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Our Most Recommended Credit Cards

What we most recommend for your next credit card.

Best No-Fee Rewards – Neo Secured Mastercard

Best for Travel Points – National Bank World Elite Mastercard

Best for Bad Credit – Neo Rewards Card

Consider combining your gas card with a universal rewards card that returns cash for a wide range of purchases, regardless of the type of purchase. For example, most general gas credit cards offer cash-back at Canada gas stations, except for warehouse clubs like Sam’s Club and Costco, which sell discount gas and have their own cash rewards programs. Of course, the exact way you get your money back can vary, with some cards allowing you to take a reward credit on your balance while others will enable you to get real money back. 

While we recommend looking at the best cashback credit cards that can save you a lot of fuel, Elseto helps people find the best fuel reward credit cards they need. Wallethub editors have compared over 1,500 credit card deals, including cards linked to major gas stations chains. Simply put, offers with introductory or annual benefits and fees are more likely to be equivalent. To qualify for WalletHub’s Best Credit Cards for Gas Card, the gas reward must be at least 20% better than average. We compared deals based on their expected revenue from gas use over two years, with annual fees deducted.

Also known as a grocery card, this free credit card offers a return of 30pc Optimum points per litre for every $3 spent at food and mobile petrol stations. Considering that you won’t visit food or mobile gas stations or Loblaws banner shops for grocery and drugstore purchases, you won’t be able to maximize the benefits of this card. The PC Opt Optimum program is so popular because points can be redeemable for everyday products and services at Loblaw – sponsored stores such as Shoppers Drug Mart for $10,000 in value.

Think of the American Express Blue Business Cash Card if you want to receive sizable rewards for your spending and track the categories in which you spend $500,000 or less per year. This card has no annual fee, no income requirements, and your credit score must be average. If you have your best food and gas cards with you, the Flat Rate Card is the card you can use to earn more for food and entertainment.

Best Credit Cards for Fuel in Canada

The Scotiabank Gold American Express Card is a premium card that is easy to use. The card offers comprehensive travel insurance for eight types of users, plus discounts, priority pass membership and access to 1,200 airport lounges. In addition, Sam’s Club (r) Mastercard (r) delivers great money back on gas and restaurants and additional rewards for Sam’s Club purchases if you are a member.

There’s also an excellent bonus offer for new cardholders and an introductory 0% APR. There is no annual fee on this card, but there are fees if you are a Sam’s Club member. If you do not meet the Income requirements of the CIBC Dividend Visa Infinite Card, check out CIBC Dividends Platinum (r), Visa Plus Card.

There’s a hefty 3% cashback rate on gas and an income of just $15,000 a year. Credit cards are the gateway to various financial services, from mortgages to loans, which can help you afford significant expenses like a house, apartment, or new car at lower interest rates. But it’s more than just a plastic card to pay for petrol, groceries or Starbucks coffee.

If you use credit cards, you can switch to an unsecured card. If you cancel your card and upgrade to an unsecured card, you will still receive your deposit back if you pay off the balance in full. Low-interest rates must be attractive to qualify for the best credit cards, packed with insurance benefits and rewards, and you must have an excellent credit rating.

Please read the fine print of your cards and check for changes before you start using them. If gas prices seem to be rising, you can get some relief with the right credit card. One of the best credit cards for gas rewards gives you the advantage every time you pay for fuel by getting a discount per litre or buying gas up to more points and higher prices.

With the TD Cash Visa Infinite Card, you can earn money back for legitimate grocery purchases, gas purchases and recurring invoice payments. The Tangerines money-back credit card allows you to choose between two ten-tier categories and get 2% cash on your purchases plus an annual fee. Each gas station in Canada accepts credit cards – whether MasterCard, Visa or American Express – and using plastic at the pump can be rewarding and convenient.

The Tangerine Money-Back credit card is a great companion to your existing rewards card if you want to make money on gas without paying a huge annual fee. If you already have a card that allows you to earn higher prices in categories such as restaurants and grocery stores, you can also opt for higher gas prices with this card, making it a great way to bridge the gap between your cash and your income. Petro-Canada’s Fuel Savers Rewards Card saves Rachel 5 percent on 200 gallons of gas and is worth up to $10.

With up to 4 dollars for gasoline and food, CIBC should put money in its pocket. After redeeming 34,900 Petro Points for discounted fuel, Rachel can redeem up to 12,000 Petro Points with a Petro Canada Fuel Savers Card. 

Not surprisingly, most Americans turn to gas-powered cars and look for ways to save money on fuel. The best credit cards in Canada pay points that you can redeem for travel rewards, but with the best fuel cards, you get real money back at the pump, which is especially valuable when driving is part of your daily routine.

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