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As you can imagine, our dividend portfolio consists of single dividend stocks and index ETFs, which are critical drivers of our passive income stream. In addition, our dividend portfolio consists of dividend-producing companies and high-yielding stocks, so our dividend portfolio can generate dividends at a reasonable rate of return.

For this reason alone, we choose to invest in Canadian stocks with the highest dividend payouts to ensure our dividend income is stable and able to grow consistently. If you want to build a monthly dividend-paying stocks portfolio, you can check out my Canadian Dividend Calendar and pick some dividend stocks from the list.

Since companies that pay dividends tend to have good cash balances, they can be considered financially stronger than companies that do not pay dividends. That means some investors may think they’ll retain their value in a downturn, which tends to make them favoured by investors with a low-risk appetite. One way to help increase the stability of your portfolio when deciding on your investment strategy is to invest in reputable companies that have a track record of paying dividends.

However, the company’s track record of paying dividends does not guarantee that it will continue to pay dividends in the future. Historically, many market analysts agree that more than 40% of total stock market returns have come from dividends. With such an impressive historical performance, it’s easy to see why dividends have become so important when it comes to investing. In addition, the world’s best value investors have long understood the power that dividends can bring.

Best Dividend Tracker for Canadians

Once you have accumulated enough new money, you will have ideas for which dividend stocks to buy to optimize earnings. First, you will find great dividend stocks; then, as a result, you will also need a proven tool for tracking your stock portfolio in Canada with a history of dividends per share, month or year.

The best part is keeping track of your dividends when you start your dividend investing journey. Track Your Dividends is a free dividend tracking tool that you can use to track your overall portfolio performance and how diversified your dividend portfolio is. It offers a dividend tracker where you can keep track of all stocks, as well as a diversification chart that shows you how diversified your portfolio is. In addition, it provides a dividend calendar to help you keep track of when dividends are paid, as well as access to a community discussing dividend stocks.

The free version offers unlimited dividend tracking, multiple portfolio support, linked bank accounts, diversification, tracking, upcoming dividend tracking, future value forecasting and dividend alerts. In addition, features like search alerts, dividend increases and decreases, monthly summaries of my stock changes, and a new section that provides summaries of my stocks and research metrics make it easier to track the market.

Our members’ proprietary tools, such as the Dividend Analyzer, Screener, Ranking and more, enable financial investors to make their own informed equity investment decisions. You can easily track your dividends in even the most complex portfolios by comparing them with performance benchmarks and printing professional reports. In addition, Sharesight counts dividends as part of your total annual income, so you get an accurate picture of where you are and makes it easy to keep track of your dividend reinvestment plans (DRP/DRIP).

Finally, Sharesight allows you to see upcoming declared dividends. Robinhood, one of the most popular stock trading platforms today, will enable you to track your dividends. Finally, Finbox is a “toolbox” designed to help you navigate every step of the investment process, but you can also use it to track dividend payments.

Stock valuation is essential in building your portfolio and tracking dividends to get a complete picture of your account. You also need to understand what’s in your portfolio and what it means for your business, such as your exposure to different industries or dividend income from your investments.

When it comes to planning retirement, you want to know how many dividends you can earn in a year or month. This dividend tracking table will help you track your annual forward dividend yield (or expected compensation over the next 12 months, give or receive depending on whether you invested before the dividend payout date). In addition to tracking dividend yields, a good dividend tracking tool can also help you identify stocks you might want to add to your portfolio and give you insight into companies willing to increase, decrease, or cancel dividend payments.

Additionally, a good dividend-paying stocks tracker can help you identify stocks to add to your portfolio and alert you to stocks you already own that may have their dividend cut or even liquidated. If your portfolio is designed to earn income from dividend stocks, using a dividend tracker can save you a lot of trouble. It can be challenging to control stock returns as your portfolio grows. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of time manually calculating profits.

Keep your portfolio in one place using a platform or app designed specifically for dividend stocks, which will make it easier for you to keep track of stocks and the dividends everyone pays. Tracking dividend stocks is easy if your entire portfolio is kept in one account.

If yes, you probably know well how difficult it is to track and manage a portfolio of multiple high-dividend stocks. However, if you’re new to dividend investing, picking individual stocks may not be the best option.

The dividend ETF list is a great place to start researching for those looking to buy individual stocks. Many other top or best Canadian dividend ETF lists have everything available. If you want to start investing in dividends, an excellent way to start is to see what other dividend investors are investing in, or you can start by checking out these top 5 Canadian dividend stocks. The Global CCC List is a non-recurring publication that tracks publicly traded companies with a history of increasing their dividends through SDS (Attractive Dividend Stocks).

Dividend Power is a self-taught investor and blogger dedicated to dividend growth stocks and financial independence. He was recently ranked in the top 4% of over 8041 financial bloggers by TipRanks (an independent analyst monitoring site) for his articles on Seeking Alpha. In addition, the column “Seven Lessons I’ve Learned as a Dividend Investor” (tgam.ca/DfGj) has received a lot of feedback from readers over the past few weeks.

A dividend tracker is a web application or platform that you can track and manage your portfolio of multiple dividend-paying stocks. Another way to track future dividend yields very accurately, down to ex-dividend dates and exact dividend payout dates, is to use Dividend Predictor’s dividend tracking app.




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