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Canadians sought help in budgeting, spending, saving, earning cashback, rebuilding credit, and other financial-related concerns. Insert KOHO Visa – a reloadable card with its app that aims to solve these money matters.

For the record, KOHO is not another financial institution or bank. Instead, it is a financial technology company that’s breaking barriers in vertical banking, saving you from paying all those extra and unnecessary fees at every turn.

Financial chaos can be a real thing – whopping credit card balances, pesky monthly fees, increasing interest payments, unwanted overdraft, failed overall budgeting, and close-to-nothing savings account – confusing, indeed! Financial simplification, savings rate increase, and FREE money management – all using the KOHO app! It is free to download, then join right away.

First – What is a Prepaid Credit Card?

In the more recent years, the gift card section of any local grocery store has essentially kicked up in terms of the presence of prepaid credit cards. Its shoppable capabilities give you plenty of preload options from $25 to $200, easily activated once you arrive at the cashier. Certain banks and financial institutions also provide this option to spenders, having more freedom over the preload amount, but require a more involved application process.

This type of card has a hybrid function between the usual debit and credit cards. This duality gives more power over online purchases, not affecting your credit score in any way. On the other hand, those store-bought versions typically don’t have reloadable features but often make great gifts when confused about what to give to someone.

But think about this idea for a second – will it be worth it to have one card you can use repeatedly? Well, you’re in luck! So today, we’ll tell you – yes, it probably is possible.

Presenting the KOHO Prepaid Visa – more than just a card from grocery stores, especially those “just cash” you thought were thoughtful enough gifts. These cards are personalized, have extremely low to no fees, are rich with perks and benefits, and are user-friendly because of their sleek, simple-to-use associated app.

KOHO: What It Is

A Canadian fintech company, KOHO, was founded by Daniel Eberhard and was launched last 2017. One primary goal is to salvage Canadians from the ridiculous monthly payment of banking fees – with some considered the highest worldwide!

In addition, KOHO wants to create easier budgeting and saving scheme average for Canadians to be on top of their financial game without the need for drastic lifestyle changes.

Since it is not a bank or financial institution, KOHO made the smart move to partner with the world’s best – Visa, and one federally regulated company, Peoples Trust. These three massive forces work hand-in-hand in holding funds loaded on cards safely protected by CDIC.

KOHO: How It Works

KOHO provides reloadable or prepaid Visa Cards and a handy app integrated with the card. Both help you have effortless budgeting, knowledgeable spending, and automatic saving.

Account opening is as simple as 1-2-3s and will not take more than five (5) minutes of your precious time. Setting up your account allows you a choice among Visa Cards that will work like a debit card. These cards will give you flawless spending ability but, at the same time, encourage responsible savings, too, or what they call “a smart spending account.”

The first and probably the easiest way to start your card’s usage is by depositing funds through e-Transfer. Users can set up direct loads, either to be all transferred or only a portion, from your paycheques onto your KOHO Card.

Once your KOHO card has been loaded, you can start your wise spending right away! Go from paying your coffee, groceries to your automatic monthly bill deductions, and the KOHO card got your back. Also, get 1.20% interest earnings towards your entire balance by only setting up a direct deposit to your account.

But wait, there’s more! The KOHO app also gives easy-to-understand insights based on your spending patterns, letting you correctly set goals in savings and helping you reach them.

KOHO: What You Can Get from Using It

Zero Monthly Fees

  • $0 charges for your account
  • A new or, when lost, a replacement card
  • Interac e-Transfer service
  • Bank fund transfers are electronically done
  • Cash withdrawals within the KOHO ATM network – over 8,500 ATMs
  • And so much more!

0.5% Purchase Cashback

  • Cashback rewards earnings when spending your “cash.”
  • PowerUps, or a 0.5% cashback bonus every time you spend
  • No need for any credit card to enjoy loyalty rewards!
  • Sign up for KOHO Premium, and earn up to 2% cashback!

Automated Savings

  • Sets your saving goals and helps you reach your goals using the KOHO App
  • Supports the RoundUp – one of the savviest strategies in saving available
  • Allows some money-saving every purchase by rounding up spending to the nearest $1, $5, or $10 while keeping the difference

1.20% High-Interest Savings Rate

  • Set up a direct deposit on your account and earn at a 1.20% rate for your entire balance (both savings and spending)

Real-Time Insights

  • Presents your spending categories and how much goes to each category
  • Shows spending comparisons to other KOHO users
  • Better budget and have significant financial steps pertinent to reaching financial freedom.

Flexible App

  • Easily accomplish multiple tasks usually done by your bank for you
  • Set up payroll deposits, transfer money to investment accounts, automate bills payment, and more, all at ease
  • Provides invaluable live in-app support chat function
  • Reach real customer service reps from 9 am-5:30 pm EST all days of the week

Apple Pay

  • Access KOHO with Apple Pay using iOS devices.
  • Add KOHO to your Apple Wallet, and no need to bring out your physical KOHO card when shopping in-store
  • Have any inquiries about setting up KOHO in your Apple Wallet? Easily reach support via the app or talk to them at 1-833-793-3372

Financial Coaching from Experts

  • Access free financial advice through the KOHO app when a direct payroll deposit is set up on your account
  • Have any questions about investing, debt, savings, or budgeting? Then, take advantage of this financial coaching at your fingertips.

Awesome Referral Program

  • When you refer a friend to sign up for the KOHO app, you receive a $20 bonus. Refer up to 10 friends and get more!

Early Payroll

  • Early access up to $100 of your paycheque up to 3 days before you get paid, a service is provided for free.
  • Also, opt-in get $100 immediately for up to 15 days with additional access to a financial coach for only $5

KOHO: The Power of Joint Accounts

KOHO now offers a free KOHO Joint Account and Prepaid Visa for people who want a financial partnership with a close friend, beloved spouse, trusted roommate, or a loyal sibling. Open a KOHO joint account without the hassle of visiting bank branches and then completing long and complicated forms.

Shared KOHO account holders get their personal KOHO accounts together with their joint accounts. Some perks that come with this type of account are the same such as:

  • A Joint Account
  • Reloadable prepaid VISA card
  • No fees
  • Tracked expenses
  • Real-time updates on Joint accounts and their spending notifications
  • RoundUps
  • PowerUps, with instant 0.5% cash back on every purchase
  • Shared savings goals you have and can set, contributing to your goals together
  • No charge e-Transfers
  • No charge for instant KOHO-to-KOHO transfers
  • Personal account spending privacy and more

KOHO: Safety and Legitimacy

As indicated on the KOHO website, they have partnered with a trusted third-party provider, the Peoples Trust Company, in holding your funds. Peoples Trust is a Vancouver-based member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. Generally speaking, the CDIC insures up to $100,000 worth of deposits per category. In addition, KOHO takes pride in being backed by some of the most prominent financial institutions in Canada, such as Drive Capital, Greyhound Capital, National Bank of Canada, and Portag3 Ventures, among others.

KOHO: Premium at its Finest

Committed to providing only the most satisfactory services possible, KOHO Premium is also an available service for people who want access to additional benefits like:

  • 2% cashbackbest card for dining out at restaurants, buying groceries and transportation expenses.
  • No foreign currency transaction fees – save the usual 2.5% to 3% FX fee charged by most credit card providers
  • Free financial coaching – weekly money tips, one-on-one coaching sessions, get answers to troubling personal finance questions.
  • Price matching – get the best deals on purchases, with a guaranteed cashback credit to your account if there will be better purchase deals elsewhere.
  • Snappy new card – ‘premium’ design in every way!
  • Higher limits (e.g., take out $400 per ATM transaction, with a daily max of $800. Have an account balance of $40,000 instead of $20,000.)
  • 30-day free KOHO Premium trial – free for the first 30 days, with a $9 monthly cost after or $84 per year paid in full, a savings of $24

KOHO: Best Credit Builder

On the lookout for building your credit score? KOHO’s the perfect option for you! They offer the ‘Credit Builder,’ an optional service that helps grow and develop your credit score over six (6) months.

You can opt-in for the KOHO Credit Builder using the app at a reasonable fee. Get a no-fee and no-interest credit line, with KOHO deducting a portion of these funds every month and getting reported automatically to the credit bureaus.

This fantastic credit building feature works well in 6-month cycles.

KOHO: Is It Worth It?

KOHO maybe your best option for the following reasons:

More Money Saved

  • Average KOHO users reduce spending by 15% and save nearly $500 three (3) weeks following their sign-up, bringing you closer to your money.
  • Provides real-time information and shows your money spending, helping you budget better -using practical features like savings plan and RoundUp.
  • Pays 1.20% interest on your balance, which is great for reaching your money goals, especially if you need savings for a wedding, vacation, emergency fund, etc.

Great Fees Saver

  • Payless banking fees using online banking options (like Tangerine and EQ Bank) and non-bank options (like KOHO vs Tangerine)
  • Though it may not meet all your banking needs, KOHO can help save a lot in fees with free Interac e-Transfers.

Travel Best Friend

  • Use outside of Canada and save on foreign transaction fees
  • Pay only 1.5% (or 0% with KOHO Premium)
  • Use your card to book hotels, rent a car, shop online and in-store, etc.

Online Banking Ease

  • Provides your desired convenience if you love or are comfortable using your phone or tablet in doing financial transactions

KOHO: 2 Downsides Worth Mentioning

  • KOHO does not and will not be a complete alternative for your bank.

Examples like TFSA, RRSP and RESP accounts may not be ideal for your investing needs using KOHO cards and require you to do business elsewhere. However, investment accounts with Wealthsimple are more straightforward with KOHO because your accounts can be directly funded utilizing the app. In addition, further integrations of the app are already in the works that will make your banking easier.

  • KOHO cards have limited loading options and daily transaction limits.

The maximum card balance you have is $20,000, with a $3,000 daily limit on transactions, and your daily ATM withdrawal limit is $600. These limits may be reasonable based on the opinion of others and may not even pose any problems to the average user.

KOHO: Questions Frequently Asked

Q: “Will my credit score be affected by KOHO and its services?”

A: No, it won’t.  KOHO is not a credit card but rather a prepaid Visa card and does not impact your credit score in any way possible.

Q: “How can I get a KOHO referral code?”

A: If you want a $20 welcome bonus, you must use an existing KOHO client’s referral code. KOHO has been kind to have provided referral codes that customers can use unlimited times in the past. So, watch out for specific promotions like this in the future – you never know!

Q: “Is KOHO free?”

A: The standard KOHO account is free and even offers a 0.50% cashback when your card is used for debit purchases. Also, earn up to 5% cashback when you opt-in for offers from select brands. In addition, get KOHO Premium for only $9 monthly and enjoy making 2% cashback for a maximum of three categories, paying no FX fees – yes, you can!

Q: “Will KOHO help me build my credit?”

A: For the record, KOHO is a prepaid credit card and is not a credit card. Although it allows you to earn rewards much like a premium credit card does, your spending using your KOHO card is not submitted to credit bureaus, and in no way will it impact your credit score. But, you can opt-in for a Credit Builder service offered by KOHO if you are searching for ways to build your credit score.

Q: “What is a KOHO Premium?”

A: Being the newest service offered, KOHO Premium provides 2% cashback on expenses on groceries, eating and drinking in bars, restaurants, food delivery, coffee, and the likes, and transportation-related expenditures like gas, uber bookings, public transportation, etc. In addition, KOHO Premium has no FX fees and offers free financial coaching, price matching, and an exceptional snappy new card design. Gas credit cards are handy to have when you spend a lot on fuel.

Q: “How does KOHO make money?”

A: KOHO can do their operations without charging fees on their customers because Visa shares some of the commissions they receive from merchants with KOHO when cards are used to make payments or purchases in-store and online. Referred to as interchange fees, these commissions have parts that they return to customers through the 0.5% cashback feature. Win-win indeed!

Q: “Can I use KOHO in renting a car?”

A: Of course, using KOHO to facilitate transactions similar to your credit card can include using it for car rental payments. The KOHO Visa prepaid card is accepted wherever Visa is accepted worldwide. Quickly add the KOHO Visa card to your Apple or Samsung wallet and make payments on the fly.

Q: “Can I make money withdrawals using KOHO?”

A: Easily use your KOHO Prepaid Visa card in making ATM withdrawals carrying the Visa Plus ATM logo. Make sure to select “credit” when asked to identify the type of card you are using by the ATM. However, ATM withdrawal fees may apply, so better take note of that information.

KOHO: Is It an ‘A-Yo or an ‘Oh No?’

With everything said today placed on the table, the KOHO prepaid Visa Card and KOHO app is worth saying ‘A-Yo’ to, especially in helping Canadians earn cashback on all purchases. There may be ‘Oh Nos,’ and these events can be subjective depending on each person. But I think it’s pretty clear how wonderful a product KOHO is in terms of overall performance. Sign up now and discover why KOHO is an ‘A-Yo’ for your finances.

Koho Visa Review

With a Koho card, you can make purchases from your favourite retailers, earn money back, round up your purchases to save the change and access premium features that give you extra benefits. Read on to understand how Koho works and discover the company’s fantastic benefits. Koho has a physical prepaid Visa card and a built-in mobile app that gives you control over your spending.

Koho is a unique hybrid card that offers you the best of both worlds. It is more than just a prepaid card that you can purchase in the grocery store; it is a personalized card full of features and perks to inform users and allow them to get money back for their purchases. It uses the built-in features of prepaid cards and combines them with hybrid and credit/debit cards.

KOHO is a fintech company that offers Canadians a free reloadable prepaid card that allows you to control your spending and keep the benefits of a credit card while still enjoying the benefits a credit card. KOHO provides its users with a product similar to a traditional bank that allows them to shop with their debit card and earn back money with their credit card.

In other words, Koho is like a Visa debit card in that you can top up your own money, but it does not borrow and has the added benefit of earning cash like a standard credit card. In addition, there are no activation fees or other fees to open and maintain a Koho account. A better description of Koho would be a digital output account with a physical card and an app.

When you make an online purchase, you will be asked to pay with a debit or credit card, and you can choose a loan. The best travel credit card in Canada has many perks, and Koho has a tremendous free maps app that encourages Canadians to spend and save all in one place. In addition, when shopping online, you can use any Koho visa that is accepted.

Koho offers a free card that gives you 0.5% cashback on your purchases, a variety of savings tools to help you save more, and clear insight into your spending through its app. You can also add the Koho Visa Prepaid Card to your Apple or Samsung wallet to pay on the fly. Once you top up your Koho card, you can use it to pay the same way as a regular Visa card, and it accepts standard credit cards.

Once you spend, the Koho app allows you to analyze your spending, set savings goals and check your balance. Then, use your Koho card to pay for coffee, groceries and your monthly bill wherever VISA is accepted. After selecting a credit, you will be prompted to identify the card you use at the ATM.

The Koho Premium account helps you earn more money than the regular Koho Visa program, which rewards you with 0.5% cashback on every purchase. For example, if you know you spend $10,000 a year on expenses such as groceries, and restaurants, take the cash income in the premium account to $200, compared to $50 in the regular account. All of your transactions are posted on the KOHO app so that you can earn up to $0.5 cashback on all your purchases.

If you want to earn 2% cashback in all three categories without paying an FX fee, you can choose the Koho Premium and pay $9 per month. You can also sign up for Koho’s Credit Builder service to build up your credit score.

If you want to try a prepaid card, Koho is an excellent option to help you achieve your goals and manage your budget. You can use the regular Koho card and app or the new Koho Save function for free. Dacă you want to upgrade to Koho Premium, it would cost $9 a month or $84 a year or 24% of your savings if you are paid annually.

Koho Prepaid Visa Card has a budgeting and tracking tool in its app that lets you limit your spending and inform you about your purchases. It is not an alternative for those who have difficulty obtaining a regular credit card, but it is intended for those who want to keep control of their spending. Koho is perfect if you are looking for an account that combines the convenience of a cashback Visa card with the return on a high-interest savings account.

KOHO Earn Interest is a prepaid card that provides competitive interest rates on savings and cash back rewards on purchases. As a result, students, new loan users and lazy borrowers can benefit from cash rewards without the high fees of standard credit cards. The Koho Earn Interest Prepaid Card is now one of the best prepaid cards on the market with no hidden fees, account opening fees, e-transfer fees, minimum balances or minimum deposits.

This in-depth review will look at how Koho earns interest works, including its key features, pros and cons, and what you need to do to open an account. The banking service is a partnership between Peoples Trust and is insured by Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. Deposit insurance allows users to obtain emergency benefits directly from their account on Koho Financial Inc. To get the benefits of KOHO Earn Interest; you don’t have to worry about a minimum balance or deposit.

The typical approval period for credit cards is three to four weeks, but you can have your Koho in 10 days. According to the Koho Review, the Koho Credit Building Tool, which will charge $7 a month, will be introduced in 2021.

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