How Many Millionaires in Vancouver?

Richest Millionaire People In Vancouver

According to the annual list of financial publications, the combined wealth of the ten wealthiest Canadians reached a new high of $ 96.4 billion in 2019, according to CEOWORLD Magazine. In addition, the Canadian government ranked Canada the richest people in its annual Richest People Index of Canada.

David Thomson, president of the Thomson Reuters Corp. media company, and his family have again declared the crown of Canada with a net worth of $ 41.8 billion, up from $ 31.6 billion last year. Toronto-based David Thomson, president of the Thomson Reuters Corp. global media company, again topped the list with a net worth of $ 39.5 billion this year. Toby Lutke, CEO of Shopify, an e-commerce hub in Ottawa, is third on the list with $ 9 billion.

The biggest winner is the Thomson Family (an increase of approximately 14.4 billion in wealth compared to a snapshot presented in their annual billionaires report for 2012 ).

According to Forbes’ 35th annual richest people globally, released on Wednesday, 9 of the ten most prominent billionaires in Canada have increased their fortunes this year despite a pandemic raging around them.

According to a new report from the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives, Canada’s 20 wealthiest billionaires had amassed a combined $ 37 billion in wealth since March, when COVID-related lockdowns and closings began across Canada. In addition, each of Canada’s 87 richest families has an average of 4,448 times more wealth than a typical household. Together these 87 families have more wealth than the last 12 million Canadians combined.

The eight richest people (or families) in Vancouver are worth at least one billion. While most of this list enjoys good fortunes, the net worth of a very famous local billionaire jumped from $41.7 billion in March to $ 50.6 billion during the pandemic.

Chartered Business magazines frequently rate the wealthiest people in different countries based on things like the value of the stocks of the companies they are insiders too.

The family has recently completed a $ 2.8 billion investment in the Aquilini Group, the parent of a diversified investment firm. Now that the Aquilini Investment Group is over 50 years old, the family controls one of BC’s largest development conglomerates, the NHL team, Rogers Arena, many blueberry and blueberry farms, restaurants and vineyards worth nearly $ 80 million. Larco Group – Lalji Family – $ 2.69 billion

He is President, Chief Executive Officer, CEO, President and Sole Owner of the Jim Pattison Group, Canada’s largest privately held company. His company has numerous car dealerships, Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea, Guinness World Records, the media, Ripleys, believe it or not, and Canadian wine supplier Everything Wine. In addition, his company owns IGA stores in Canada and is president of London Drugs Limited.

The founder Luigi Aquilini emigrated from Travagliato, Italy, in 1953 to create a life for his family on the West Coast of Canada in Vancouver and the Gaglardi family, whose holdings are also mostly private, became over time the HY Louie Group, one of the largest privately-owned companies in Canada.

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