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Bank Of Montreal Credit Card Reviews

BMO also offers 2 credit cards tied to its branded rewards program, called BMO Rewards. With the BMO World Elite Mastercard, you can earn BMO award points that you can redeem at a rate of 0.71 cents per 1 point for travel, deposited into a BMO investment account for 0.67 cents for 1 point, and cash for 0.5 cents to 1 point. The card offers a strong points multiplier for restaurants and travel and comes with 40,000 bonus points and a $280 travel value as part of its first-year sign-up bonus and annual fee waiver.

BMO Rewards are easy to redeem and include travel and vacation packages, merchandise, rental cards, gift cards, investment accounts and loans. Depending on your BMO credit card, you will receive a 0% introductory fee, award points or cash back. For air miles, you can choose between cashback, miles for merchandise or dream miles for travel based on your preference.

Log on to the BMO Harris Rewards portal to claim points for purchases, travel, gift cards, cash, bank statements, etc. In addition, if you have a BMO Premium checking account, you can get your annual fee reduced on most cards each year.

Discount is useful if you plan to keep the Premium Card from year to year, as it benefits from higher daily earnings. The Air Miles Co-Branding Card is best suited to avid collectors who want to redeem coupons for groceries or who know how to increase the value of their dream rewards.

The offer means that you only pay taxes and fees on award flights, air miles, loyalty programs and Aeroplan cards during your journey and are covered in the event of delays, accidents and other breakdowns.

The card has an annual fee of $120 for the first year, but the free price far outweighs it once you amass some cash. BMO Cashback (r) Mastercard (r), meanwhile, offers competitive cashback rates without you having to fork out a portion of the revenue to cover the annual fee. There is 5 percent cash back on your first three months, an introductory rate of 1.99 percent on balance transfers for nine months and a 1 percent transfer fee.

If you need the basic strings attached to a cashback card, give it a go. Get cash deposits in cheque and savings accounts, transfer one card statement to another and invest in a BMO InvestorLine account. BMO (r) Cash Back (r) Master Card (r) Extended protection against theft or damage of new purchases made with the card.

Click here to apply and learn more, or read our full BMO (r) Cash Back (r) Master Card (r) Review. Although not as well known as a credit card, BMO (r) offers Air Miles (r) (Master Card) (r) an option for new cardholders who want to consolidate their credit card debt, pay it quickly and earn Air Miles for daily purchases. If you are looking for Air Miles without a credit card with an annual fee and do not meet the income requirements for BMO Air Miles or World Elite Mastercard, you can register for this card.

To find the perfect BMO credit card, you need to decide what type of credit card you want to travel with, whether cashback is what you want, whether you pay an annual fee, and what additional benefits are important to you. With all this in mind, you can choose one of the best BPO credit cards in Canada. The BMO credit card has insurance that applies to the payment of tickets, and it is useful to calculate your premiums before taxes and fees to ensure that your trip is covered by BMO travel insurance.

The BMO World Elite (TM) Mastercard (r) is one of the best travel cards in Canada and comes with a great 30,000 BMO Rewards Points sign-up bonus if you spend at least $3,000 in the first three months. So if you’re looking for perks, it’s not hard to see why this is one of BMO’s best credit cards. And if you’re looking for a cashback card, BMO Cashback (r) World Elite, also from Mastercard, is the best choice.

There’s also a welcome 10% cashback bonus for the first three months to sweeten the deal. Visa BMO BMO Portage Get free student banking at BMO if you have a college, university or college degree. With this program, you get great benefits that go beyond rewards.

BMO Bank of Montreal and Visa Canada are working together to launch new BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite and BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite Privileges credit cards. Designed to meet Canadians “daily living needs, these cards offer great earning potential, flexibility, and rewards. We are pleased that Canadians can benefit from the BPO Eclipse and Visa Infinite cards. In addition, our customers can also benefit from cards that offer exclusive benefits and rewards for their daily purchases.

Whether you require a free credit card or want to collect cash, travel awards or air miles, a Bank of Montreal (BMO) credit card can meet your needs. In addition, BMO is well represented when highlighting the best options in different credit card categories that people in Canada are looking for. 

BMO (Bank of Montreal) is one of Canada’s largest banks and offers various credit cards in a portfolio of Visa and Mastercard networks. Bank of Montreal (BMO) brief overview BMO was established in 1817 and is now one of Canada’s five largest banks with more than 900 branches across the country.

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