How Many Millionaires in Vancouver?

Vancouver, BC, is an important economic center for Canada and the world. So it’s no surprise many millionaires in Vancouver have made their fortune in Vancouver and across Canada.

How Many Millionaires in Vancouver?

There are roughly 20,000 millionaires in Vancouver, but this number increases as wealthy individuals from other countries move to Canada and gain citizenship or spend their money in Canada!

Who Are The Richest People in Vancouver?

Here is a list of the wealthiest people in Vancouver:

13. Belkin Family

Net Worth: $900 million

Stuart Belkin owns a private company called Belkorp. Belkorp has holdings in the sugar, pulp, and printing industries.

12. Gary Charlwood

Net Worth: $1.03 billion

Gary owns an international travel agency called Uniglobe. He started his business by acquiring the Canadian rights to Century21. Since then, his company has expanded into other countries.

U.Gary Charlwood is a businessman who owns a lot of money. He was born in Germany in 1941 and moved to London in 1948. He went to university in England in 1959. He worked for Western Airlines in 1966 and became director of consumer affairs for CP Air in 1967. He started selling franchises in 1969. He is now a billionaire.

Charlwood started as a salesman of residential real estate. Then, in 1975, he bought his own real estate company. He eventually became the owner of the master franchise rights for Century 21 Real Estate Canada. He later bought out his partner and turned Century 21 Canada ™ into a huge real estate company. Since then, his real estate company, Vancouver-based UNIGLOBE TRAVEL, has established franchises in over 60 countries worldwide, in more than 1,759 locations, with 22,020 employees. Charlwood continues to dive into new franchising ventures when he sees potential business opportunities.

11. The Chan Family

Net Worth: $1.08 Billion

Tom and Caleb Chan are wealthy businessmen who have donated millions to UBC. Their net worth is over 1 billion dollars.

Their fortune comes from real estate. They have over $1 billion in wealth. The Chan brothers were born in Hong Kong. They moved to Canada when they were young. They are businessmen and philanthropists.

Caleb’s brother owns six golf courses in British Columbia and 3 in Hawaii. He also runs the brothers’ business in San Francisco.

Caleb and Tom are both famous philanthropists. Their names are used to describe the Chan Center for the Performing Arts.

10. Hassan Khosrowshahi

Net Worth: $1.16 Billion

Hassan Khosrowshahin is the Chairman of the Persis Group. He is an Iranian Canadian who leads a company with interests ranging from pharmaceutical royalties to entertainment royalties, real estate developments, shopping centers and retail. The company is responsible for much of Future Shop’s growth in the 1990s and Best Buy’s successful expansion into Canada.

Hassan Khosrowshahi owns the company that makes Canada’s biggest fast-food chain, Tim Hortons. He also owns many other companies, including a hotel chain and a financial firm. He is considered to be one of the richest people in Canada.

Khosrowshahi is the founder of Inwest Investments Ltd. He owns Persis Holdings Ltd., which owns FutureShop. Khosrowshahi has been a director of the Bank of Canada, Canada Post, and the Fraser Institute. He also serves on the board of directors of Best Buy. He has been awarded the Order of British Columbia and the Order of Canada.

9. Frank Giustra

Net Worth: $1.2 Billion

Frank Giustra is a wealthy businessman who inherited his fortune. He is a successful entrepreneur and businessman. He started as a stockbroker and then became a successful movie producer. He co-founded Lionsgate Entertainment and is now the company’s President and CEO. He also runs a non-profit organization called the Clinton Foundation. He is known for being a philanthropist and helping people in need. He supports many charities and causes.

8. Brandt Louie

Net Worth: $1.57 Billion

Brandt Louie is the godfather of his family. He is the Chairman and CEO of H. Y. Louie and Co. In addition, he owns and runs the Richmond-based London Drugs chain. He is also the chancellor emeritus of Simon Fraser University (SFU).

Brandt Louie is a wealthy businessman who owns many businesses. He also gives away lots of money to charity.

Brandt Louie is the CEO of London Drugs, and he replaced his father as President in 1987. By 1998, he is Chairman and CEO of London Drugs. He is known to be a very generous philanthropist. He is active in many charitable organizations and foundations.

7. Carl Hansen

Net Worth: $2.18 billion

Carl Hansen is the co-founding CEO of AbCellera. He graduated from UBC with honours in engineering, physics and math. He received his doctorate in applied physics and biotechnology from Caltech. He founded AbCellera, a biopharmaceutical company using advanced technologies to discover new drugs. He holds more than 20 patents and published over 100 peer-reviewed papers. IF you are wondering which industry produces the most millionaires, Biotech is a top contender because of VC injections.

He invented many technologies used today. He founded Precision Nanosystems, where he still works today. He also developed many devices used today.

6. The Lalji Family

Net Worth: $3.07 billion

The Lalji family owns many businesses in Vancouver, Canada. Their company is called the Larco Group. They manage several hotels, including the JW Marriott, Sheratons, Marriotts, and Renaissance. They also operate the Park Royal shopping centre.

The Lalji family owns hotels, shopping centres, and real estate holdings. In addition, they are involved in developing projects in Canada and around the world. Their wealth comes from investing in hotels and other businesses.

Larco Group is a company that owns many buildings in Ottawa. They are very generous philanthropists who give money to hospitals. However, their business model is based on leasing space to other companies. This means that if the economy does recover, they may be forced to sell off some of their properties due to lack of demand.

5. The Aquilini Family

Net Worth: $3.3 Billion

Francesco Aquilino is the managing director of the Aquilini Group, which has interests in various industries, including real estate and development. His net worth was estimated at $2.8 billion by Forbes magazine last year. The Aquilinis’ most famous asset is their ownership stake in the National Hockey League (NHL) Vancouver Canucks ice hockey club.

Aquilinis are wealthy businessmen who built their fortunes from real estate and agriculture. Their companies include Aquilini Investment Group and Aquilini Enterprises. In addition to these businesses, the family also owns several hotels and restaurants.

The Aquilinis are rich people who run an enormous business empire. Their sons work hard for them. They are also very successful businessmen. The Aquilinis have a lot of money and power, but they aren’t greedy.

4. Bob Gaglardi

Net Worth: $3.51 billion

He started Northland Properties Group, and he owns Chop Steakhouses & Bars, Moxie’s Grills & Bars, Dennys Restaurants, The Sutton Places Hotels, and Sandman Hotel Group, among other things. He also owns the Dallas Stars, hockey team.

Bob Gaglardi is rich and powerful. He started by opening a hotel called Sandman Inn. He owns many other businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and construction companies. He is also well respected in Canada.

Northland Real Estate Group bought the Dallas Stars. In 2011, the family purchased a controlling interest in the Dallas Stars NHL team in a $240 million deal. Northland Real Estate Group is currently expanding in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

3. Chip Wilson

Net Worth: $5.92 billion

Chip Wilson started as an entrepreneur selling yoga pants in Kitsilano. Now he owns a clothing line worth billions. However, he disagreed with the board of directors over his business strategies in recent years. As a result, he sold half of his shares in the company.

Chip Wilson is a successful businessman who created some of the world’s most popular athletic wear brands. He started his first retail apparel company in 1979. By 1997, he sold it and founded Lululemons. He serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Lululemon. He also owns a significant stake in the company.

Wilson is credited as being the founder of the athleisure trend. He also started a holding company called Hold it All, which invests in clothing, real estate, and private equity. In addition, his family operates a holding company called

2. Anthony Von Mandl

Net Worth: $10.53 Billion

Von Mandl is a wealthy man who loves wine. He imported wines from Europe but then moved into the Canadian market. He now imports wines from around the world. He owns many vineyards and wineries.

Von Mandl created Mike’s Hard Lemonade. He has since invested in many other businesses. He is continuing to grow his wine empire.

1. Jimmy Pattison

Net Worth: 11.62 Billion

Jimmy Pattison is a successful businessman who owns many companies, one of the highest net-worth individuals in Vancouver and one of the most notable Canada Millionaires.

He founded his first business when he was 16 years old. His company owns many companies, including car dealerships, Save On Foods, Overwaitea Beer, Guinness World Records, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and Canadian wine purveyors Everything Wine.

Jim Pattison is a billionaire who owns many businesses. He lives in Canada. He is known for being generous to charities. He also gives away money to his employees.

A man started out selling used cars and owned over 25 car dealers. In addition to being an entrepreneur, he also owns other businesses, including Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and Guinness World Records. At age 91, he is still researching new investments and helping Calgary Millionaires as well.

Richest Millionaire People In Vancouver

According to the annual list of financial publications, the combined wealth of the ten wealthiest Canadians reached a new high of $ 96.4 billion in 2019, according to CEOWORLD Magazine. In addition, the Canadian government ranked Canada the richest people in its annual Richest People of Canada.

David Thomson, President of the Thomson Reuters Corp. media company, and his family have again declared the crown of Canada with a net worth of $ 41.8 billion, up from $ 31.6 billion last year. Toronto-based David Thomson, President of the Thomson Reuters Corp. global media company, again topped the list with a net worth of $ 39.5 billion this year. Toby Lutke, CEO of Shopify, an e-commerce hub in Ottawa, is third on the list with $ 9 billion.

The biggest winner is the Thomson Family (an increase of approximately 14.4 billion in wealth compared to a snapshot presented in their annual billionaires report for 2012 ).

According to Forbes’ 35th annual richest people globally, released on Wednesday, 9 of the ten most prominent billionaires in Canada have increased their fortunes this year despite a pandemic raging around them.

According to a new report from the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives, Canada’s 20 wealthiest billionaires had amassed a combined $ 37 billion in wealth since March, when COVID-related lockdowns and closings began across Canada. In addition, each of Canada’s richest families has an average of 4,448 times more wealth than a typical household. Together these 87 families have more wealth than the last 12 million Canadians combined.

Vancouver’s eight richest people (or families) are worth at least one billion. While most of this list enjoys good fortunes, the Net Worth of a very famous local billionaire jumped from $41.7 billion in March to $ 50.6 billion during the pandemic.

Chartered Business magazines frequently rate the wealthiest people in different countries based on things like the value of the companies’ stocks to which they are insiders.

The family has recently completed a $ 2.8 billion investment in the Aquilini Group, the parent of a diversified investment firm. The Aquilini Investment Group is over 50 years old. The family controls one of BC’s largest development conglomerates, the NHL team, Rogers Arena, many blueberry and blueberry farms, restaurants and vineyards worth nearly $ 80 million. Larco Group – Lalji Family – $ 2.69 billion

He is President, Chief Executive Officer, CEO, President and Sole Owner of the Jim Pattison Group, Canada’s largest privately held company. His company has numerous car dealerships, Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea, Guinness World Records, the media, Ripleys, believe it or not, and Canadian wine supplier Everything Wine. In addition, his company owns IGA stores in Canada and is President of London Drugs Limited.

The founder Luigi Aquilini emigrated from Travagliato, Italy, in 1953 to create a life for his family on the West Coast of Canada in Vancouver and the Gaglardi family, whose holdings are also mostly private, became over time the HY Louie Group, one of the largest privately-owned companies in Canada.

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