Best Mystery Shopping Jobs in Canada

Sensors Quality Control is a self-proclaimed best mystery shopping company in Toronto, offering businesses a wide variety of services, including standard and loss prevention mystery shopping, a variety of audits, and competitive price checking. Shopper View has an excellent reputation as a mystery shopping supplier, has been operating for over twenty years, and is a founding member of the premier Secret Shopping Companies Association (MSPA). Reputable mystery shopping companies provide mystery shoppers with a list of tasks to perform, such as asking a product-specific question or receiving a favour (e.g. Mystery shopping, or being a mystery shopper, according to Wikipedia, is a way for companies to investigate and collect data on the quality of the services provided by employees.

What is Mystery Shopping?

A mystery shopper is an individual hired by a retailer or a marketing research firm to shop in one or a few locations and report back on the general experience to customers. Mystery shoppers’ jobs will outline things like that and any additional questions or tasks that need checking out. Legitimate mystery shopper companies are always running low on shoppers, so they never require you to pay money to view their job listing. However, many companies give their highest-paying opportunities to shoppers who work for them for longer, so doing regular mystery shopping pays off.

You may be surprised to learn that some shoppers are paid to go shopping in stores around their town to research the customer service and product offerings. Sinclairs Mystery Shoppers take on many different tasks across several markets, assessing cleanliness, wait times, product availability, and general customer service to their customers.

Companies receive detailed reports and feedback about their consumers’ experience (the mystery shoppers) and use that information to improve their services. Once the information has been received from the Service Intelligence, the shopper is given access to log-in details for gaining access to the mystery shopper opportunities. Just as with regular shopping, you will be asked to report back on your experience with a business in return for a fee.

Phone shops operate much the same way as brick-and-mortar stores, where you are asked to call the business and get a particular piece of information. However, market Force usually requires you to walk into the shop and ask like an ordinary customer, so if you are at a cafe, then Market Force will require you to buy coffee and cookies. You can register to work at stores via Intelli-shops Job Board, but they will also email you available stores in your area.

The Best Mystery Shopping Jobs & Companies in Canada

BARE International also offers jobs in banks, car repair shops, mass transit, hotels, and more. ACPVIEW offers mystery shopping jobs in various industries: In addition to the traditional retail and restaurant assignments, they have assignments in airports, banks, grocery stores, and more. Finally, IntelliShop offers video mystery shopping assignments, which are compensated by additional pay and require shoppers to use hidden cameras and microphones to record themselves talking with employees.

Secret Shopper assignments pay pretty well compared with other mystery shopping companies: You can expect anywhere from $12-$25 per assignment, plus compensation for any products or services purchased during the shop. Depending on store locations and the demographics required for a study, they will assign a member(s) or several (some studies need a single buyer, others several, some tens, and some hundreds).

The organizations offering RAPE, in which the customer-experience insights for the business are not coming from the Secret Service. The Company uses those services but does not hire others to provide them on Walmarts behalf. In addition, the Company never mails checks to our customers; instead, we pay our customers via PayPal or direct deposit.

With a BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of A+, you will probably enjoy your experience with shopping at BestMark. In addition, on the sites Shopper View, you will find useful videos that will let you know what to expect from them as a business and their application process.

With a user-friendly, engaging site, and the most complete information available for potential secret shoppers, AboutFace is our pick of secret-shopping companies. At Mystery Shopping Canada Inc. (formerly known as Westcoast Mystery Shopping), we owe it to our clients to help raise customer service levels within their stores by providing them with high-quality, evidence-based analytics from our mystery shoppers. Another well-established company connecting mystery shoppers to various companies to enhance the experience for their customers is IntelliShop.

Let us look at this great side-hustle idea and set you up for making some extra cash through a mystery shopping gig. Mystery shoppers might not be the most well-paying service out there. However, it can still be worth your time to gain some experience in the mystery shopper world, to have a chance to go to a casino resort for free or try out lunch at a new coffee shop for a fraction of someone else’s dime. In addition, shoppers may want to look at hiring as an example of how difficult it is to land work based on their shopping skills.

Perceptions Strategies mystery-shopping jobs can be anything from calling a doctor’s office for an estimate of a specific service, making a personal visit with no appointment, or doing an entire appointment. A mystery job can include visiting a medical professional in person, calling for an appointment, or even completing a full-length visit. Mystery Shopping Services serves real estate, senior living, healthcare, retail, and hospitality industries throughout the United States. For example, a mystery shopper might be assigned with calling a business and delivering an account of the conversation or touring an apartment complex under the guise of a prospective tenant.

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