholder, in addition to the benefits of CIBC travel insurance and mobile devices, you can also enjoy the great travel benefits of Visa Infinite*.

This credit card comes with the usual carrier accident insurance and the option of additional coverage such as medical contingency insurance and CIBC payment insurance. In addition, CIBC offers many different travel promotion cards that offer various benefits depending on the card you choose. Finally, cardholders benefit from emergency travel and mobile insurance. Those interested in the card and earning over $60,000 per year should instead apply for the CIBC Aventura® Visa Infinite* card, with a slightly better insurance package and otherwise identical features.

Last but not least, CIBC is offering a promotional offer of 20,000 Aventura Points when you receive this card and make your first purchase. Get welcome bonus points, zero or low annual fees, insurance coverage, Aeroplan points and free travel rewards. In addition, CIBC offers U.S. dollar credit cards that allow you to avoid currency conversion fees when you spend in the United States.

The Best CIBC Credit Card

Best CIBC Cash Back Cards Apply Now CIBC Dividend Platinum(r) Visa Offers Overview The CIBC Dividend Platinum(r) Visa* Card is a significant cash back credit card for gas and groceries with a 3% cashback rate in both cases. From these categories. The CIBC Dividend® Visa Infinite Card has a solid cashback rate of 4% on gas and eligible groceries, 2% on transportation, restaurant and recurring charges, and 1% on everything else. Best Annual Free CIBC Card Apply Now CIBC Dividend(r) Visa* Card Offers Overview Although the CIBC Dividend(r) Visa* Card is the most attractive annual free card among CIBC cards, it competes with other cards strength is not strong. Also, there is no annual pound card. Per pound, the cashback structure is a bit complicated.

While the Free Bonus Card has a higher reward rate and covers more categories, your Aeroplan Card rewards are more valuable per purchase when you factor in the high value of Aeroplan Points. For example, you can use Aventura Points at a flat rate of 1 cent per point. Use the Aventura Airline Rewards form to book flights for 2 cents per point or more or use the $200 travel credit on the CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite Privilege Card Pay for other travel expenses. CIBC is also known for offering a welcome bonus when you upgrade cards in the same household or switch credit cards between Aeroplan and Aventura households, so you can keep the same account (and all of its history) in two-card households while maintaining the same account accumulate points and maximize benefits). in your credit file.

How We Picked the Best CIBC Credit Cards in Canada, We selected the credit cards on this page based on various factors, including bonus points, cashback, annual fees, interest rates, balance transfer benefits, and other credit card benefits like sign-up bonuses. If you cannot find a CIBC card that meets your needs on this list, please consider turning your attention to other card issuers. CIBC offers a range of different student cards to suit every consumer and lifestyle need.

Four personalized CIBC Aventura Visa cards allow you to earn Aventura Points for all your purchases. In addition, you can purchase flights with any airline without blackout periods or for various products available on the CIBC Aventure website. CIBC Aventura cards generally have the same payout rates as their Aeroplan cards, but points generally don’t cost the same. While most cashback cards have accelerated earning rates in specific categories (like food and gas), they also have a minimum base fee for spending outside those categories.

This means cardholders cannot get flights through cheaper portals like Hotwire or Expedia. However, Aventura Visa Infinite cardholders can fly in style with four free Priority Passes and four years of free Nexus Passes per year.

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