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If you are just starting out in the area of personal finance, I strongly recommend that you read this if you are just starting out. If you feel like a junkie, trust me, make a budget for the first time, or decipher stocks and bonds, ask yourself: Wherever you are on your money journey, there are many other options worth reading. Today I present you a list of 10 personal finance books that you should read and give away. These five books are by far my personal favourite books in the field of finance and, in my opinion, one of the best books you will ever read – financial books. Sources: 1, 2, 4, 11

The book Millionaire Next Door, which I would recommend to anyone interested in wealth creation and becoming a millionaire. It is a great introduction to the world of personal finance and the importance of financial planning. Finally, the last book I would recommend as one of my personal favorite books in finance is my accidental Walk Down Wall Street. This is another great entry point to my list of the best Canadian books on personal finance. The book by the millionaire next door is an excellent introduction to the world of money, wealth and personal finance. Sources: 7

It is an excellent introduction to the world of money, wealth and personal finance, as well as to the importance of financial planning. I would recommend it to anyone interested in building wealth and becoming a millionaire. Sources: 7

Way to Wealth, which I later read as one of the best personal finance books I can read this year. See my most desired – for Personal Finance Books for ideas to read about personal finance, and gogo on my top 10 list of best Canadian books on personal finance. Sources: 7, 10

This list includes the best money books written by Canadians to improve financial literacy, and even two oldies who were ranked in the “Best of all – Time” category. The list included some of Canada’s most popular personal finance books, as well as a number of “good money” books written by Canadians in recent years as part of broader efforts to improve financial literacy, such as this year’s “Best Personal Canadian Finance Books” list, or even the two “oldies” that were ranked as the “Best – of – of – all time.” This list includes some of the worst money books in Canadian history, but also a selection of good money books in other countries, so it is not a complete list. Sources: 7

Finally, my random walk through Wall Street is the last book I would recommend as “Best Personal Canadian Finance Book of the Year.” This book was written by a number of financial bloggers, including myself, and offers a great overview of what the book is about, as well as some tips and tricks for personal finance. Sources: 0, 7

Overall, “Will Teach You to be Rich” is a great book for personal finance starters who want to be smart with their money. This book can help you take a leap – starting a personal financial news item or someone who feels they need to spend less than they earn to save. Sources: 2, 3

You won’t find any money that changes your life for free, but you will find proven personal finance books that are reliable and sound advice. If you’re looking for a comprehensive book on personal finance that captures your interest from cover to cover, David Chilton’s The Wealthy Barber is for you. Think and Grow Rich “is a must read for anyone interested in personal finance, and you’ll find it’s a great resource for those interested in the financial world. The book was published after Hill immersed himself intensively in the financial world for more than two decades. Sources: 5, 9, 11

Since topping the bestseller list, Jim has published six more books on personal finance, including 10 of these things. After all, the last book I would recommend to anyone interested in personal finance and financial planning in Canada is this random Walk Down Wall Street. I have read countless personal finance and investment books in my life, but this is one of the most entertaining and fun books I have read. What major financial books have really changed your life and the absolute best life you’ve lived? Someone told me about ideas for retirement and I wish I’d told you about them. Sources: 6, 7, 9, 12

Note: This book has focused on Americans, but I think there are still many books on personal finance and financial planning in Canada. In reflecting on what I think is the best book for beginners and those interested in personal finance, I have compiled this list of must-read books – read personal finance books for beginners and investors. This is one of my favorite books of the year, as it will be out in the coming months while I reflect on how I found it a great resource for any beginner or interested individual. It was also pointed out that this book focuses on both Canadians and Americans (Note: I refer to this book as a book that focuses on Americans). Sources: 7, 8

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