CI Direct Investing Review

Your ETF portfolio will automatically rebalance for you whenever your asset mix (all the different investments that make up your account) deviates too far from its target. When you deposit money into your WealthBar/CI direct investment account, the service automatically invests it in a diversified portfolio of your choice.

Choose from an ETF portfolio or select a private investment portfolio and customize it based on your investment amount and risk level. Your portfolio includes eight to ten ETFs and pooled funds.

CI Direct Investing Canada (Formerly Wealthbar)

However, private ETF portfolios offered by CI Direct Investing allow investors with smaller account balances to access these private investment pools. However, this means that you can use pooled funds that are usually only available to the wealthy (however, MERs are slightly higher than ETFs). While fees vary and investing in an all-in-one ETF can be cheaper than a bot (though you’ll have to do all the investing work yourself), the cost is still well below the average mutual fund’s fee of around 2%.

Over time, investors can improve their overall returns by minimizing their fees for portfolio management. By comparison, Wealthsimples’ management fees range from 0.5% to 0.4%, while the MER is around 0.2%. The RER for its private portfolio ranges from 1.00% to 1.56%.

These portfolios are managed by experienced investment managers and provide access to non-traditional assets that you usually cannot access unless you have at least $1 million or more to invest. Assets available through private equity portfolios include real estate, private equity, mortgages, alternative strategies and preferred stock. With CI Direct Investing, you can access these exclusive wallets without having the premium account balance generally required for them.

CI Direct Investing is unlike the most popular Robo-advisor platforms in Canada, where you can choose your portfolio. CI Direct Investing (formerly WealthBar) is the only Robo-advisor that offers private investment opportunities to all investors. CI Direct Investing (formerly WealthBar Financial Services Inc.) is a portfolio manager registered in all Canadian provinces and territories. CI Direct Investing (formerly WealthBar) offers quality investment opportunities at affordable prices.

While CI Direct Investing is more expensive if your portfolio is under $1,100,000, I believe it’s worth paying a little more for easier and more personalized access to financial advice and experience. Suppose you need more boutique-style personalized customer service and someone you can talk to (essentially the closest thing to having a paid financial advisor without the extra cost of paying a paid financial advisor). In that case, as I said earlier, you should invest in CI. Direct investment as a robot advisor.

CI Direct Investing Fees

You will pay a little more than if you invested in the index with a Canadian discount broker. Still, depending on how extensive your portfolio is, you may pay less total fees than with an international broker. Discount – plus you get a lot of extras for your money. Also, the fees are low, especially compared to some other more traditional brokers.

But investment platforms differ in terms of access to professional advice. While your investments are automatically managed, you can also seek advice from a real expert to help you review and customize your portfolio to suit your needs. For example, CI Direct Investing (formerly WealthBar) offers unlimited access to financial experts if you need help with your portfolio, as well as advice and guidance from an online blog.

CI Direct Trading offers low fees and is an ideal platform to build a portfolio of exchange-traded ETFs. The base fee is 1 cent per unit and trades from as low as $1.99 to as high as $7.99 per share, but investors can buy any ETF offered in Canada and the U.S. for free. In addition, active investors who made 150 trades in the previous quarter received a commission of $3.99 per trade.

Wealthsimple will reimburse you if your investment from another financial institution exceeds $5,000. Wealthsimple has no minimum account – you can start investing with as little as $1.

Wealthsimple allows you to invest in a portfolio of managed robot advisors (Wealthsimple Invest), trade on your own (Wealthsimple Trade), or invest in a high-interest savings product (Wealthsimple Save). We allow you to invest in a managed portfolio (Wealthsimple Invest), trade on your own (Wealthsimple Trade), or invest in a savings product with a high-interest rate (Wealthsimple Save).

Our biggest differences are our minimum accounts, commission structure, and our services. CI Direct Investing guarantees higher returns than traditional mutual funds through lower fees than traditional investment advisors and carefully selects low MER, low share price, high volume ETFs and ETFs under management. In addition, CI Direct Investing (formerly WealthBar) employs a long-term, low-risk investment strategy, typically balancing a portfolio by investing in a broad range of long-term stocks, bonds and real estate to help reduce losses and generate cash flow.

This part of my CI Direct Investing review will discuss the various ETF portfolios available on the bot side of the platform. This section of my CI Direct Investment Review compares Robo-advisors to some of Canada’s closest competitors and alternatives to help you better understand whether the alternatives are the best fit for your investment and financial goals. I hope you enjoyed the direct comparison between CI Direct Investing and Wealthsimple, both Robo-advisors in Canada are great options for your hard-earned investments so that you can achieve financial freedom first. If you want to invest very little time and need guidance on building a portfolio, you need to check out a Robo-advisor.

Online asset management companies, also known as Robo-advisors, make professional portfolio management services easy for ordinary investors to access. This means that CI Direct Investing provides automated online portfolios and human advisors, while most bots rely solely on algorithms. So not only can you have someone else manage your portfolio, but you can also reach out to your real advisors to help you make some of your own decisions.

Finally, of course, having personal financial planning help and counsellors is an advantage, and if you need a phone call, you can reach them via email or even phone. It offers an advantage over other investment platforms, giving you access to unique financial planning tools and a wide range of investment options available to every client, including private portfolios. It was launched in 2013 by founders Thea and Chris Nicola. They wanted to provide ordinary Canadians with professionally managed investment and financial advice and to change the way we invest in this new digital age.

This gives Canadians the opportunity to invest with lower fees and better access to strategies that can help them increase their wealth. You need $1000 to start investing, making it affordable for most Canadians.

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