Sharesight Portfolio Tracker Review for Canadians

Sharesight, a renowned investment tracking tool, is making a name for itself in the Canadian market. As investment portfolios become diverse and dynamic, every investor, from the budding to the vastly experienced, needs a tool which can efficiently manage and track their assets. Sharesight, with its extensive features and user-friendly interface, has emerged as an increasingly popular choice. This essay provides a robust analysis of Sharesight’s usability in the Canadian context, exploring its integration with local financial institutions, and comparing it with other investment software available in Canadian market. Most importantly, it unpacks the Canadian user experiences, collating and interpreting their reviews to present a balanced view of Sharesight’s functionality in Canada.

Sharesight is a portfolio monitoring tool that gives investors a complete picture of the value and performance of a portfolio. Sharesight is a portfolio tracker that allows you to link your financial accounts and see a full picture of your investments. Sharesight is an online portfolio monitoring and management tool that helps investors track stock prices, trades, dividends, performance and taxes. Learn more about how to track your portfolio performance.

Sharesight Overview and its Relevance in Canada

Sharesight: A Comprehensive Portfolio Tracking Tool

Sharesight is an advanced portfolio tracking tool that offers a host of beneficial features to its users. This innovative software helps investors track their investment performance, manage tax reports, and discover new insights with easy-to-understand charts and graphs. Leveraging the features of Sharesight, investors can track the performance of a vast array of assets such as shares, ETFs, managed funds, and property investments.

Sharesight’s Robust Functionality for Tax Management

Sharesight’s robust functionality allows it to automatically calculate dividends and their respective franking credits or, in more Canadian terms, dividend income and tax credits. It also tracks capital gains for buying and selling shares, making it an essential tool for managing tax liabilities and ensuring accurate record keeping. The software also enables seamless portfolio consolidation, making it possible for investors to track all their investments in one place, including multi-currency investments, thereby lending a global perspective to one’s portfolio.

Sharesight and the Canadian Market

Sharesight’s relevance to the Canadian market arises from its robust suite of features tailored to suit Canadian investment portfolios. The software wields the power to track and manage investments in Canadian dollars, making it an intuitive tool for residents and individuals with investments in Canada. It also has the capability to handle the tracking and reporting of Canadian tax provisions such as capital gains, foreign income, and return of capital.

One of the key advantages for Canadian investors is the ability to track both Canadian and international investments in one place. It automatically converts foreign investments into Canadian dollars, providing an easy-to-understand overview of portfolio performance from a Canadian perspective.

Sharesight supports a wide range of Canadian stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds, and it offers integration with many Canadian brokers. This makes Sharesight not only a useful tool for tracking individual assets but also a comprehensive solution for managing diverse portfolios traded on Canadian exchanges.

Sharesight also allows you to import your trading history and automatically include corporate stocks in your portfolio, such as dividends, dividend reinvestment plans (DRP), and stock splits. In addition, Sharesight allows you to automatically update your assets by providing comprehensive tax and performance reports packaged in an easy-to-use, completely online system. Simply put, it is an online portfolio tracker that allows investors to track the actual performance of their investments easily.

Sharesight Reviews in Canada

As per the reviews by Canadian users, Sharesight has proved to be an invaluable asset tracking and management tool. Users have praised its easy-to-use interface, comprehensive features, and robust functionality. The automated tracking and reporting features have been especially appreciated for saving users from the tedious and error-prone manual data entry.

There were also positive reviews about Sharesight’s tax reporting features, which reduce the complexity of tax calculations and tax return submissions for both Canadian residents and those with Canadian investments. Many reviews highlight the benefits of the software’s multi-currency capabilities, enabling Canadian users to see their international investments in terms of their home currency.


Sharesight has found significant popularity in Canada, aiding investors by tracking the performance of their investment portfolios. It also offers insights into tax implications and drives informed investment decisions by providing valuable knowledge.

An image showing a person using the Sharesight portfolio tracking tool on a laptop.

Analysing User Reviews of Sharesight in Canada

Detailed Overview of Sharesight Reviews in Canada

Primarily considered a comprehensive investment portfolio tracking tool, Sharesight consolidates all portfolio information in one easy-to-access space. Canadian users frequently laud its efficiency in streamlining tedious tasks such as tracking dividends and corporate actions, as well as reshuffling portfolios. These positive reviews underline the key role Sharesight plays in financial portfolio management in Canada.

Positive User Feedback on Sharesight in Canada

Canadian users of Sharesight emphasize the convenience factor as a key advantage, singing praises of the software’s ability to consolidate information in real time, thus enabling them to keep up-to-date tabs on their portfolio’s performance. Users commend Sharesight for its accurate and comprehensive dividend tracking, as it automatically incorporates the dividends into the portfolio once they have been announced. This feature has proven particularly popular among Canadian users who hold several dividend-paying securities. Another praised benefit is the tool’s capacity for displaying investments in terms of both local and foreign currency, considered a game changer for investors with globally diversified portfolios, which are relatively common among Canadians.

In terms of usability, Sharesight garners positive reviews for its intuitive layout, straightforward navigation, and user-friendly interface. Canadians who aren’t tech-savvy appreciate the accessibility of the tool. Moreover, they find the comprehensive reporting feature useful for tax filing, as it easily generates tax-ready reports.

Negative User Feedback on Sharesight in Canada

Contrarily, not all reviews of Sharesight from Canada are glowing. Some users cite issues with the real-time updating feature, with some delays in their portfolios’ updates. The accuracy of calculations has also been queried by a few Canadian users, who point out occasional errors particularly in situations involving the transfer of holdings or reinvestment of dividends.

Users also lament the relatively high subscription cost for the tool, particularly for casual investors. Some find that the cost does not offset the benefits, suggesting cheaper or free platforms as alternatives. Another common criticism involves the lack of communication and customer support, with some Canadian users citing difficulty in accessing help when problems arise.

Comparing Canadian versus International Sharesight Reviews

When comparing Canadian reviews against international reviews, similarities and differences emerge. The positive features lauded by Canadian users – like comprehensive dividend tracking, display in local and foreign currency, and user-friendly interface – are consistent with international reviews. However, Canadian reviews express more concern about the calculation accuracy and real-time updating than international counterparts.

On the negative side, criticisms about the high cost, customer support, and calculation errors are consistent between Canadian and international reviews. However, international users report more issues regarding the interface, particularly those from non-English-speaking countries.

The Canadian Perspective on Sharesight

In Canada, where a sizable 55% of the population are involved in investments as per a 2021 IIROC survey, Sharesight has carved a niche for itself as a valuable tax tool. Its capability to generate tax-ready reports for complex securities taxation, including capital gains tax and tax on foreign dividends, is well-appreciated. However, not everything is smooth sailing for Sharesight in the Canadian context. The platform has been flagged for certain areas that require enhancement: accurate tracking, real-time updating, and customer support top the list. Additionally, the pricing model might be a deterrent for potential users, especially for those who explore investing as a hobby more than an occupation.

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Sharesight Integration with Canadian Financial Institutions

Integration of Sharesight with Canadian Financial Institutions

Sharesight has streamlined its operations in Canada by securing efficient integrations with a broad spectrum of financial institutions. Lauded as an award-winning portfolio tracker, Sharesight effortlessly interfaces with top-performing mutual funds, ETFs, and individual stocks across platforms such as the acclaimed Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). Users can enjoy the convenience of importing historical and ongoing trades, dividends, and other financial data directly from their broker accounts, thereby reducing the need for extensive manual entry and enhancing accuracy.

In order to keep abreast of the evolving Canadian market, Sharesight has integrated with major Canadian institutions such as RBC Direct Investing, TD Direct Investing, and Scotia iTrade, thus widening its user base. The inclusion of Xero’s accounting and tax software further adds value by simplifying tax reporting and management for Canadian investors.

Adding Value with Tax System Integration

When it comes to handling tax matters, Sharesight stands out with intricate tax system integration, beneficial for any investor in Canada. Sharesight integrates with, assisting in calculating the adjusted cost base (ACB) and capital gains, which are critical for tax reporting in Canada.

Sharesight’s tax system holistically caters to three main tax scenarios: Return of Capital (ROC), Capital Gains, and Foreign Income. The ROC lowers the cost base for your holding and makes it simple to track, Capital Gains handles the capital gains and losses arising from the sale of investments, while the Foreign Income feature eases tracking of foreign income and foreign tax paid on investments.

Seamless Integration with Other Software

Sharesight offers a unique edge with its unbeatable software integration capabilities. It enables importation of existing portfolios from spreadsheets using the easy-to-use broker transaction import wizard. It also collaborates with Google Drive and Dropbox for additional trade history imports and CSV exports for data storage.

When dealing with currency conversions, Sharesight provides automation. It utilizes the Bank of Canada’s official exchange rates, enabling users to accurately track international investments in the currency of their choice.

For meticulous investors, Sharesight connects with Morningstar data, providing comprehensive reports packed with vital statistics and metrics concerning investments. By integrating with Sharesight, investors can stay on top of fundamental data such as Price/Earnings Ratio, Dividend Yield, and comparison reports.


In Canada, Sharesight has gained prestigious status among both newbies and experts due to its seamless integration with local financial institutions and software, and its robust features. With valuable tools for tax, asset management, data backup, and portfolio tracking, Sharesight delivers an efficient, user-friendly platform for Canadian investors. Reviews echo the appreciation for Sharesight’s profound coverage, top-notch reporting amenities, and its impeccably smooth and effective user interface.

A screenshot of the Sharesight platform showcasing its integration with Canadian financial institutions.

Comparison of Sharesight with Other Investment Software in Canada

Exploring Sharesight

Sharesight, a pioneering cloud-enabled portfolio tracker and reporting software, is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of both individual and institutional investors. Its reputation as one of the preferred investment software in Canada comes from its intuitive interface, advanced features, and unrivaled performance. Canadian investors utilize Sharesight to monitor their investments in real-time, stay updated with market trends, and streamline their tax reporting process.

Main Features of Sharesight

Sharesight has several features that make it stand out from other investment software. It allows investors to track all their investments in one place, including stocks, mutual funds, ETFs (exchange-traded funds), and cryptocurrencies. Investors can view their entire portfolio in one dashboard, including performance, dividends, capital gains, and cash investments. Sharesight is also known for its detailed tax reports, which are compliant with Canada Revenue Agency’s regulations and can be exported directly into accounting software.

Comparison with Other Investment Software

Sharesight’s main competitors in Canada include Questrade, Wealthsimple, and others. Compared to these, Sharesight is often praised in user reviews for its portfolio tracking capabilities. Where many of its competitors provide basic investment tracking, Sharesight offers more detailed tracking, helping investors understand their performance at a micro level.

Unlike Wealthsimple, which offers robo-advisor based portfolios, Sharesight allows investors to build and monitor their own portfolios directly.

Strength of Sharesight Analysis

One of Sharesight’s main strengths, as noted in several reviews, is its performance analytics. Sharesight provides detailed analysis that helps investors track performance, dividends, capital gains, and what drives their returns. This level of analysis goes beyond what many competitors offer, and many users find it crucial in making informed investment decisions.

User Interface of Sharesight

Sharesight reviews often highlight its user interface as being superior. It is considered more intuitive and straightforward, making it easy even for beginner investors to navigate. The platform offers customizable views, where users can choose what data is displayed and how it is presented. This ease-of-use is seen as a key advantage over its competitors.

Drawbacks of Sharesight

Despite its many praised features, Sharesight has its share of drawbacks as well. One noted drawback is its pricing. The free version of Sharesight has very limited functionality, and to take advantage of its best features, a subscription is required. Some user reviews suggest that this, combined with the complexity of some of its features, can make it less suitable for newbie investors.

Pricing of Sharesight

Reviewers often bring up the cost when discussing Sharesight. Sharesight offers different plans ranging from a free version with very limited capabilities to a premium version priced at C$31/month. However, many users feel the services offered justify the cost, given the significant time saving and the transparency it brings to their investment tracking process.

Sharesight’s Access to Global Markets

Another key feature that differentiates Sharesight from local Canadian platforms is its access to international markets. Sharesight supports over 40 global stock exchanges which includes Canada, USA, UK, and others. This easy accessibility to global markets on a unified platform sets Sharesight apart from its Canada-only counterparts.

Customer Support of Sharesight

In terms of customer support, Sharesight generally receives positive reviews. The customer support team is noted for being responsive and helpful, though some users have mentioned a desire for phone support in addition to the existing email and chat options.

Availability of Sharesight Mobile App

While competitors like Wealthsimple and Questrade offer mobile apps, the availability of the Sharesight mobile app in Canada is limited. This is cited as a drawback by some Canadian users who value the flexibility of mobile trading and monitoring.


Sharesight is an investment tracking software solution recognized for its robust set of features, in-depth analytic capabilities and user-friendly interface, according to user reviews from Canada. Despite a few drawbacks, the general positive feedback positions Sharesight as a competitive alternative to other investment software in the country.

An image of Sharesight's user interface, displaying a portfolio dashboard with various investments.

Future Expectations and Predictions on Sharesight’s Use in Canada

Sharesight: Its Emerging Influence in Canada

Originating from New Zealand, Sharesight is progressively capturing the attention of Canadians, spurred by their increasing engagement in personal investment due to prevailing economic trends. User reviews indicate that many Canadians have found Sharesight to be a valuable tool in managing their portfolios. The platform provides performance and tax reporting, dividend tracking, and a detailed visual representation of investment data based on actual market trends.

Sharesight and the Changing Investment Landscape

Sharesight’s adoption in Canada is linked to wider trends in investment and financial management. With recent technological advancements, it has become increasingly possible for individuals to manage their portfolios independently, and Sharesight has been at the forefront of this shift. Its user-friendly design and detailed financial reports have made it a favorite among both novices and professionals.

Potential Updates and Upgrades

Sharesight’s development in Canada relies heavily on the improvement and incorporation of new features that align with Canadian-specific taxation and investment requirements. Given Sharesight’s proven commitment to geographical customizations, it’s expected that the platform may become even more “Canadian-friendly” in the future, with options for tracking investments in Canadian dollars and managing Canadian tax rates. This would benefit investors who may have to juggle different currencies and tax implications.

Impact of Changing Market Conditions

The use of Sharesight within Canada is also bound to react to potential market changes. Slowdowns or accelerations in global economy could directly affect the frequency and volume of investments Canadians make, potentially changing the use and user base of Sharesight. Furthermore, regulatory changes in terms of online trading and investing could also impact Sharesight’s service offering.

The Future of Sharesight in Canada

Given current trends, it seems likely that Sharesight will continue to grow in prominence within Canada. Thanks to its robust features, adaptation to the Canadian market, and alignment with the self-management investment philosophy, more Canadians will come to rely on Sharesight in their investment endeavors.

Final Thought: Sharesight as the Go-To for Portfolio Management in Canada

In conclusion, as Sharesight continues to adapt and evolve in response to the Canadian market’s needs, it is expected become further integrated into the Canadian investment landscape. Majority of reviews reflect satisfaction and trust in the system as it stands, which suggests that as Sharesight grows and diversifies, it will continue to be a leading force in Canada’s investment sector.

Image of Sharesight Logo and Canadian flag, representing Sharesight's presence in Canada

Looking ahead, Sharesight appears to be poised for a promising future in the Canadian market. Streams of technological advancements and evolving investment strategies require a robust, user-friendly and curated investment tracking tool like Sharesight. With its ongoing efforts to improve and innovate its features, coupled with its ability to adapt to the specific needs of the Canadian market, Sharesight is likely to gain more traction among Canadian investors. Market projections underscore Sharesight’s potential to become a go-to tool for investment tracking and management, further solidifying its position in the Canadian investment landscape.

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