Can I Get a Loan on EI in Canada?

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In Canada, you can take out a payday loan while receiving employment insurance, which does not affect your benefits. Employment insurance will be there for you to back up your financial situation; however, there may always be a pressing need to borrow. It is even possible to obtain short-term and specialized loans to meet other expenses over an extended period. Even for Canadians who are out of work or receiving benefits, the benefits of short-term loans are still very available.

Can I get a loan on EI?

Yes, you can obtain EI payday loans while on Employment Insurance (EI); however, you may also get installment loans, personal lines of credit, or a vehicle title loan while you receive EI.

While the Canada Emergency Response Benefit cannot be used as an income stream to help a borrower qualify for a loan, employment insurance in certain circumstances can.

Getting a loan while on EI is attractive because, unlike another personal loan type, a poor credit score or debt-to-income ratio won’t affect your eligibility.

To help Canadians out of work during difficult times, the Government of Canada operates the employment insurance program (EI) that provides income support on an interim basis for people out of work or between jobs.

When receiving EI, you can get free instant loan quotes from several EI loan lenders and take out payday loans to get a cash advance before your EI payment comes in, as long as the lender accepts EI as a source of income.

EI Payday Loan Lenders

When searching for online payday loans while on employment insurance, these are the first lenders you should consider who provide instant online quotes with direct deposit to your bank account in under 24 hours.

Loans Canada

loans-canada logo

Loans Canada allows you to compare lenders in one place and apply for payday loans if you want to borrow money quickly and get the best rates.

Once you complete your loan application, you will get a payday loan by direct deposit in your bank account within 24 hours.

They also provide additional financial assistance by educating you on how to get back on your feet and the best steps to take.

Loans Canada is a great payday lender for employment insurance benefits.

Speedy Cash

Speedy cash is different than traditional lenders as the process is incredibly “Speedy.” They offer payday loans that accept EI as a source of income.

If you are looking for a loan while on EI, pop into any of their locations before your next payday to discuss your options.


iCash will not do a credit check and issue an EI payday loan online with an easy-to-understand loan agreement.

This installment loan lender makes it easy for those with subprime credit to get a payday loan by direct deposit to their bank account.

What to Consider for EI Loans

You should only apply for EI loans you know you will be eligible for; if you are unsure, contact a lender and ask. Regardless of what kind of loan you are looking for, it is recommended that you do a little advanced prep work before applying for credit. Then, pick out at least 3-4 lenders who are excellent for the particular types of loans you are looking to get.

With a better credit score, you may have more options when choosing a type of loan later. For example, you might select a cosigner loan if you want to borrow more money over a longer term. When applying for a guarantor loan, you typically have a high-credit profile cosigner.

With EI payday loans, your credit score will not be the determining factor for your loan approval, which means that anyone receiving an EI from the Canadian government is eligible to apply for a payday loan. The application process works like other small loans if you are unemployed, receiving EI, and applying for a payday loan. While circumstances and qualification requirements might differ slightly from regular payday loans, the application and quick-access funding process is still super simple and easy.

Loans for the unemployed on EI benefits in Canada

If you are looking for a fast loan, you are better off choosing an online lender that offers quick loans without many applications. Some may think applying for more loans may improve your chances of getting one, but that could work against your best interests.

Here are the best kind of installment loans while on EI;

  • Short-term Collateral Loans
  • EI Payday Loans
  • Cash Loans
  • Vehicle Title Loans
  • Personal Line of Credit
  • Guarantor Loans

Short-term Loans Lender

To qualify for an EI installment loan, you must find a lender accepting EI as a form of income. For example, suppose you find a lender that considers employment insurance (EI) an acceptable form of income and meets their other qualification criteria. In that case, you can potentially qualify for an Employment Insurance Program loan in Canada. Before applying, contact the lender you are interested in to verify they offer loans for EI and compare multiple lenders to find the best rates and terms available.

Apply for EI Payday loans

From March 30, 2020, through September 30, 2020, you do not have to make loan payments, and no interest accrues on your student loans. Be sure that you can pay off the EI Payday Loan on time and that once the Payday Loan is paid off, you will have sufficient income left over to cover your other debts and expenses. To qualify for an EI payday loan, you must be 18 or older, have regular EI earnings, and have an active bank account. Many payday lenders will still check your income and employment since they want to ensure you can afford your loan payments.

Cash Loans

Bad credit, a history of missed payments, or recent bankruptcy may limit your options, increase interest rates, or make it difficult to obtain credit. Some mainstream banks and financial institutions may consider you ineligible to borrow because of lost income or low credit scores. Because securitized loans are secured against your assets, lenders are more likely to loan to individuals with lower credit scores and unconventional forms of income. You are free to continue using your home or vehicle you own as part of your everyday life, but should you be unable to repay your loan, the lender may repossess your assets.

Car Title Loan For EI

Car title loans in Canada can also be used for EI recipients. Since car title loans are secured through the car itself, lending institutions will usually prefer individuals who don’t have a credit score and are in poor financial standing. The bank will be able to recover payments if your credit card defaults. Car title loans have higher interest rates and short-term terms, making repayment difficult.

Personal Line Of Credit For EI

You must find one that accepts EI as an income when using EI. Many well-known lenders offering Canadian loans for bad credit to people with EI are Cash Money and Mogo. This could be an excellent choice since the rate is calculated according to your usage. You can also use credit cards and get the same funds back after remitting your debt.

Alternative EI Loans: A Guarantor Loan

Getting a guarantor loan is an efficient way of financing expenses if you want a new job. To achieve it, one must find an honest borrower with good credit and money. This will increase your creditworthiness and chances of approval as soon as you apply for employment. It will also allow you to get money loans without showing your bank statements in Canada.

Things to know about getting a loan while on employment insurance

While income from the CERB cannot qualify for mortgages, You may use the EI under specific circumstances. Yes, some lenders in Canada will accept employment insurance (EI), the CERB, welfare payments, and other government benefits as income. However, you will have to have a specific credit score and amount of income to be approved, and not many home equity lenders will accept EI as a good income source. Nevertheless, getting approved for a loan while receiving EI is possible; you have to find the right lender capable of working with you and is willing.

Payday Loan Regulations

Alternative lenders come in many forms; some can pose a significant risk to your financial situation. You should ensure you have done some research to avoid direct lenders who are charging unlawful rates. Other traditional financial institutions have your best interests in mind when you get a payday loan on government benefits.

The maximum borrowing costs are fixed in the loan contract before you finalize your cash loan. Your employment insurance benefits secure the payments. This makes an EI loan simple to use, with the costs explicitly disclosed to you before entering; be wary of payday lenders who don’t give you an exact cost.

Total Cost of Borrowing

When using EI loans, you should understand what the total cost is. Installment loan lenders can go over your repayment options while you are collecting employment insurance. EI loans are pretty straightforward; when you receive your employment insurance benefits.

Applying for an EI loan

Because of the restrictions in Quebec concerning loans, obtaining online payday loans may become challenging when collecting unemployment benefits in Quebec.

However, many lenders in other provinces in Canada now offer unemployment loans to users who are not working and are falling behind in their debt. For example, you can obtain payday loans when receiving unemployment benefits in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia or any other jurisdiction. In addition, Canada has lenders that offer installment loans for people who are out of work because of disability, an injury, pregnancy, or just because their employer has had to lay them off. Installment loans are for people out of work because of disability, an injury, pregnancy, or just because their employer has had to lay them off.

How should one examine their financial situation before applying for a loan? Generally, the payday lender will assess your income and credit history for the most part. However, before getting a loan, you can check out how you’ll find the right lending company.

This helps reduce your chances of obtaining loans from companies with poor credit scores, which can cause unnecessary credit checks affecting your credit rating. Step two is comparing each EI loan and then request a loan application for the one you choose.

Requirements For an EI Payday Loan

When you’re applying for these installment loans, you may not be receiving enough employment insurance (EI) benefits in the future. While minimal requirements exist, you must have enough future income to secure the loan. Learning to apply online for an immediate loan is necessary if an unemployed Canadian does not have future income available.

You also need to be 18 years or older. In addition, you have Canadian citizenship and must live in a province where the operation operates. Generally, you have had a similar source of income in the last three months, with enough future payments incoming.

Benefits of Payday Loans For Employment Income Benefits

Payday loans offer many advantages to people with EI income in Canada. First, they can be accessed quickly if you need money. A further way of saving on late fees is to provide cash to cover costs until EI payment comes in, ensuring you are eligible. A third advantage to taking out a payday loan that accepts EI is that it improves your financial status. This is because timely repayment of loans is responsible and essential to borrowers.

Flexible Installment Loans for EI in Canada

When applying for an installment loan, you can also make flexible repayments. The payment schedule is the most appropriate for our client’s budget needs. During an initial six-week term, our clients have three options for restitution. All of our customers understand their financial situation differs so that we have the flexibility to pay for it. It can sometimes be challenging to pay off your debts in full on your next payday, so we want to help you find the right loan for the amount you need.

Fast & Easy Application

Payday loans offer the convenience of being reimbursed immediately upon application because it’s easy to see your average earnings with unemployment insurance. Practically in emergencies, you want monetary aid, which can help you quickly. Most lenders that provide money advance loans are available for EI customers 24 hours a day a week. Online applications will get approved within 3-5 days, making this kind of loan attractive to individuals in desperate need of money.

Multiple funding options

EI recipients who want a cash advance online can apply for the loan through one of our recommended lenders and have cash transferred through any available online banking options. Your approved loan amounts are sent to your e-Transfer® account. In addition, you can apply offline at any payday loan store for cash or e-money. Several points to remember before applying for payday loans on eBay.

Fewer requirements

The online loan for unemployment is an excellent option for anyone that needs money immediately; all you need to do is prove you are getting EI payments for the duration of the loan. The short-term loan is usually less complicated. Payday loans differ from a typical bank loan that requires you to fill out many documents. To be approved to get payday loans, you have the following requirements:

No credit check is required.

The other good thing about EI loans without a credit check is that a person who doesn’t have good credit history can still apply. Unlike traditional loans, there is no credit check involved, and there are no requirements for high credit ratings, which is why this loan is popular. Some credit cards even give away bad credit loans.


Is this an easy and quick EI loan? Although some lending companies offer such loans, they aren’t standard practice and aren’t responsible lending options. Also, all approved Canadian lenders will not provide a guarantee on an EI Loan since this does not represent you but your next EI payment. At iCASH, we aim to ensure you have what you need when your financial situation changes. We have a proven record of high credit approvals and are committed to finding borrowers that meet our needs.

Fast e-Transfer

The ability for you to borrow quickly helps when you’re stuck financially. This is why you can receive a cash advance online within minutes without paying a fee or waiting days.

Will you need a loan while on EI?

You may obtain instant payday loans under EI benefits and other loans if you have assets to secure. The procedure is identical to granting cash while working a regular job. Most lenders take your EI premium as income for an express credit and decide how much you may qualify for if they have paid the premium to you for the express loans.

You may be entitled to get a loan for extra cash advances if you are covered by a job offer and employer’s insurance coverage is available. The process may be similar to applying for cash advances. Most lenders may consider your EI premiums as your income for express loans and determine how much you may be entitled to according to your premium.