Ways to Make Money Doing Nothing

Here they are, broken down for you so that you can start making a little extra money simply by living as you do; if you are looking for ways to earn some extra cash or to make some passive income, read on to find out how simple it is to earn extra cash. If you are still looking for more ways to earn extra money, check out these simple ways to earn from your phone or this vast list of different side hustles.

Using some of the methods listed, you can start earning money while doing absolutely nothing and take steps toward reaching your financial goals. By creating and growing passive income streams, you can start earning money doing nothing to achieve your financial goals. You can think of a passive income stream as making money without trading time for money.

The best way to earn money without doing anything is by investing some of your income and letting it grow. Another way you can potentially make income without doing a lot is by investing your money. One of the easiest ways to make money doing nothing is by letting it grow in a high-yield savings account.

How to Make Money Doing Nothing in Canada

If you want to generate a passive income and earn money doing nothing, investing in real estate is an excellent choice. You can use Fundrise to invest immediately in commercial properties and begin earning passive income.

You can invest in real estate with little money or in commercial properties throughout the US with minimal upfront (as low as $500). You can invest in properties without locking up cash, and you can build your wealth doing nothing and investing means that you do not need to invest time and energy in building the business yourself but can still earn passively by owning a small part of it.

Selling could be an excellent way to start making money as a photographer without quitting your day job just yet. Of course, you have to be good at this to earn any money, but if you are, you can sell photos on ShutterStock or iStockPhoto (among countless others) to earn passive income off of something that you may have an intense passion for. Stock websites make it easy for photographers and videographers to upload their work, and then they market on your behalf, creating passive income for you as you are away shooting at your next cool spot.

You will need a good camera and a little bit of experience, but you can certainly make a few much-needed bucks in this way, regardless of where you live. If you are travelling, the chances are that some great photo opportunities will surround you, and with digital cameras becoming so ubiquitous, photography and videography could be a great way to make an income. Of course, offers vary constantly, and you have to make purchases via the app’s dashboard to earn, but it is a simple way to achieve what Rakuten calls a fat cheque in return.

Almost every major brand has a referral bonus, and EatWith is the most passive way to make a little extra cash. In addition, websites such as Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and the Nielsen Panel offer sign-up bonuses, so it is possible to make some quick cash doing absolutely nothing. One of my favourite ways to earn money doing nothing is through referrals, and “refer-a-friend” offers. Like cash back apps, using credit cards that offer rewards is a simple way to make money doing nothing.

Passive income Apps such as Slidejoy and Perkscreen allow you to earn points every time you unlock your phone, and you can convert those points to cash. A few apps out there get paid for doing nothing, which you can install and let make you money automatically.

Thanks to apps, simple investing tools, and innovative spending strategies, it is possible to earn extra money without doing a lot of work. Okay, we are not promising that you will earn a full-time income by simply sitting on your couch watching TV all day, but there are ways to make extra money that require little from you. Sitting back, relaxing, not having to do anything, and still seeing the cash coming may seem like a fantasy. Still, there are ways you can earn money doing absolutely nothing. Home sitting may seem like a scam, but in reality, it is doing nothing without spending any money — and you could be saving tons of money.

It is not a way of earning lots of cash, with the cost of a long-term house sitting starting from PS10 per day, but it is an excellent way of saving money – think how much you can save on rent, utilities, meals, etc. This next income generator is similar to home sitting (actually, short-term home sitting). Still, it is a more straightforward, quicker way of earning than staying at someone’s home for an extended period. Saving money is almost like getting paid for doing nothing, as it requires little effort once, and you get to reap the benefits over months or years. It is a way to continually earn a consistent income stream without actually doing anything or with a very minimum amount of work.

If you properly position yourself and your offers, you can earn tons of money in very little time. If you are in the market for a little bit of fast cash, but you do not want to put a lot of effort into getting it, then keeping an eye out for cash-back offers could prove a lucrative venture. You can make a little money fast by signing up with InboxDollars and FusionCash, and getting $5 for free as a sign-up bonus. Either way, you can expect to make a decent amount of money quickly if you have those items lying around the house.

I scoured online sources to find legit ways of making a little quick side money doing things that do not require much effort. So here are a few ideas for starting out making some cash with relatively little effort and a few that could become income streams that are time-leveraged in the future. For the most part, I came across surprising, if off-the-wall, opportunities that paid well enough to help someone make ends meet or purchase that new thing they had been saving for.


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