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Best Tangerine Bank Credit Card

2% Earn 2% cashback bonus points on your daily purchases in two of your 2 money-back categories of choice; 2% deposit your bonuses into your Tangerine savings account and 3. 2% in the No Money Back category. If these additional features are not enough, you can also deposit your rewards each month into your savings account and applied them to your card balance. Our how-to covers all Tangerines credit card requirements, explains how to apply for the card, and compares two different Tangerines credit card categories. 

If you’re looking for a reward card with no annual fee that offers a worthwhile return on everything you spend, Tangerine has two credit cards that make it work. In addition, consumers who want their money back based on the amount they buy rather than where they buy it will find that Tangerines credit cards are a perfect match.

If you have an annual income of $60K or more, it is worth enrolling in a credit card that has no annual fees, offers high cash rewards and offers additional benefits and benefits. Remember that only people with an annual personal income of $60,000 or more and a household income of at least $100,000 are eligible for Tangerine World Mastercard Cash Back, which has a similar structure as the Tangerines Money Back card but has a broader range of additional benefits.

From the outset, Tangerine’s money-back credit card is an attractive option with an above-average repayment rate of 2% for two of ten spending categories (up to three when opening a Tangerine savings account ). Moreover, with a flexible program that allows cardholders to select their cashback categories and the ability to increase revenue to an achievable income limit, there is nothing to stop people from signing up for its annual fee-based credit card. 

The Tangerine World Elite Mastercard is considered one of the best credit cards in Canada and offers annual fees of lucrative 2% cashback in 3 merchant categories and 0.5% on all other purchases, with no caps on tiers or limits. In addition, enjoy special benefits offered by a growing range of on-demand apps and subscription services available to you as a Tangerines World Mastercard cardholder. In 2019, Awards recognized the card for its rewards and communication credit card terms, and it consistently ranks high in credit card satisfaction studies.

The Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card has a low promotional rate and a balance of 19.5% for the first six months allowing cardholders to repay their debt at a lower rate than when they opened the account first. If you try to pay off your balance each month, you don’t have to pay hefty interest. Note that unpaid balances are subject to the regular interest rate of 19.95% after 6 months, so make sure you pay as soon as possible.

If you do not make two consecutive minimum monthly payments on time, a 24.95% interest rate will be charged to your account when you purchase a cash payment, including transfers. If you have an amount owed on your balance after the end of the promotion period, the cash advance interest rate (19.95%) will apply to this amount. Balance transfers are treated as cash advances, and interest is payable from the transaction date (which appears on your monthly statement) until the date of full repayment of the balance.

You must activate your card within 45 days of opening the account to request a balance transfer process, and you may cancel the transfer. Balance transfers are treated as cash advances on your card and are not subject to interest during the grace period. Cashback can be used monthly on card balances or deposited into a Tangerine savings account.

Card issuers determine the winning rate for cardholders, but Tangerines money-back credit cards allow you to get the highest 2% cashback rate if you choose two spending categories and 10% of them. In addition, cashback options allow shoppers to choose what rewards they want, which is more generous than most credit cards that only offer select merchants in select categories. For example, if you use a Tangerine card, you can earn 2% on 2 / 2 / 3 of the categories, such as gasoline, restaurants and recurring bills, and then spend the same categories when unpacking an Amex, increasing your base rate from 0.5% to 1.25%.

It’s not a ton of money, but you can save money on purchases. To be eligible for insurance, mobile devices and car rental, you must pay for purchases with your card. All other general purchases made with the card in these two categories receive an interest rate of 0.50%. 

The Tangerine Money-Back credit card has a low-income threshold (a gross annual income of $12,000 or more), a lack of annual fees, excellent cashback options in all three spending categories and 2% cashback. It’s the perfect card for you. If you use a credit card to order online such as the SimplyCash American Express Card with a cashback rate of 12.5%, it beats the Tangerines Card, which has a cashback rate of 0.5% in all other purchases categories. 

Benefits of the card include standard purchase protection and an extended warranty. It is a Mastercard card; it is accepted in more than 24 million locations in 210 countries.

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